How to Install Blloc Ratio Launcher on any Android Phone?

After canceling their much-awaited minimalist phone the Blloc Zero18, Blloc announced yet another hyped-up product named the Blloc ratio, and everyone was super excited to install the Blloc Ratio Launcher on Android Phones. Their invite-only system is what made it super-hyped.

The Ratio is a minimalist android launcher created to help you minimize your smartphone usage; The basic rule here like many other distraction-free minimalist launchers is to make the launcher simple and minimal by using black and white as the base colors in most places. The cherry on the cake, however, is the ability to use many other functions inside the launcher like App lock, etc which makes it stand alone and unique.

Install Blloc Ratio Launcher on Android Phone

To get started with installing the Blloc Ratio launcher on android phones, you have to pass through their closed ecosystem and sign up for your device.

Do note that the ratio launcher isn’t available for all android phones. It’s an invite-only launcher and Blloc is making sure to expand the number of devices that can run the ratio launcher.

UPDATE [06-10-2020] – Ratio launcher is out of beta now, which means you no longer have to wait for an invite to install the Ratio launcher on your device. Just go to the below link and download the Ratio launcher directly via Playstore as a regular Android launcher app.

Get Ratio Launcher via PlayStore

Step 1.  Go to Blloc’s website and click on the “Get Ratio” button. Now choose your phone model and enter your email address to get an invitation from Blloc to try the Ratio launcher.

As of now, it’s only available for a fewer OnePlus and Pixel phones. You can choose the “other” option and choose from the list of popular devices listed. Otherwise, choose “My device is not on the list” and add your phone model to request an invite for your device.

how to install blloc ratio launcher on android

The quickest way to do this is by choosing the device which is the nearest to yours in terms of pixel density and resolution.

As soon as you get the invitation along with the invite code, you will get two options: Blloc Light and Blloc pro.

Download blloc ratio launcher on android

Step 3. Open your email on your android phone and download the ratio light APK from your email client.

Step 4. Once you have the APK downloaded, install the APK and it will install the Blloc services on your android phone.

Install Blloc services

Step 5. Open the mail on your Windows/Mac computer and download the Blloc Desk app. Once you open the Blloc Desk app on your computer.

Step 6. Connect your phone to your windows/mac computer via data cable and click on “Install“.

Install Ratio Launcher Via Blloc Desk App

Step 7. The Blloc desk will ask for an invitation code, open the mail that Blloc sent you and copy the code from the email that Blloc sent. Now paste the code on your Blloc desk and hit confirm.

Add Invite code to blloc desk

Step 8: Start the Ratio launcher installation. In case there is an installation issue, use the following method:

  • Enable Developer options by going to Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number 7 times and it should say “You are now a Developer“.
  • Now go to developer options and enable “Install Via USB“.
  • Under Developer options, enable USB Debugging.

Step 9. Once you start the installation process, it should give a pop up on your phone saying that Blloc wants to install ratio launcher via USB. Click on allow.

Install Ratio launcher Via USB

Step 10. Allow all the permissions on the Blloc desk app on your computer. You will see that the app will start getting installed on your android phone soon after you allowed all permissions.

Allow permissions on blloc desk

You will now see a pop-up that will ask for the invite code on your android phone, ideally, it should be auto-filled but in case it’s not, just enter the invite code and you are good to go.

Let it install and soon you will see that the app is installed on your phone and is ready to use. Make it the default launcher and start using it.

Download Ratio Launcher on Poco F1

Install Blloc Ratio Launcher on Android – Final Thoughts

And this’s how you can install the Ratio Launcher by Blloc on your android device. I am this launcher as my primary launcher for the last week and found it to be great. It did improve my Smartphone usage patterns. And for someone who wants to minimize their smartphone, I will definitely recommend Ratio Launcher.

I have collected some amazing Ratio launcher Tips and Tricks while fiddling around with this launcher, do check those out as well.

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