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Everyone claims to be an expert in something, but we all know that there is so much to learn about everything that we already know & which makes all of us a ‘Noob‘. That’s where the idea of this blog came in.

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Mr. Noob is all about living up to that idea of sharing knowledge to everyone, be it in any form. But we are not limited to anything specific. We’ll try to cover most of the tech related stuffs via this blog. Be it a product review, comparison, news & much more. And we will try to keep up with our tagline ‘Keep Learning‘ & make sure, you learn something new everyday.


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We tried to make our logo as minimal as possible, keeping in mind that it should reflect the idea of learning. Since learning is a never-ending process, we use the infinity symbol to reflect that idea of learning. If you look closely, you will see the initials of our blog name M & N infused in a way to look like an infinity symbol ().


Hey there! I am Anubhav Bhatnagar and I am the noob behind Mr. Noob. I started this blog as a medium to share my knowledge in the easiest way possible.

This however, isn’t my first blog, I earlier made a blog named ‘Droid Junction‘ but being a naive, I couldn’t keep up with it. Yet my keen interest in technology & my passion to express myself in writing, intrigued me to have a blog of my own. As a result of which, after learning a few things about blogging, I gave it another shot in form of Mr. Noob. So that I can strived to share my knowledge, with anyone on the internet.

I do own a technology related YouTube channel ‘TechAasaanTV” with my partner-in-crime Nitish Matta with a motive of making technology easy for everyone. This channel is mainly focused on Hindi audience, with more than 7000 subscribers & 5 lakh views.

You can also find me helping people on various tech related Facebook groups & I am one of the admin of Xiaomi Mi Global group on Facebook, which is one of the most active Xiaomi group on Facebook. Other than that, you can find my answers of Quora on various topics. In short, This writing bug in me is wandering on every platform that I use.