10 Best Dall-E 3 Alternatives to create AI art!

The world of AI art generators is buzzing right now, thanks to popular tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E. If you’re into AI and art, you’ve probably witnessed the amazing capabilities of these tools.

They can create stunning art in various styles, angles, and emotions, making your imagination come to life with just a text description. Using machine learning, these AI art generators analyze prompts and generate output that closely matches your desires.

Of course, we all know that it’s tough to compete with the likes of DALL-E and Midjourney. But sometimes, their outputs don’t quite align with our creative vision. That’s when it’s handy to have some Dall-E 3 Alternatives AI art generators up your sleeve.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of some of these options:

1. Hotpot.ai

hotspot ai image generator

Hotpot.ai, an awesome AI Art Generator website that does so much more than just creating images. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. With Hotpot.ai, you can not only generate stunning art and images but also remove objects, create your own AI Avatar, colorize old photos, restore damaged images, and even design logos Avatars.


  • Offers a robust suite of features for writing, editing, and art creation.
  • Immediate access without the need for sign-up, with a daily limit of 15 images per day.
  • Provides a diverse selection of high-quality AI-generated images for commercial applications.


  • Outputs cannot be modified after generation.
  • Slightly longer processing times, ranging from 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Commercial use requires purchasing credits, with pricing dependent on usage, starting at $10 per month.

2. Deepai

deepai ai image generator

Deepai is a super cool AI website that offers a ton of features, and the best part is, most of them are free. It’s perfect for creating awesome AI Art in different styles, writing passages, and editing your photos with just a few simple prompts and styles. Plus, it can even search the web for you.


  • Sign-up is optional for basic features.
  • Boasts super-resolution and stable diffusion capabilities for custom images.
  • Fosters a vibrant community where users can find inspiration and shared designs.
  • Offers a range of popular tools, including AI Art Generator and various chat options.


  • AI Art Generator may occasionally exhibit sluggish performance.
  • Full access to all features comes with a $5 monthly fee.

3. Bing Image Creator

microsoft bing image creator

Microsoft being the key contributor in OpenAI has powered its own Bing Image Creator to generate AI Artwork. It’s totally free to use and there are no annoying ads. The model behind Bing Image Creator is none other than DALLE-3, which means you can expect some high-quality image generations.


  • Free usage with no intrusive ads; sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • Generates four impressive outputs from a single prompt.
  • Delivers top-tier image quality.
  • Includes the option to employ Bing Image Creator with Bing AI Chatbot for interactive experiences.


  • Inability to edit generated outputs, although prompt adjustments are allowed.
  • Adds a watermark to denote AI-generated images.
  • Restrictions on using celebrity or politician names in prompts.

4. Artguru

artguru ai art generator

As the name suggest, the main theme of this website is based on Image generations and editing. Artguru lets you create your real time photo to an AI Avatar and also consist of other helpful tools such as background removal, scaling, photo enhancer, AI headshots etc. Recently, they introduced a feature that lets you swap your face with any photo in their library or upload your own.


  • No mandatory sign-up for end users (except for saving outputs).
  • Excels in photo enhancement and background removal.
  • Boasts an extensive library of art styles, from Line Anime to Cyberpunk.
  • Allows users to effortlessly create AI Avatars from their portrait selfies.
  • Provides text-to-image generation with prompt suggestions and offers a FaceSwap app for iOS and Android users.


  • Faster generation and access to premium features necessitate a minimum fee of $3.99/week or $39.99/year.
  • Certain advanced features require payment.

5. Dream by Wombo

dream by wombo ai art generator app

Are you looking for a website that lets you generate AI Art for free? Look no further than Dream by Wombo. With this awesome app, you can create amazing AI Art just by typing in a simple prompt. And the best part? It’s available for both iOS and Android smartphones as an app.


  • No sign-up requirement.
  • Access to a diverse array of art styles, including realistic and abstract options.
  • Unique permission to use celebrity and famous character names in prompts.
  • Nurtures a dedicated Discord community for sharing and discussing creations.


  • Limited to a single variation in AI Art output compared to some competitors.
  • Full library access, multiple outputs, and exclusive Discord roles are available via monthly plans ($9.99) or a lifetime plan ($169.99).

6. Starryai

starryai ai art generator app

Starryai is a really cool AI art generator that lets you create up to 5 free images per day. It’s similar to Dream by Wombo, but sometimes it struggles a bit with human faces and gestures. The best part is you can share your artwork on social media to earn free credits. It offers vast variety of art styles and also has the ability to create NFT artwork using AI.


  • Enables artwork sharing for free credits.
  • Allows users to add negative prompts to exclude specific elements from final artworks.
  • Offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.
  • Provides over 1000 art styles, ranging from realistic to ancient paintings.
  • Grants full ownership of AI-generated artwork to Pro users.


  • Occasionally struggles with rendering human faces, gestures, and text.
  • Free plan limited to 5 image generations.
  • Pricing starts at $8.99/month for Starter Pack and $63.99/month for the Pro Pack.

7. Craiyon

craiyon free ai art generator

Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E mini, is a free AI Artwork generator that lets you create unlimited art with different prompts. It’s super easy to use, and you don’t even need to sign up. The website even has a cool dark mode!

The database of Craiyon is not as vast as DALLE’s and therefore the outputs are not as precise and fine in quality.


  • No sign-up required.
  • Unrestricted image generation.
  • Supports a sleek dark mode.


  • Contains several ads for free users.
  • Inconsistent image quality and occasional mismatches with prompts.
  • Pricing plans range from $6 to $24/month, offering benefits like ad removal and early access.

8. Lexica

lexica ai art generator

Lexica is a fantastic AI art generator that brings your ideas to life with just a few simple prompts. Over the period of time, Lexica itself has developed its own AI models known as Lexcia Aperture v2 and Lexica Apreture v3.5 earlier it only had Stable Diffusion v1.5. Not only can Lexica AI create stunning AI art, but it also has a massive library of images generated by users from all over the world. Isn’t that amazing?


  • Free usage with a sign-up requirement.
  • Achieves high-quality output comparable to earlier Midjourney versions.
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS users.


  • Limits free users to 100 image generations per month.
  • Only three models available.
  • Paid plans start at $8/month, offering increased image generations and commercial use rights.

9. Playground AI

playground ai art generator

Playground AI is one of the best AI tools available in the market. This AI website lets you do multiple things in one place such as AI Image generations, filling up or changing scenes using Generative AI similar to what we see in Adobe Photoshop, and their newly developed Mix and match feature lets you create unique images by blending multiple ones together.


  • Free usage up to 500 images per day.
  • Choice between AI engines, including Stable Diffusion and DALLE.
  • Exceptional generative fill feature for editing AI-generated art.
  • Engages a thriving community of AI art enthusiasts.


  • Speed may decrease after generating 50 images.
  • Payment required for access to the DALLE model.
  • Fixed dimensions for generated images.
  • Pricing starts at $15/month, featuring perks like unlimited image generations, faster processing, and high-quality results.

10. Leonardo AI

leonardo ai art generator

If you in market looking for an AI Art too which can help you in generating human characters that are similar to what we see in today’s games, then look no further as Leonardo.ai is here to solve all your struggle.

It also let’s user create and train their own AI model for similar generation of images in future outputs. The website is Ad free but is limited to 150 tokens for free users per day.


  • Excels at creating lifelike human faces in outputs.
  • Customizable upscaling settings and dedicated Discord support.
  • Proficient at generating gaming characters and scenarios.
  • Offers AI Canvas for post-generation art editing.
  • Presents a 3D Texture feature for editing 3D assets via OBJ files.


  • Token limitations apply for free users.
  • Subscriptions start at $12/month with token restrictions, offering increased access to features.

Conclusion – Best DALL-E 3 Alternatives!

While it’s true that DALL-E and Midjourney are hard to replace due to their advanced capabilities, but the mentioned alternatives offer excellent options for AI art generation, especially for those looking for free options. These alternatives provide a range of features, such as creating AI avatars, removing objects, colorizing old photos, creating your own gaming characters and assets, generative fills and much more which are still missing in DALLE and Midjourney.

In conclusion, for someone who is new to AI Art or wants to experience such AI technology for free then these alternatives are a great way to explore and unleash their creativity without having to pay for expensive subscriptions as they offer various art styles and the ability to generate high-quality images using machine learning.

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