2FAS Authenticator – Best 2FA Authenticator app?

Online security is no joke. I came to this realization when I almost fell victim to a phishing attack. It was a wake-up call that made me take my online security seriously, (You should too!) That’s when I discovered two-factor authentication (or 2FA).

2FA or Two-factor authentication is basically adding another layer of protection to your online accounts. It’s like having a second lock on your door – even if someone gets your password, they will still need this second “key” to access your account.

The problem is, not all 2FA apps are created equal. Some are clunky, hard to use, or even have security issues of their own. After trying out several different apps, I finally found one that ticks all the boxes – 2FAS Authenticator. It’s free, easy to use, has a seamless interface, and most importantly, it’s open source.

Why 2FAS Authenticator?

While I was looking for a 2FA authenticator to store all my 2FA codes, I already have a few criteria in mind. And that’s where 2FAS comes in. It not only met but exceeded all my expectations. Here’s why:

Free & Open Source

As someone who always looks out for open-source alternatives of software, this was a major selling point for me. Open-source means that the code is publicly available for review, which in turn means that any security vulnerabilities can be identified and fixed quickly. It’s essentially a community-driven approach to software security.

Plus, it’s totally free, means no feature is behind a paywall. This makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

User-Friendly Interface and customizations

I am a sucker for apps with good UI, and that’s where most open-source apps struggle. Luckily, 2FA didn’t disappointed, as it offers a clean and user-friendly UI with plenty of nifty customization features.

First of all, it’s easy to set up, and once that’s done, open the app and you’ll immediately see your 2FA codes. The app allows you to customize the look of each entry with icons, making navigation a breeze, or sort them by grouping them in different folders for easy access. Additionally, you also get a search function to quickly find your 2FA codes.

2FAS app also supports dark mode, which is a nice touch for those who prefer a darker aesthetic. Besides that, you can also hide your tokens for an added security or choose to show the next token when the current one is about to expire.

No account or login required

Unlike many other 2FA apps, 2FAS Authenticator doesn’t require you to create an account. You simply install the app, set up your 2FA codes, and you’re good to go as everything works offline. There’s no need to remember another username and password or worry about the app company having access to your data.

Local & Cloud-based backups

Your 2FA codes are your second line of defense, and losing access to them can be disastrous. Luckily, 2FAS allows for both local and cloud-based backups of your 2FA codes. This means that even if you lose your device, you can still recover your codes and access your accounts.

2fas app local and cloud backup

Local backups are protected by a password of your choice, ensuring that your codes remain secure even if your device falls into the wrong hands. For cloud-based backups, 2FAS uses your Google account on Android app, and iCloud backup for iPhone.

Multiple OS support

I have both an Android and an iPhone, that mean I need a 2FA app that I can use on both of them. And guess what? 2FAS Authenticator delivers. It’s available for both Android and iOS, ensuring that you don’t have to use different apps for your 2FA codes on different platforms.

But what about your computer? Glad you asked. 2FAS has a browser extension available for all major browsers which you can connect with 2FAS app on your Android or iPhone.

2fas app browser extension

Now whenever you need to fill in a 2FA code on your computer, press the 2FAS extension icon on your browser and approve the request on your phone. It’s that easy, no need to manually type in the 2FA code. This feature is a real time-saver and makes the whole process of 2FA authentication smoother.

Accidental Deletion Protection

Accidents happen, but not with 2FAS Authenticator. In case, you accidently deleted a 2FA code from the 2FAS app, it goes directly into the app’s “Trash” folder. The deleted entries stay there forever, giving you ample time to restore them if needed.

2fas app trash screen

This feature is a lifesaver, preventing permanent loss of your important 2FA codes. Once you are sure that you no longer need the deleted 2FA code, you can then empty the Trash folder.

Secure & Reliable

Last but not least, security is of utmost importance when it comes to 2FA apps. First of all, 2FAS stores everything locally on your device, nothing goes to the cloud unless you choose to back it up. This means that your 2FA codes are always in your control and not on some remote server.

Even if you choose to back up your codes to the cloud, 2FAS uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your data remains secure during transit and storage. Only you have access to your 2FA codes. No one else can read or access them, not even the 2FAS team.

In addition, you can further protect your 2FA codes by setting up a PIN or using biometric authentication like fingerprint or FaceID on your device. This way, even if someone gets hold of your device, they can’t access your 2FA codes without the PIN.

2fas app lock biomentric face id

What can be improved in 2FAS Authenticator?

Despite its many features, there are a few areas where 2FAS Authenticator could improve. Here are some of them that I feel could be improved:

Cross-Platform Synchronization

Although 2FAS Authenticator app is available on both Android and iOS, it currently does not support cross-platform synchronization. You’ll have to manually import your 2FA codes from one platform to another.

The problem with this approach is that in case you add a 2FA code on your Android app, it wouldn’t automatically appear on your iPhone. You’ll have to add it on the 2FAS app on your iPhone as well. 

It would have been convenient if the app offered the ability to sync across devices automatically, something like my favorite PKM app AnyType is doing without compromising on the security. This would allow users to manage their 2FA codes seamlessly, regardless of the device they are using.

Limited Cloud Backup Options

While it’s great that 2FAS Authenticator offers cloud backup options, currently, it only supports Google account for Android users and iCloud for iPhone users.

Adding more backup options like Dropbox, OneDrive, or even a custom server would provide users with more flexibility and control over where their data is stored. This could be particularly useful for users who are concerned about their privacy or who prefer to use a specific cloud storage service.

2FAS Authenticator – Is this the best 2FA authenticator app?

I tried various 2FA apps like Aegis, Google Authenticator and KeePass before jumping into the one to which I can trust my sensitive data, and I have to admit, 2FAS Authenticator stands out.

Some may have better looking apps but are behind a hefty monthly subscription fee. Some may offer better security but are limited to one platform. And some may have all the features but lack the user-friendly interface.

And that’s where the 2FAS Authenticator strikes a balance. Despite some areas needing improvement, such as cross-platform synchronization and expanded cloud backup options, the app delivers where it matters most – in providing robust two-factor authentication that significantly enhances your online security.

Just pair it up with a password manager like Bitwarden, and you’ll have a comprehensive security solution that’s tough to break.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a free, reliable, and user-friendly 2FA app, 2FAS Authenticator is a solid choice.

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