How to add google drive to file explorer and access it from my computer?

Google drive is hands-down one of the most popular cloud storage available. You are getting a whooping 15GB of cloud storage for just signing up for a free Google account. Isn’t that crazy? I don’t know about you, but I have been using Google Drive for a long time to store important files or share files online on and off. But the hassle of opening a web browser and typing in the Google Drive’s URL every time I want to access those files got me to think if I can add Google Drive to file explorer on my PC? Luckily, we can.

There is an application called Backup and Sync from Google itself, which lets you add Google drive to file explorer in your PC/MAC. Once installed, You will never have to open your browser to access files stored on your Google Drive. You’ll be able to sync new files, just by copy-pasting the files from your computer to the drive’s folder.

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So let’s not waste another second and see how we can add Google drive to file explorer on your PC/mac.

How to add Google drive to file explorer?

1. First of all, Download the Backup and Sync App from Google from here and install it on your Mac/ backup and sync mrnoob

2. You will see the Backup and Sync app along with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides installed on your machine.backup sync apps mrnoob

3. Open the Backup and Sync from Google app, click on Get started, and then log in with your Google account.

backup sync setup

4. After a successful sign in, you will have to select folders on your computer that you want to sync directly in your Google drive. Anything you move/copy inside these folders will automatically get synced on to your Google Drive. You can also define what kind of files you want to get synced and can set bandwidth limits for download and upload. Uncheck all, if you don’t want to sync any folder from your computer.folder selection drive mrnoob

5. Click Next, and now you will have to choose a location where you want your pre-existing Google Drive files synced on your computer locally. You can keep it to default. You can either sync your whole Google Drive or just un-check the folder that you want to keep unsynced. Once you are done, just hit start to finish the installation.access drive folder explorer mrnoob

6. You will now see a new cloud icon in your system tray, confirming that you have successfully added google drive to your file explorer on your system. All your selected drive files and folder will now start syncing on your computer where you have created your Google drive folder. Once downloaded, You can access all of them via your file explorer like a normal drive sync taskbar mrnnoob

FAQ: How to add Google drive to file explorer?

A. How will I be able to access my locally synced files/folder inside Google drive?

You will see a new ‘Computers‘ option below ‘My Drive‘ on the navigation pane of your Google drive. Inside that, you will find all the folders and files that you are syncing directly from your computer. If you haven’t synced any local folder to drive, then it will show nothing files drive mrnoob

B. Can I sync folders from multiple computers on to my google drive?

Yes, You can. Install backup and sync app from Google on all your computers and you are good to go. You will see all your machines inside the ‘Computers’ panel on the navigation pane inside your Google drive.

C. I don’t want to sync all folders from my Google drive on to my computer. Is it possible?

Yes, you will be able to select what you want on your computer during the installation. If you don’t want your Drive data locally, you can choose to do so. However, you can always change this later from the preferences. [Click on ‘cloud icon on system tray >> 3 dot menu >> Preferences… >> Google Drive]

D. What is the difference between High Quality and Original Quality photo and video upload? Which setting will be best for me?

We all know that photos and videos generally take up a lot of space in their native resolution. While we only have limited cloud space with us, it will get filled up very easily if we store them in their original quality. But Google is kind enough to provide its users an option to upload photos and videos in high quality but with reduced file size. And the cherry on the cake is that photos and videos uploaded in high quality will not be counted against your drive’s quote. You can store unlimited photos and video in High photo video quality mrnoob

Now, this option seems good for a general user, but if you are using drive space for professional work, you will be better off using Original Quality and buy the drive quota upgrade as per your need.

E. I am unable to see my Google Drive photos inside Google Photos. What should I do?

It’s simple, you’ll see an option asking whether you want to upload photos from your Google Drive on Google Photos during installation. You just need to check it. But if you forgot to do that, you can always go into preferences and check that box google photos upload mrnoob


Adding Google drive inside file explorer makes it very easy to access files stored on your drive. You can simply drag and drop to copy/move files within your good drive and computer. And the best part that everything is happening in the background.

Which cloud storage do you use to store your files online? Do let us know via a comment.

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