15 Best Chrome Productivity Extensions to Make you Focused and Get Things Done

Before we directly jump on knowing the 15 Best Chrome Productivity Extensions let’s first address the issue almost and everyone is facing.

Being a digital native, most of my time is spent either on my phone or my PC surfing the web and consuming information. But in this desire for information, staying focused and productive is one of the things that I always struggle with.

This reminds me of a saying by Naval Ravikant in his podcast.

“The Modern Struggle is Fighting Weaponised Addiction” which means that the internet has everything ready for us and if we don’t know how to manage our time or our attention properly, our productivity is bound to get affected.

Getting distracted while surfing the web is an easy-peasy for me. Installing the Ratio launcher on my android has given me the freedom to track my usage and become indistractable. So yeah these Minimalist Android Launchers do work, but when it comes to my PC, I needed something more to keep me focused and increase my productivity. Since most of my time was spent on my web browser, I had to find something that not only keeps me focused but also, increases my productivity while I am on the web. And that’s where the Chrome Extension got into the game. For those who are unaware, Chrome extensions are these nifty add-ons to your web browser, supercharging the browser and giving it some special superpowers to make use of. In search of this, I went on to look for the chrome extensions for productivity and found plenty of such nifty extension that can help you focus while working on the web and save your precious time.

Best Chrome productivity Extensions to make you Hyper Focused!

Here you will be looking at some of the best chrome extensions for productivity. These chrome productivity extensions are focused on saving your time, keeping you focused, and getting you the most out of the time that you spend on the web. Let’s have a look at these chrome productivity extensions one by one and their impact on your productivity.

Note: You can install these Chrome productivity extensions on any chromium-based browser with extension support.

1. Momentum

momentum extension mrnoob

Momentum is the chrome extension you need if you find yourself lost after opening your web browser. It simply hijacks (or replaces) your new tab or new browser’s windows and make it more functional. The usual new tab is either a blank page or default to some random website, which is rather boring. But with Momentum, you can give your new tab a fresh new feel without compromising with the functionality. It will act as your dashboard with a random beautiful background, inspirational quote, a to-do list, and a daily focus tracker.

Everything is there as you open the new tab, you don’t need a separate app/software to perform these tasks. A simple web browser is enough to remind you what you should be doing instead of browsing random websites and waste your precious time. You can customize the whole new tab experience as your add widgets, show bookmarks, and even check weather forecast within the tab.

Get Momentum Chrome Extension from here.

2. Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

marinara pomodoro extension mrnoob

Pomodoro is a time management technique that is proven helpful for millions of people around the world. It breaks down your work into intervals separated by short breaks. Each interval lasts for about 25 minutes followed by a short break. During these work intervals, you are supposed to work without any sort of distraction. While the breaks are reserved for anything other than the work. (A short nap, maybe.)

Based on that same Pomodoro technique, Marinara Pomodoro Assistant is a chrome extension that you can use to set Pomodoro timer within the browser. It has plenty of customizations based on the kind of work you are doing. Once enabled, the extension will show you the countdown on the extension toolbar, reminding you to keep working. This extension allows you full control over your timers, you can either follow the presets or configure it as per your need. It also has audio and visual ways to let you know about your Pomodoro timer, reminding you when you should be working and you can take a short nap.

Get Marinara: Pomodoro Timer Chrome extension from here.

3. Bookmark Sidebar

bookmark sidebar extension mrnoob

I don’t know about you, but I certainly use Bookmarks more often to quickly access the sites that I browse frequently. Chrome browser has a very functional bookmarking tool, but it lacks accessibility. And that’s where the Bookmark Sidebar chrome extension comes into the game. With this chrome extension, you can disable the bookmark toolbar on your chrome browser and use either the left/right side of your browser to access your bookmarks. To access all your bookmarks, you just need to move your cursor on either of the edges and it will show all your bookmarks the way you sorted them.

Once installed, you can disable the default bookmark toolbar making your browser window look less cluttered. You can also customize its look and feel as per your liking and can also check your bookmarks for broken links and URLs.

Get Bookmark Sidebar Chrome Extension from here.

4. The Great Suspender

the great suspender extension mrnoob

The mighty Chrome browser is infamous for its love for RAM. I am sure, that you must have come across many Chrome memes for its RAM consumption. While they are funny, but still can’t help you get rid of the getting of the frustration of low RAM while browsing the web. At times, I do lose the track of the number of tabs opened in the background while I am doing some research work. While it is obvious that I am not making use of all these tabs at the same time. But they are taking up quite a toll on my RAM and making the computer slow.

And this is where the Great Suspender Chrome extension comes in with its magic wand. As the name suggests, this chrome extension suspends the unused tabs in the background. Releasing all that RAM for you to work without any lag. And all this is done without losing any of the tabs, so you can access it by switching to the suspended tab and reloading it. The Greatest Suspender chrome extension is a must-have for every Chrome user.

Get The Great Suspender Chrome extension from here.

5. Google Keep Chrome Extension

google keep extension mrnoob

Do you use Google Keep? Well, I do and I can’t thank enough how helpful this Google Keep Chrome extension could be if you are a Google Keep user too. I just love Google Keep for its simple yet versatile note-taking approach.

With the Google Keep Chrome extension installed on your browser, you are taking the note-taking task a step ahead. It just makes it easier to take note without leaving your browser with a single click. Like some websites? Click the extension but and save it as notes. Love that image you see online? Save it to your Google Keep, by right-clicking on it. A must-have extension for us note-takers out there.

Google Keep Chrome Extension from here.

6. Google Translate

google translate extension mrnoob

The web is not just limited to one language, there will always be that one website with some useful content but in a language that you can’t understand. Not all websites provide an in-built translation to help a foreign language reader to understand the content. And that’s where our very own Google translate comes in with its magic.

The usual approach this was pasting the website link inside the Google Translate website and let it translate the whole website for you. But with the Google Translate Chrome extension, you can translate the whole website in a single click. Just install the extension and click on it on the site you want to translate in real-time. And you are done.

Get Google Translate Chrome Plugin from here.

7. Grammarly or Microsoft Editor

grammarly microsoft editor extension mrnoob

We all are internet warriors of some sort. We write stuff on the internet daily. Whether it’s a mere comment on a social media post or the script to the next Oscar-winning movie. You don’t want someone to point out a silly writing mistake in your content. Let’s accept it, we make mistakes while writing and not everyone got themselves a personal editor to fix those mistakes. But no more, we now have extensions like Grammarly or the newly released Microsoft Editor to help you in such situations.

With these extensions enabled on your browser, you don’t need to worry about those silly mistakes and focus on writing the actual content. Both the extensions work in real-time and will highlight the mistakes as soon as you commit them. Grammarly is a known tool that is widely used by a variety of users, while Microsoft Writer is a new name in the market. Microsoft Editor works great for basic grammar and spelling mistake correction using the AI. But you can never go wrong with Grammarly if you want to take your writing to another level

Get Grammarly Chrome Extension from here / Get Microsoft Editor Chrome extension from here.

8. Office

office extension mrnoob

Do you know that you don’t need to buy a Microsoft Office subscription, to view your document, check your spreadsheets or view your slides! And guess what? You can do all this within your browser, with the help of this nifty extension by Microsoft itself.

Most of us are unaware but Microsoft also provides its common office apps on the browser itself. And with the Microsoft Office extension, you can access all of them with a single click of a button. After logging in with your Microsoft account, this extension will show all of your synced Office files and lets you edit them or create a new one with a single click. You can also upload local files and open them within your browser. All files will get synced on your Microsoft account and you can access them later on any device. Good for someone who uses MS Office a lot.

Get Office Chrome Extension from here.

9. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

office online extension mrnoob

If you are not a Microsoft person, Google is always there to save your day. Google provides a rather robust online office editing tool, which lets you create or edit documents, spreadsheets, and slides. With the provided Chrome extension, you can use your browser to open and edit popular office files. But do you know what makes this extension awesome? Unlike the Microsoft Office extension, this extension by Google works offline. Simply drag an office file in your browser and see the magic.

The versatility and ease of use make it an essential chrome extension for everyone who is working from home (the pandemic aftermath) and wants a robust office tool to work on those files your boss just emailed.

Get Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides Chrome extension from here.

10. Just Read

just read extension mrnoob

For an avid reader, the whole internet is nothing but a distraction. Most of the websites care about the readability aspect of their content, giving their users a clean reading experience. But this can’t be said for all websites, where the content is flooded with intrusive ads. And this is not the kind of experience that you want when you are researching something. And yes, you can use an ad-blocker but does it provide you the reading experience you seek? Well no.

But this extension called ‘Just Read’ is just what you need. The main focus of this chrome extension is to get your focus on what’s important. It extracts all the important content on the webpage in a simple yet readable format. You do have the option to remove distracting elements, change the theme and style of the content. It also lets you prints the whole webpage with just that, in a readable form. Isn’t that awesome?

Get Just Read Chrome extensions from here.

11. AutoControl Shortcut Manager

autocontrol extension mrnoob

Shortcuts are a time saver, hence increase productivity. Want to open a new tab? Press Ctrl + T, likewise to close your current tab? Press Ctrl + W. Isn’t that easy? However, the list of shortcuts supported by Chrome is very much limited to a simple task. What if you want to perform a complicated task or if you are a mouse person and want to take advantage of its gestures to perform a certain task.

AutoControl Shortcut Manager is the only extension that you need if you want to perform or execute these complicated yet useful shortcuts. You can disable your default shortcuts entirely, edit those you want or create new once as per your need. The use case of this extension is limited to what you want it to do. But do make sure, it requires you to install an additional app so that it can function natively without an issue.

Get AutoControl Shortcut Manager Chrome Extension from here.

12. Tide – Focus Timer & White Noise

tide focus extension mrnoob

Work hours requires mindfulness to be productive and get more done. But working in a busy environment has its cons and getting easily distracted is one of them. So if you are someone who wants to cut out all the distracting noise and replace it with some mindful nature sound, Tide should be your way to go extension.

Tide is your simple focus timer offering natural white noises with it. Set a focus time and play your favorite white noise and see your productivity getting off charts. Tide also has work more which works similarly to a Pomodoro timer. And it also lets you add certain websites to the blocklist, which you will not be allowed to access during your focus time. Guess what else do you need? A headphone.

Get Tide – Focus Timer & White Noise Chrome Extension from here.

13. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

awesome screenshot extension mrnoob

Taking a screenshot of your webpage or even record it for that matter isn’t something that you can do with a third-party app. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder chrome extension is a savior in such situations. It is a nifty little extension that lets you take a screenshot of your entire webpage or a part of the webpage. You can also record your webpage using this extension with a couple of clicks. (Do note that the recording is limited to 5 minutes/recording in the free version)

As simple as it sounds, you can also annotate or blur a part of your screenshot or further crop it within the browser’s windows. And when you are ready, you can either save it on your local drive or share it directly to anyone on the web, via a shareable link.

Get Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder from here.

14. Session Buddy

session buddy extension mrnoob

Do you ever feel like your browser should have a hibernation mode? I do. Most of the time, I find myself looking in my browser’s history to find a particular website which I can’t seem to remember. Luckily, I ended up finding it most of the time, but nothing can compensate for the time that I end up wasted over it.

If you are someone who struggles similarly, I bet you should check Session Buddy Chrome extensions on your browser. By default, this extension saves the last 3 sessions for you, but you can always change it to something of your preferences. If you choose to manually save your session(s), you can give each session a unique name to make it easily discoverable while searching. And open/restore that session later, saving you the time taken to open every website individually.

Get Session Buddy Chrome Extension from here.

15. RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

rescuetime extension mrnoob

The journey to productivity starts with knowing what is the root cause of your unproductivity. If you don’t know where the problem lies, you will never be able to fix it. With RescueTime you’ll be able to track how you browse your web on your Chrome browser. It simply keeps the track of how much time do you spend on each website, giving you a clear picture of what you were doing throughout your day.

It also categories websites based on their productivity, hence providing you the data showing you how productive your time on the web was. You have full control over the app. And once you know where all your time is going, you can easily fine-tune your usage to lead towards a productive web usage.

Get RescueTime Chrome Extension from here.


1. Unsubscribe Gmail email in Bulk:

unsubscribe gmail email extension mrnoob

I don’t mind receiving regular newsletters as some of them provide me the right value as intended, but I am tired of looking at my inbox filled with useless emails that I never subscribed to or spammy ones that I can’t unsubscribe from. To get rid of such emails, we have a couple of options for which you might have to give extra permission to these 3rd party unsubscription services. And who knows where our email data is being utilized? Right?

Unsubscribe Gmail Email in Bulk by HelpNinja is a nifty chrome extension that works within your Gmail inbox, that automatically sets a filter for your spammy emails and archive them automatically. Just select the emails that are bothering you regularly and hit unsubscribe. Once done, all your spammy emails will be archives as soon as you receive them. You’ll always have an option to access them later and delete them or update the filter to delete those emails manually.

Get Unsubscribe Gmail Email in Bulk from here.

Best Productivity Chrome Extensions – Final Word

After counting down the list of Best Productivity Chrome Extensions, I can say that Productivity is all in our hands, these extensions are mere tools that can help you achieve it by save your precious time and motivate you to make your web browsing more efficient and productive. It all boils down to your preference and what works for you to stay productive and get most of your work done.

I would love to know the list of Chrome extension you use to stay productive! If you think I missed out on some really good Chrome extensions for productivity, then do let me know via a comment.


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