How to remove Downloading English notification permanently?

If you are bugged by the infamous ‘Female for English‘ notification on your Android device, then you should hold your horses as it isn’t the only annoying notification that is going you bug you once in a while. ‘Downloading English‘ is another annoying notification, related to the Google Search app.

Since Google search app is now supporting more & more languages, Google provides regular updates to its default language packs in order to provide better speech recognition. Due to the frequent update cycle, Google keeps this to be downloaded on WiFi so that it won’t affect users with a limited data plan. But in case, you wanted to permanently disable this ‘Downloading English‘ notification to save your data, you have an option to do that inside Google search settings.

All Android devices with Google Search/Assistant have this option, but here I am using a Xiaomi device running MIUI 9. If you are using a phone other than Xiaomi, then also you’ll find Google setting, inside Settings app.


  1. Open ‘Settings‘ app on your device, there go to ‘Google‘ & inside Google Settings, scroll down & open ‘Search‘. This will let you inside the Google Search/Google Assistant settings.
  2. Inside ‘Google Search‘ settings head over to ‘Voice‘ option. Here you’ll see options related to languages & speech that Google app uses by default.
  3. Tap on ‘Offline speech recognition‘, you’ll now see all your installed language packs for Google search app in ‘INSTALLED‘ Tab, alongside other two tabs. If any language is showing download pending then download it & open ‘AUTO-UPDATE‘ tab & select ‘Do not auto-update languages‘. After turning off Auto-updates, Google app will not show any notification for updating the language pack. In addition, if you are still getting that ‘Downloading English‘ notification then proceed to next step.
  4. Go-to home screen & open ‘Installed Apps‘ section inside ‘Settings‘ app. Inside which search for ‘Downloads‘ app.
  5. Open ‘Downloads‘ app & hit on ‘Clear Data‘ icon at the option. Now you’ll see a popup for confirmation, press ‘OK‘ to confirm clearing data of download app. This will remove all data from download app, which includes ongoing downloads, download list of previously downloaded items & app’s default settings. Do make sure to finish pending downloads, else they will get removed from the download list.
  6. Finally, reboot your device. (Optional)

After following all steps carefully & turning off the auto download, you will no longer receive this kind of notification.

In case of any query, use the comment box down below.

Thank you. 🙂

Anubhav Bhatnagar
He is your friendly neighbor, who spend most of his time in learning and sharing what he has learned to everyone. He is a fan of flat design and is into minimalism. Also, a huge Xiaomi critic and enthusiast. Connect with him @AnooBav on all social platforms.



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