How to Disable Call Recording Announcement in Google Dialer on Android?

Getting annoyed by the "This call is now being recorded" announcement? Here is how to disable it!

Wondering how you can disable Call Recording Announcement on your Android? Every time you start recording a call, both the caller and the receiver hear the “This call is now being recorded” announcement. As annoying as it sounds, Google is doing this for the privacy of its users. Like in many European countries, recording calls is against the law. You will have to take permission or inform the other person that you will be recording their call.

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Ever since Google has enabled the call recording feature in the Google Dialer (or Google Phone) app, they also have to follow the local call recording laws and comply with them.

But the problem is that there is no way to turn off this call recording announcement. And if you happen to live in a country/region where call recording laws aren’t as strict, this feature seems more like a problem. However, there is a workaround that you can follow to stop this call recording announcement on your Android.

How to Disable Call Recording Announcement on Android?

If you have enabled the call recording feature on your Android and want to disable the recording announcement. Here is how to disable it;

  1. First, download and install the TTSLex app from Google Play Store.install ttslexx app android mrnoob
  2. Now open the Settings app on your Smartphone and search “Text-to-Speech,” and tap on the result that says “Text-to-Speech output.”search text to speech android mrnoob
  3. Inside Text-to-Speech output, tap on “Preferred engine” and select “TTSLex Engine.” An attention warning will pop up. Press the “OK” button to confirm.change prefferred speech service mrnoob

After changing the preferred TTS engine, we will now clear the storage data/cache of the Google Dialer (Google Phone) app. Doing so will reset all the app settings.

Clearing Data of the Google Phone app might delete your recent call list and your previous call recordings. Take a backup using any third-party Backup app before clearing data of Google Dialer.

Here is how to clear Google Phone App data on a Xiaomi/Redmi Smartphone.

  1. Now, long-press on the Google Dialer’s icon on your Android home screen, and tap on the (i) icon to open App dialer app info mrnoob
  2. Inside the Google Dialer’s app info, tap on “Storage” and then on “Clear Data.” (or, on the “Clear Storage” button on Realme, Oppo, and OnePlus Smartphones)google phone app storage mrnoob
  3. Now press the “Clear All Data” and then the “OK” button on the confirmation popup to clear Google Phone app data. And you are good to go.clear google phone app data mrnoob

After clearing the data/cache, open the Google Phone app, and try making a call. You will hear the “This call is now being recorded” announcement followed by “The call recording has been ended” right before your first call.

Once your call is connected, hit the record button and press “Start Recording” on the confirmation pop-up. Google Dialer will start recording your call without alerting the other person with the annoying call recording announcement.

And that’s how you turn off call recording announcements and record a call on your Android phone. Now let’s see how to listen to the recorded calls, and share them with someone else.

Where are Google Dialer’s Call Recordings stored in Android?

The call recordings of Google Dialer are stored inside,


However, with Android R (Android version 11), you can no longer access this folder from your file manager due to system restrictions.

If you are on the latest version of Android, you can access them from Google Dialer itself. Just open your Google Dialer/Phone app, and go to the “Recents” tab. After that tap on the contact whose recording you want to listen to or share, and tap on “History“.

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Here you will see, the call logs of that contact/phone number. Recorded calls will have “Listen to Recording” text below them, tap on in to listen, or share that recording with someone else.

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Final Words: Disable Google Dialer’s Call Recording Announcement!

While this may not be a permanent solution for getting rid of the call recording announcement. But right now, this is the only way you can record calls on your Android without that annoying announcement. We will update the article when (and if) Google gives a toggle to disable call recording warning inside the Dialer (or Phone) app.

Regardless, we urge everyone to follow their local call recording laws and record calls with the other person’s consent on the call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I disable this call that is now being recorded announcement on my phone?

Well, this call is now being recorded announcement can easily be disabled by using a custom TTS engine. So when you do this you re-route the trigger from the default TTS engine to a custom one which is silent in that case and hence you get no announcement.

How do I stop call recording announcements in Realme, MIUI, OPPO, and OnePlus?

Google has made it mandatory for “Tier 1” OEMs to use Google Phone and Messaging app. Every phone from OEMs like Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Oppo comes with Google Dialer and Messaging as the default Phone and Messaging app.
You can follow the aforementioned method to disable call recording announcements on your Realme, OnePlus, or Oppo Smartphone.

How to disable this call is now being recorded on Redmi and Xiaomi Phones?

If you use a Xiaomi or Redmi phone then you will get this problem. The problem is whenever you tap on the record button while on a call, the phone will announce the recording instead of discreetly recording.  To disable this you just have to follow our guide here and you will be able to do so.


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  1. But the call recordings not showing in my files manager after enabling ttslexx .where they go and where I need to search for that recordings please help me with this. Thank you

    • Hi Mohan, You can not access your Call recordings from the File Manager, due to restrictions.

      You need to access it directly from the dialer.

      Open your Google Dialer/Phone app, then on the recent page tap on the contact whose recording you want to listen to or share, and tap on “History”.

      Recorded calls will have “Listen to Recording”, tap on in to listen to share it to someone else.

  2. After switching to this ttslexx engine, the rec button just does not show up. I tried reboot the anrdoid but no help. What might be the problem? Does the goggle dialer check the current tts engine before showing the button ?

    • This isn’t supposed to happen, not sure what caused this in your case. Try reverting the TTS engine to the default Google TTS, and clear data of your Phone’s app. (you might need to update Phone app from the Play Store)
      After that, check if you get the rec button back, if yes, then retry the steps mentioned in the article to disable Call recording Announcement.

  3. Does this TTSlexx app works to disable call recording announcement in Vivo Phones, Like X70 & X80 series. I am planning to buy a latest vivo phone. Please advise. Thanks


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