15 Best Blloc Ratio Launcher Tips and Tricks to Use Ratio Launcher Effectively

One of the Most hyped up Minimalistic android launcher is ratio launcher by Blloc.

All those who got access to the blloc ratio launcher want to know Ratio launcher Tips and tricks to make their usage worth it.

Just like all the other Best Minimalist launchers that we have covered on mrnoob, Ratio Launcher’s Priority is distraction-free phone usage for its users. The Interface is fairly simple.

You get one black background and monochrome icons on the top with a simple 2-page interface and some simple yet useful widgets on the left-hand side. The simplistic nature of this launcher can be simple for some and confusing for some others, so in this article, we will see some of the best blloc ratio launcher tips and tricks to make optimum use of blloc ratio launcher to get rid of smartphone addiction.

UPDATE [06-10-2020] :

Ratio launcher is out of beta now, which means you no longer have to wait for an invite to install Ratio launcher on your device. Just go to the below link and download the Ratio launcher directly via Playstore as a regular Android launcher app.

Get Ratio Launcher via Playstore.

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Best Blloc Ratio launcher Tips and Tricks

1. Add New Drawer :

As soon as you open Ratio launcher you will get its famous simple UI with just two app folders which Blloc calls as Drawers. The Essential Drawer on top consists of essential apps like Phone, clock, settings, and Ratio launcher Settings and the Other Drawer with all the other apps installed on the phone by default.

Add new drawer in ratio launcher

If you need to segregate your apps into specific folders you can do so by tapping and holding on the Blloc icon on the bottom right and choosing “New Drawer”.

2. Sun Mode :

By Default, the Blloc Ratio Launcher had Dark Interface with white icons.which is good for most cases, but if you are under the sun it’s too tough to view. Thankfully you can enable Sun Mode.

enable sun mode ratio launcher tips


Once you enable Sun Mode, the Interface turns white and the icons and App Name turns black which can be easily used under the sun.

3. Pull Down to Expand Apps :

On the app page of Blloc Ratio Launcher, you get 2 Drawers that you can tap and expand individually but we are mostly used to the swipe up from bottom action on most of our devices. Sadly there is no swipe up to show menu gesture inside Blloc Launcher but we do have a gesture to open drawers at once.

pull down to open and close drawers To open show all the apps at once, just tap on the screen and drag to the bottom from anywhere and you will be able to see all the apps inside their respective drawers. You can repeat the gesture to hide the apps again.

4. Measure Your App Usage :

Due to its minimalist approach, the Blloc ratio launcher makes sure you use your phone less by removing all colorful app icons. It also lets you view your app usage stats on the home screen. You can see the usage stats on the app icon as well as on the right side of the drawer when collapsed. To enable it, just give it the necessary permissions by going to the Essentials Drawer and then Ratio settings. Inside the General tab, tap on permission manager and make sure you have given all the permission ratio launcher needs. Now you will be able to see your app usage time on your ratio launcher home screen.

see app statistics

To watch the app usage stats for individual apps, just long-press on any app and now you will be able to see the app usage stats.

5. Expand Apps Icons to Widgets :

I still remember loving widgets and using them regularly when I had my first android that ran on Android Gingerbread, but slowly the existence of widgets on android declined due to people not using it on regular basis. In ratio launcher, however, you can expand an app to make it into a widget. Remember the good old Windows mobile and how you could expand an app icon to convert it into a widget? It’s almost the same on ratio. To Expand an app icon, just long-press on any icon inside the ratio launcher and scroll down. You will see an option called “Expand”. Just tap on that once and tap on save changes.

expand app tile

Now the app will start showing you different commands which you can access directly from outside.

6. Change the App tile Style :

Ratio launcher by Blloc divides your apps into blocks which can sometimes be confusing to find out. To fix that you can enable Focus mode by tapping on the Ratio button on the bottom right and choose Focus mode which created a thin border outside every app icon.

You can also change the App Marker to make it easy to identify your favorite apps. Just long-press on any app and once the app page shows up, just tap on the marker and change the appearance of the app.

change tile markers

I like Fluorescent color markers for important apps like Chrome, Youtube, and pubg. Yeah PUBG is important (Sadly!). You also have some gradients as well to choose from.

7. Lock apps And Drawers :

One of the best parts about owning a phone with a custom skin is the added feature that skin offers which are not present in the stock ROM. I love how MIUI implements its app lock and lets me unlock my phone with face unlock as well on my Poco F1. The ratio is a robust launcher that it has an app lock mechanism built-in. To Enable it, just long-press on any app, and the menu will open. Scroll down and find the Lock option. Tap on the lock option once and now the app will only unlock once you unlock it with the fingerprint scanner.lock apps and drawers

You can also lock a whole drawer by long pressing on the drawer and selecting the lock option.

8. Change App Icons :

Unlike many other Minimalistic Android Launchers with uneven icon support, Ratio makes sure that every icon is converted into a proper black and white icon so that it can provide a pure distraction-free experience. However, if you feel like changing the app icons to different ones then just long press on any app to open the app accessibility and then tap on the icon. Now you can change your icons.

change app icons

The only downside is that you won’t be able to get a large variety of icons inside Ratio Launcher.

9. Set Per-App Brightness :

After the App lock feature, this is my second best feature inside the Ratio launcher. You can Set the brightness of every app separately. Just Long press on any app and scroll down. You will see a brightness bar which will be greyed out. Just tap on the eye on the right-hand side of the brightness bar and per-app brightness will be enabled. Set your brightness and save.

set per app brightness

Now whenever you open any app, the app will directly open with the set brightness. Do note that this feature didn’t work for me when I initially installed Ratio, but it started working after the 9th July update.

10. Change Grid size :

The default grid size for the ratio launcher icons is 4 icons per column. 4 icons look cool but 5 icons look much cooler and much more, umm windows phone-ish. To change the App icons from 4 to 5, tap on Essentials and then Ratio Settings. Under the tiles menu, change the Number of Columns from 4 to 5. Look how amazing the app grid looks now.

change column size

11. Move Apps Between Drawer :

If you want to relocate an app’s location within a drawer then you just have to long-press the app and drag it within the drawer. To move the apps between two drawers, just long-press on the app and release to show app settings. Now scroll down and choose the “Move” option. Now you can simply move any apps in between drawers.

move apps between drawers

12. Get Weather, News, and Much more inside root :

The ratio has its own side page just like google feed, called Root. As much as I like root, it can only do just a few things but it does them right. You can search for anything via typing it in the root box. the query is fetched through qwant and you can directly open the article in a window within the root. There are also other options like Currency converter, Weather information, countdown timer, etc. You can also enable Spotify control by going to Ratio settings > Root > Enable Spotify button. Just give proper permissions and you can use Spotify directly from the root. There are other options as well, like youtube which doesn’t work at all so all I can say that there is a lot of room for improvement in the root area.

13. Pin Root Widgets on top 

You can also add certain widgets from the Root page on the top of the launcher. These pinned widgets will always be visible on top on both root and tiles pages, showing important info related to the widget. To pin a widget, tap on the left of the widget to access widget settings and tap on the pin icon. You’ll see your widget pinned on the top. You can simply swipe right on the pinned widget to unpin it.

pin widgets on top Ratio launcher tips and tricks

Currently, only a few widgets like Notes, Spotify, and Weather can be pinned. We might see more usable widgets in future updates of Ratio Launcher.

14. Change default icon pack

Ratio launcher uses Line Icons pack by default, which does go well with the minimalistic theme of the launcher but has limited icons than it’s Playstore counterpart. With version 3.3.3, you can install Playstore version of Line or Line Pro Icon pack and enjoy their new updated icons. It also supports Whicons Icon pack another minimalistic icon pack popular among minimalists.

To install these new icon pack, open the Tile settings by sliding up from the Ratio button. Inside Tiles Settings, click on Icon pack to see available icon packs and then click on ‘Get on Play Store‘ alongside your desired Icon pack and install the icon pack from the Playstore. Now again open Tiles settings and click on the Icon pack option, you will now see ‘Apply‘ button. Just hit ‘Apply‘ to change your current icon pack.

change app icons pack

15. Rename apps inside the launcher

You can also rename apps within Ratio Launcher. You may ask why would someone needs to rename an app, right? Well, in case you want to go in pro stealth mode. You can always change the name of the app with its icon, so that only you can find the app within the launcher. So instead of adding a password and look suspicious, you can easily sneak in with this trick and stay under-cover.

To rename any app, simply long press the app to enter the app usage page and tap on the app name on the top to edit it. Type your desired name in and click ‘Done‘.

change app name and icons

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15 Best Ratio Launcher Tips and tricks: Wrapping Up

So these are some of the best Blloc’s Ratio launcher tips and tricks that you can try yourself. The best ones according to me is the ability to set the brightness on apps individually and the ability to lock apps within the launcher itself.

Overall Ratio Launcher has passed the test of what I wanted from a launcher for my personal use and I will be using it as my primary launcher. So what do you think, should we do a long term review of this launcher? Do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the article!
    Do you know how to delete an unused drawer from this launcher?
    Can’t find a way to do it.

    • Glad you like it.
      Technically an unused drawer will automatically get deleted, but if it didn’t just long-press on the drawer and you will see a ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of your drawer panel. Tap on it and you are good to go.

  2. Awesome article bro!
    Btw, do you know how to pin tiles?
    For example, I keep needing the phone, email & whatsapp apps for wrk, but its a pain to go through drawers!


    • Thanks bro. 🙂
      TBH at the moment, there is no way you can pin apps for easy access. Everything needs to be inside the drawer. You can raise it as a feature request in the Blloc community.


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