9 Places to use Amazon Gift Card besides Amazon!

Everyone is looking for options to find the best places to use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon website because of the versatility of these gift cards. Amazon Gift cards can be the perfect choice for every occasion, whether you use them for a secret Santa exchange or as a birthday present. 

Now you must be asking where do you usually use an Amazon gift card? The obvious answer is to buy more products from Amazon. But what if the product that you would like to purchase is not available on Amazon? In that case, you may think it would be better if you have got cash instead of an Amazon gift card.

Well, fortunately, there are a lot of places where you can spend your Amazon Gift cards. For instance, purchase an online subscription, sell it on eBay or Facebook, or redeem your Amazon gift card for cash. Yes, you can do all of that.

So, if you have an Amazon gift card and thinking of using it somewhere other than Amazon, this post is for you. In this guide, we’ll show you the 9 best solutions for your question on “Where can I use Amazon gift cards besides Amazon?”

Where can I use Amazon Gift Card besides Amazon?

1. Sell on eBay

eBay is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell different products to buyers directly. But unlike various buy and sell websites like Craigslist, selling on eBay is much safe and secure. And on top of that, it is easy to find a buyer on eBay due to its broad reach.

With that said, selling on eBay is pretty simple; list your product with an offer price, and you are done. In case of encashing your Amazon Gift cards on eBay, you’ve two options:

A. Selling your Amazon Gift Card directly on eBay at a discount.

You can put your Amazon Gift Cards as a listing at a 5-10% discount over their value and sell them on eBay for cash. When someone buys your Gift Cards, you can either send them the Gift card code or ship it to them if it is a physical gift card.

B. List a trending product on eBay with a value equivalent to your Gift Card from Amazon.

Here, you buy a product from Amazon using your gift card and sell them on eBay for cash. For reducing the risk further, you can first list your product on eBay before you purchase it. And when someone buys it from you, you can directly have it shipped to your eBay customer from Amazon. In this way, you can probably get a higher profit, without worrying about any mishappening.

2. Sell Your Amazon Gift Card for Cash

gameflip gift card listing mrnoob

You can redeem your Amazon Gift card for cash directly. Several websites like Gameflip, Clipkard, and Gift Card Granny let you sell your gift card for direct cash. The process to sell gift cards on these marketplaces is almost similar, here is what you need to do;

  • Log in to any of the mentioned websites and find the Amazon Gift Card category.
  • Enter your Gift Card balance.
  • View your offers. You can either sell it to receive payments (PayPal, check, ACH) within days or trade it for another gift card to get a much higher payout.

Usually, gift cards are sold at 2-15% lesser value than their original value. So, you can expect around $90 price cash for your $100 balance gift card. Also, you don’t have to worry about your information at all because these websites are highly secure and verify every user manually. For instance, Gameflip asks users to upload a selfie and a government ID. And it takes around 2-3 hours to verify your identity.

Once the buyer received your gift card, redeem and complete the transaction, then the money will get deposited into your account. Remember that these websites will charge a commission for the sale you make.

Do keep in mind, if you have added/redeemed a gift card code on your Amazon account, you’ll not be able to sell it. Nevertheless, you can purchase Google Play redeem code by using the Amazon gift card balance and sell the Google Play gift card on these sites.

3. Sell it on Reddit or Facebook Marketplace

Social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook can be the best option where you can sell your Amazon gift cards. Reddit even has a separate subreddit known as r/giftcardexchange for trading gift cards. You can create a post including all the required details and the interested users will contact you to purchase the gift card.

gift card exchange subreddit mrnoob

Likewise, Facebook Marketplace is a place that connects buyers and sellers in one place. You can even post on your timeline about the offer or look for groups that buy and sell gift cards in your locality.

facebook marketplace gift card mrnoob

This solution can be quite risky because the person who is purchasing your gift card might not be trustworthy and there is a possibility that they might not pay your money. A safer alternative is to post/share this Facebook Marketplace listing on your timeline and let people on your friend list about the offer. This will make the transaction much secure as you are dealing directly or with someone they know.

4. Buy Google Play Store or Apple Store Gift Card on Amazon (and many more)

If you are someone who regularly spends money on Google Play Store or Apple Store for games, movies, books, apps, or audiobooks, this solution is for you. This means you can redeem your Gift card on Amazon and purchase Google Play Store or Apple Store gift card for the gift card amount.

google play giftcard amazon mrnoob

All you need to do is to purchase a Google Play gift card on Amazon by using your Amazon gift card and then use the Google Play gift card to make your purchase from Google Play Store. Similarly, you can buy an Apple Store Gift card using your Amazon Gift card.

apple gift card amazon mrnoob

Interestingly, there are plenty of gift card options available on Amazon, that you can purchase using your Gift card. Other than the above-mentioned gift cards, you can also buy Gift cards from Starbucks, DoorDash, GameStop, Lyft, Dominos Pizza, and much more from Amazon.

5. Use your Gift Cards on merchants/store that uses Amazon Pay

Until recently, Amazon didn’t allow to buy gift cards from other stores by using Amazon Gift Cards. But as it is effective today, there are many online websites for which you can buy gift cards, these include Airbnb, Forever 21, Gap, Uber Ride/Uber Eats, DoorDash, and many more.

giftcards amazon catalogue mrnoob

Other than this Amazon has also introduced a new payment service called “Amazon Pay” that merchants can implement on their payment gateways. Just like Paypal, merchants/stores can now add Amazon Pay as a payment option to accept payments from their customers.

pay using amazon pay mrnoob

Now if you are wondering, “Can I use Amazon Gift Card at whole foods or similar stores that have implemented Amazon Pay, then the answer is yes! Since your Amazon Gift card is real money, you can add it to your account, and use it outside of Amazon to pay on the store with Amazon Pay. There are many sites where you can buy groceries or other products with Amazon Gift Cards with Amazon Pay, including PetSupplies, AllSaints, Daily Steals, iHome, and many more.

In this way, you can get the complete value of your Amazon gift card and you don’t even have to ask anyone for help. So, next time when you’re shopping online, don’t forget to use your Amazon Gift Card balance.

6. Trade Your Amazon Gift Card to Buy Bitcoin

Using your Amazon Gift Card can be a great way to start investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. For someone who regularly deals in Cryptocurrency, converting their Amazon Gift card into Bitcoin seems like a tempting way to make use of these gift cards. And eventually making some money in the long run.

buy bitcoin amazon giftcard paxful mrnoob

Some of the popular sites that let you buy or sell cryptocurrency with Amazon Gift Cards are Purse, Paxful, CoinCola, and Local BitCoins. Although purchasing Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card is completely free, you might pay the seller an additional fee for every transaction made.

After purchasing cryptocurrency, you can transfer your Bitcoins by using the peer-to-peer transfer to the wallet of your choice, such as Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood, and many more. Moreover, you can always trade your Bitcoin for real money or use them to buy other products since several websites are now accepting this payment method!

7. Shop for someone important

Another easy yet useful way to use your Amazon Gift Card and turn it into cash is by asking your family and friends. Ask them if they are planning to purchase something from Amazon, if yes, Bingo! Give it to them and get the complete value of cash for your Gift Card.

You can also offer them a discount to have a win-win situation. In this way, both parties will be benefited. Well, this option is much safer than selling your gift card to a stranger online. A much safer and easy option to encash your Amazon Gift Card without any hiccup.

8. Buy an Online Subscription/Buy an App subscription 

Just like with Google Play Store or Apple Store credits, use your Amazon Gift Card to purchase gift cards for your favorite streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, etc., and use them to pay for your subscription fees. So, rather than paying with your credit or debit card, use your Amazon gift card’s unused balance to purchase Netflix or Hulu gift cards.

In the same way, you can do the same thing with other streaming services like Spotify, Disney+, HBO Now, and many more. You can simply search for your favorite website gift card on Amazon to check whether or not it is available. Keep in mind that, here, you are only purchasing Gift vouchers with Amazon Gift Cards of the same value. And you cannot directly purchase these streaming service subscriptions with Amazon Gift Card.

9. Use it for buying Amazon Prime

If you are still not sure about what you should buy using your Amazon Gift Card, you can use it to buy or renew the Amazon Prime Subscription. A premium subscription service from Amazon, that not only enhance your shopping experience on the website but also gives you access to their other services like Prime Video or Amazon Music.

buy renew amazon prime mrnoob

Other than buying prime subscriptions for yourself, you can also gift it to someone using the “Gift of Prime“. It is an Amazon Prime version of the gift card, using which you can gift Amazon Prime membership to your friends and family, allowing them to enjoy the benefit of Prime Membership.

gift of prime mrnoob

Simply, click here to visit the “Gift of Prime” webpage. You’ll get two options here: a 3-month Prime membership, and a yearly membership as a gift. Choose the one, and then checkout. On the checkout page, you’ll have to enter the recipient’s email address and the date on which you want it to deliver.

gift of prime options mrnoob

As long as your gift card is valid and the balance is present in your account, it’ll appear as a payment method while signing up for prime. The recipient will receive an email with redemption instructions on the said date, which they can follow to activate prime on their Amazon account.


Can Amazon Gift Cards be Used Anywhere?

Amazon gift cards are primarily intended for use on Amazon.com. However, they can also be utilized in other ways, such as selling for cash on platforms like eBay, trading on websites like Gameflip, or using them to buy other gift cards for services like Google Play or Apple Store. Additionally, some online merchants accept Amazon Pay, allowing you to use Amazon gift card balances for purchases outside of Amazon.

What Are the Risks Involved in Selling Amazon Gift Cards on Social Media Platforms?

While platforms like Reddit and Facebook Marketplace offer a convenient way to sell Amazon gift cards, there are risks involved, such as potential scams or fraudulent buyers. It’s essential to exercise caution and verify the credibility of the buyer before completing the transaction.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards to Invest in Other Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin?

The article mentions using Amazon gift cards to invest in Bitcoin through platforms like Purse, Paxful, CoinCola, and LocalBitcoins. However, it’s also possible to invest in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Litecoin using similar methods, expanding your investment options.

How Can You Maximize the Value of Your Amazon Gift Card?

Selling your Amazon gift card on platforms like eBay or specialized gift card marketplaces can sometimes result in a loss due to fees or discounted selling prices. To maximize the value, consider using the gift card to purchase high-demand items from Amazon and then reselling those items at their full value.

Is It Possible to Use Amazon Gift Cards for Recurring Subscriptions?

The article discusses using Amazon gift cards to purchase subscriptions for streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. However, it’s worth noting whether these gift cards can be used for recurring subscriptions or if they are a one-time payment option.

Are There Any Restrictions on Using Amazon Pay with Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon Pay allows you to use your Amazon gift card balance on other websites that accept this payment method. However, it’s important to check if there are any restrictions or limitations, such as a minimum purchase requirement or specific categories that don’t accept Amazon Pay.

Can You Convert Amazon Gift Cards to Other International Currencies?

If you have an Amazon gift card in one currency but wish to use it in another, there are platforms that allow you to convert the gift card balance to other international currencies. This opens up more options for where you can spend your gift card.

How Do Taxes Affect the Sale of Amazon Gift Cards?

When selling your Amazon gift card for cash, it’s important to consider any tax implications. Depending on your jurisdiction, the sale of gift cards may be subject to taxes, which could affect the overall value you receive.

What Are the Best Practices for Safely Selling Amazon Gift Cards Online?

Safety is a paramount concern when selling Amazon gift cards online. Employing best practices like using verified platforms, securing transactions with escrow services, and keeping records can help ensure a secure sale.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards to Pay for Educational Courses?

Some educational platforms accept Amazon Pay or offer their gift cards on Amazon. This could be a valuable way to invest your Amazon gift card in skill development or education.

How to Verify the Authenticity of an Amazon Gift Card Before Purchase?

If you’re buying an Amazon gift card from a third-party source, it’s crucial to verify its authenticity to avoid scams. Some platforms offer verification services to ensure the gift card is legitimate.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Used for Charity Donations?

Some charitable organizations accept Amazon Pay or have their gift cards listed on Amazon. Using your Amazon gift card for charitable donations can be a fulfilling way to utilize it.

How Do Seasonal Promotions Affect the Value of Amazon Gift Cards?

During certain seasons or holidays, the demand for Amazon gift cards may spike. Understanding these trends can help you get the best value when selling your gift card.

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Using Digital vs. Physical Amazon Gift Cards?

With the growing focus on sustainability, choosing a digital Amazon gift card over a physical one can be an eco-friendly option. Digital gift cards eliminate the need for plastic and paper, reducing your environmental footprint.

Wrapping Up: Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon?

Considering several ways to use your Amazon Gift Card, you can get anything you want in exchange. For instance, you can use it to purchase electronics, household supplies, groceries, and even Prime or kindle subscriptions.

Nonetheless, if you would rather have cash, you can use one of the certified ways to exchange an Amazon gift card for cash, such as trading it for Bitcoin, selling it on online sites like eBay, Reddit, or Facebook, or asking your friends or family to exchange it for cash.

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