How to transfer files using Files Go over WiFi?

We all know that even with its minimal approach ‘Files Go‘ by Google is quite a capable file manager. One of its highlighted features is WiFi transfer, which allows a user to share files over WiFi faster than ever. It uses the same method as AirDrop, to transfer files to another phone over a WiFi connection. You can read more about more features of Files Go Files manager, Here.

In this article, you’ll see how you can use Files Go files manager to transfer files wirelessly.

  1. Open ‘Files Go: File manager‘ & head over to the “Files” pane to explore more options.
  2. In “Files” pane, you’ll see all your files organised into their respective categories & an option which will transfer your files wirelessly to nearby people.
  3. Tap on the ‘SEND‘ on the device from which you want to send a file & at the same time tap on ‘RECEIVE‘ on the other. During first run, you’ll be welcomed with some mandatory permission, allow them & proceed on both devices.
  4. In next screen, allow Files Go app to modify system settings.
  5. After allowing, give a name to both devices so you can easily recognize both devices while transferring files.
  6. After setting names, hit ‘Next‘. Now sender device will start looking for the Receiving device. This might take sometime. Once the receiver’s device in the list, tap on the device name to establish connection.
  7. Establishing connection will take a few seconds & once connection is established, you’ll need to tap on ‘Connect‘ button on the receiving device to allow file sharing.
  8. Once connected, you’ll now be able to select the files from their specific categories from sender’s device & send them to the receiver. Simply select the files that you wanted to send & tap on the ‘SEND‘ button on the top, it will immediately start transferring the files.
  9. You can see the progress bar in Yellow color on both devices at the bottom & once the transfer is completed you’ll have a choice to send or receive more files from either of the devices, without reconnecting them again.
  10. Or simply go back & hit ‘Disconnect’ to terminate the established connection.

And that’s how you’ll be able to transfer your files between phones using Files Go.

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Thank you. 🙂

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