Top 10 Best Smart Wallets that You Can Buy and Gift [Review and Buying Guide]

Are you looking for the best smart wallets to upgrade from your old traditional wallet? We have made this guide just for you. But first, let’s have a look at how smart wallets work.

With technology being more ubiquitous these days, there comes a moment where everyday things are getting infused with technology. Here, wallets are no exception! You might want to add tech to your wallet to protect yourself from fraud or avoid card crashing or cloning, or track it so that you won’t lose it.

Don’t worry; Smart Wallets has got your back! We’ve mentioned the 10 best smart wallets that offer RFID protection and tracking abilities in this guide. A smart wallet is a wallet developed with different designs and technical enhancements. These enhancements are primarily for convenience, safety, and tracking if you forget or lose your wallet.

But before going any further, let’s understand what one should consider before buying the top smart wallet.

How to Buy a Smart Wallet in 2022: Buying Guide

Since a wallet is a part of your everyday carry, it should be functional and elegant. Therefore, to choose a smart wallet that fits best for you, you’ll have to consider a few things. Here is the list of features:

  • Design: The first and foremost feature one should consider is the design. Every wallet has a unique personality. Whether you want a bi-fold or a simple card sleeve style wallet, it boils down to choosing what kind of wallet matches your style and need. You can choose from the different type of smart wallets that suits your style. Therefore, it is essential to select the kind of smart wallet to fit your requirements.
  • Size: The next thing you should focus on in a Smart Wallet is its size. Gone were the days when you had to carry your bulky wallet inside your back pocket. Modern wallets are not only functional. They are small, hence easy to carry. Also, it wouldn’t look pretty if you chose a wallet bigger than your pocket. Thus, it is essential to buy a Smart Wallet that will maintain its size.
  • Material: Like a regular wallet, you can get a smart wallet in a variety of materials. Most commonly, leather is the choice of material for many of us. A wallet made out of leather can last pretty long. While for some, it is the patina that leather develops over time. But suppose you aren’t a fan of leather and want a different material. For that, you have metal wallets, and some wallets might also feature eco-friendly materials to curb the environmentalist in you.
  • Smart Wallet Features: The most standard smart feature a wallet can have is an RFID and the ability to track it. Almost all smart wallets should have RFID protection and should be trackable. These RFID protection wallets save your debit/credit card from cloning and unauthorized use. While with a tracker in your wallet, you can easily track it if you are unable to find or have lost it somewhere.
  • Price: The price of a product can easily influence anyone’s purchase decision. In comparison, a regular wallet/purse that your currently own might not be that expensive. But when you add all these smart features with high-quality material, it adds up to its cost.
    Hence, you might have to shell a little extra on this wallet upgrade with all these smart features, functions, and quality material.
    Nevertheless, it is essential to know that not all expensive products offer you the quality and the features you want, and not all low-priced items can give you high-quality resolves. So, it all depends on your likes, preferences, and requirements.

Since there are different types of wallets with different prices, these are some key points you should keep in mind before buying a smart wallet. Now let’s have a look at some of the best smart wallets you can get for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones.

Best Smart Wallets to Buy in 2022!

1. Buffway Slim Minimalist Smart Wallet

buffway slim minimalist smart wallet mrnoob

The first product on the best smart wallet list is the Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocking RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for men and women. Despite being super-slim and thin, it has 8 slots where you can quickly load your debit cards, credit cards, membership cards, and driver’s license. Thus making your travel and work more suitable. Although it holds 8 cards, it remains slim and can easily slide in and out of your pocket.

This slim smart wallet has advanced RFID technology. As a result, it blocks electronic signals to keep your identity secure while you shop or travel. And it has excellent durability and functionality as it uses high-quality leather and the luxurious style that goes with the trend.

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2. TRAVANDO Money Clip Smart Wallet

travando money clip smart wallet mrnoob

TRAVANDO Money Clip Smart Wallet takes second place on this list of best smart wallets. Its handy Money Clip feature lets you clip all the bills separately. At the same time, it has 11 card pockets, which can be an ideal choice to carry credit cards, cash, business cards, debit cards, and more. In addition to that, its outside notch permits you to push out the quick-use cards effortlessly.

It comes mainly in solid colors like chocolate brown, cognac brown, black, grey, red, and vintage brown. And, it has different color combinations, including black & orange and black & white. It has industry-tested security that protects against data theft by RFID scanners and blocks the 13.56 MHz band.

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3. Clifton Heritage Minimalist Card Holder Smart Wallet

clifton heritage minimalist cardholder mrnoob

Are you looking for a minimalist, slim and discreet smart wallet? Clifton Heritage’s Minimalist Wallets for Men & Women RFID Front Pocket Leather Card Holder Wallet has got your back. Even though this wallet has a slim and compact design, it has enough room to fit most of your cards. You can hold an ID card, over 5 credit cards, and a couple of bills easily inside its compartments.

You’ll love this smart wallet’s color as it offers everything, from simple colors to more peculiar color choices, including charcoal, cognac, dark cognac, and many more. Also, like every other smart wallet, it has advanced RFID blocking technology. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your valuable information anymore.

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4. Fidelo Smart Wallet

fidelo smart wallet mrnoob

The Fidelo Smart Wallet is one of the best men’s smart wallets, as it has a hybrid three-piece specially designed for men. You’ll surely love this hybrid three-piece through which you can use the aluminum wallet chamber on its own, wallet chamber and cash band, or chamber with the removable leather case. This removable case can help you to access your essentials within seconds!

Additionally, it uses premium metal with a pop-up feature, through which you can quickly grab any of your cards with the flip of a finger. And it is made up of top-quality leather with rich colors like black, California khaki, desert tan, distressed grey, espresso, redwood brown, rustic brown, and vintage brown. Thus, making it an exclusive “One-of-a-kind” vintage look.

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5. The Ridge Smart Wallet

ridge smart wallet mrnoob

The Ridge Wallet is yet another minimalist metal smart wallet that has RFID blocking and cash strap features. This integrated cash strap lets you secure various bills with a proprietary plated-elastic design. And the RFID blocking feature protects your cards from powerful RFID chip readers.

With this smart wallet made of harder material like aluminum, you don’t have to worry about durability at all. Although it is slim, it can hold one to twelve cards without stretching a bit. As a result, it can be ideal for carrying credit cards, debit cards, business cards, bills, etc. And its outside notch lets you push out the cards seamlessly.

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6. Serman Brands Smart Wallet

serman brand smart wallet

Next on the list is the security-oriented smart wallet created to block RFID signals and thus secure all the valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans. Though the Wallet Size is 3.9″ in. x 2.85″ in. 0.5″ in, it can hold up to 8 cards along with bills, and it also has a minimal Pull-tab design to reduce the bulk.

This cardholder is equipped with a front pocket made for your daily used cards. 2 pockets on the inside, a money clip to hold your cash, and a photo ID slot. Get this best smart wallet in different colors, including black, California desert, red, mahogany, chocolate, melted chocolate, grey, Atlantic blur, and more. You’ll get a 12-month warranty that covers any factory defects due to the product’s manufacturing process.

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7. Zitahli Mini Bifold Smart Wallet

zitahli mini bifold smart wallet mrnoob

This best smart wallet’s slim proportions – 4.3 x 2.6 inches, are quite good enough to hold up to 10 cards, and its outside notch lets you push out the cards quickly. Made from carefully selected, quality-tested microfiber leather, accumulated with the highest precision ensure long-lasting durability on this wallet. This is why the manufacturer is giving you a lifetime warranty on this.

These wallets have advanced RFID security technology and exclusive metal composites. It ensures that your credit cards, debit cards, driving license, and ID cards are protected efficiently by blocking the 13.56 MHz band and protecting against data theft by RFID scanners.

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8. Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Smart Wallet

smart lb anti lost wallet mrnoob

Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Smart Wallet is the best trackable wallet. It has various amazing features like anti-lost, remote photographing, smart Find, and location record. If the wallet is lost, it shows its last position on the phone to help find it.

Remember that it uses your phone’s GPS for locating itself since the wallet itself doesn’t have any GPS feature built into it. It comes in 4 different colors (Red, Black, Brown & Blue), and 2 different positions (Horizontal & Vertical). It can hold up to four cards, 1 ID display window, 1 main pocket, and 1 secondary pocket with a zipper.

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9. Ekster Smart Wallet

ekster smart wallet mrnoob

This Ekster slim leather RFID blocking smart wallet construction amalgamates premium top-grain leather, 6063 T5 Aluminum, and is Anodized in space grey. Its RFID blocking technology protects your information from scammers, thus keeping you secure against the increasing risk of electronic pickpockets.

It can hold up to 10 cards, and it has instant card access at the click of a button. Also, if you ever misplace or lose your wallet, you can ring it right from your phone and check where you had it on the map. You’ll love this smart wallet’s design and functionality.

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10. Bellroy Smart Wallet

bellroy smart wallet mrnoob

Lastly, Bellroy Note Sleeve Smart Wallet is another minimalist smart wallet presented beautifully with a leather lining and bifold wallet closure. It can hold up to 11 cards with different compartments for bills, coins, and cards and has a pull tab to remove your frequently used cards for fast access easily.

It comes in six different colors, including Basalt and Black, and the remaining four colors, including Caramel, Cocoa, Marine Blue, and Navy, have RFID blocking. As a result, they protect your data from skimmers. It is the best smart cardholder wallet on our list!

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How to make your wallet smart?

Now if you own a non-smart wallet, and want to make it smart. You can easily do that using an RFID card sleeve and smart trackers like., Apple AirTag or a Tile Tracker. Keep on reading to know how to make a wallet smart:

A. RFID Sleeve

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification skimming is a digital theft that lets information from RFID-equipped credit cards be read and duplicated. And this makes most traditional wallets vulnerable to card cloning and identity thefts.

Therefore, to prevent your credit cards, debit cards, and other cards from getting duplicated. You can purchase an RFID sleeve and put all your debit/credit cards inside it to block RFID signals. And protect your valuable data from getting stolen.

rfid card sleeve mrnoob

You can get this RFID Blocking Sleeve to protect your money cards, credit cards, and identification cards from electronic theft or fraud. It is developed from unique blocking material and is water-resistant as well.

B. Apple AirTag

AirTag by Apple is a tracking device developed to find personal objects like bags, small electronic devices, keys, etc. While it is not specifically meant for wallets, but you can always add, or slide one into yours. And track it, when you lose it using the Find My App on your Apple device.

airtag aple mrnoob

AirTags are compatible with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device capable of running iOS/iPadOS. For easy identification, you can also give your AirTag a name. Since Airtags can connect to nearby Apple smartphones anonymously using a Bluetooth signal, you can locate AirTags on a map inside the Find My App anywhere in the world.

Apple user? Just purchase Apple AirTag and can attach it to your wallet to keep track of it and retract it if it is lost.

Get your AirTag from here

C. Tile Tracker

While the AirTags are exclusive to Apple devices, we also have Tile Tracker that you can use as a tracker attached to your belongings. And it works with both Android and iOS.

Tile Tracker has been around in the market for a while used by users to track their keys, wallets, and bags. Unlike AirTag, Tile has a wallet-specific tracker called “Tile Slim“. Just slide in the Tile Slim tracker inside your wallet along with your cards, and keep tracking it regularly through the Tile App.

tile slim tracker mrnoob

Get your Tile Slim from here

You can also get their “Tile Essential” bundle which has all the latest editions of trackers including a Tile Slim. This way you can make your keys, bags, and other accessories trackable with your wallet.

Wrapping Up: Top Smart Wallets for Men and Women

You might be thinking about why you require your wallet to be smart. Well, what if your wallet goes missing? For this reason, you require trackers and GPS devices to track its location on a map on your mobile device.

Also, RFID blocking prevents criminals from stealing or duplicating your credit card, debit card, or other money card information.

How do you select the best one since there are lots of smart wallets there? Well, before picking up the best smart wallet, you can consider the material, size, design, and price mentioned above and choose the best option.

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