5 Ways to Loop Youtube Videos on Android and iOS [2022]

I know you are here to find how to loop youtube videos on android and ios, but let’s address the issue first and then move on to our guide.

When it comes to music streaming, there are a lot of options to choose from. The most popular are Spotify and youtube music out of which my choice is youtube music. Youtube music not only gives you an option to listen to officially released music but also lets you stream music videos. This means that you can play music videos and everything labeled as the music inside the youtube music app.

One aspect where Spotify is ahead is the fact that you can loop music. The youtube website allows you to loop the video you are watching by right-clicking and selecting “loop”. Since there are no similar options on the youtube app, we have found some ways to loop youtube videos on android and iOS. But before we move to the solution, let’s understand why there is no loop option inside youtube.

Why is there no “Loop” option on the Youtube app on Android and iOS?

The simple reason why youtube lacks a loop option on their mobile app on android and iOS is the fact that youtube has only one way to make money on their platform which is via advertising. As we all know youtube doesn’t serve ads on every playback, so looping a video again and again can result in some playbacks monetized and the majority of them being ad-free hence youtube makes less money. And since more than 70% of watch time comes from mobile devices, youtube can’t add a loop button inside the youtube android app.

How to loop Youtube Videos on Android and iOS

There are some workarounds that you can use to loop youtube videos on android and iOS, and here are some of them. Do note that none of these methods are as flawless as pressing a button but they work just fine.

1. Loop Youtube Video on Web Browser

This method turns out to be the most straightforward option for looping music on your smartphone. The trick is to play the YouTube video through the web browser on an Android smartphone. The exact approach, unfortunately, does not work on iOS.

To get started, open a browser and type “m.youtube.com” into the address box. This stops the browser from automatically accessing the YouTube app.

open m.youtube.com loop youtube on android and ios

Once the page has loaded, tap on the three vertical dots button in the top right corner, then pick the “Desktop site” checkbox.

select view desktop site

Simply go to YouTube and search for a video that interests you. Zoom in on the video spot and long press to bring up the right-click menu.

long press and select loop

Then select “Loop” from the drop-down menu. After that, your movies will continue to play continuously until you close the browser.

2. Easy Way to Loop Youtube Video on Android and iOS Youtube App

There is an easy workaround for the YouTube app if you don’t like the mobile browser technique mentioned above.

The secret here is to loop a newly generated playlist after adding a single video to it. It runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices.

On both Android and iOS, the YouTube method is very similar. As a result, the method below can be used to create and loop a playlist on the iPhone.

Give the playlist a name and that’s it. To play the video, simply hit the play button in the playlist.

create a playlist and hit loop

The video would begin to play with a playlist of music and a few control buttons. To make a single song loop, tap the loop symbol.

3. Loop Youtube Videos using Looptube.io

Looptube is a simple website that lets you loop your youtube videos over and over on a web browser inside your phone or even your PC or Mac.

To get started, go to Looptube’s official website.

Now open the youtube app on your phone. I am using my android phone here.

tap on the share button and select copy to clipboard

Now open any video and tap on the share icon and choose the “copy to clipboard” option. This will copy the video’s link to the clipboard.

Now launch the browser with Looptube opened and paste the video link inside Looptube.

The Web app will now search for the video and play it for you on a loop.


You can choose to play the whole video on loop or even a selected part of it on a loop using the Looptube website.

4. Loop Youtube Videos using 3rd Party Android App

Play store already has many apps that can help you loop youtube videos. We will use one such app called “Repeat Youtube Videos” in this guide.

open the youtube app and tap on the share button

The app is available for free download. Simply launch the YouTube app when the app has been downloaded and play the music you want to loop. Tap on the share icon to open the share menu.

tap on repeat YT video

Inside the share options, you will find an option of “Repeat YT Videos”. Tap on that option and your video will play on a loop inside the repeat YT videos app.

video working in loop on repeat yt video

5. Loop Youtube Videos using 3rd Party iOS App

To loop youtube videos on iOS, we will be using the same app called “Repeat YT videos” available on the iOS app store.

download repeat yt video ios mrnoob

Install Repeat YouTube Video from the App Store right now. After you’ve installed the app, browse to YouTube and play the music or the video, then press the Share button.

share youtube video ios mrnoob

Once done, tap on the Copy Link button to copy the link to the video. Now open the repeat youtube app from all apps and the app will automatically detect the copied URL and start playing.

loop youtube video ios mrnoob

Wrapping Up: How to loop a video on Youtube?

So that’s how you play YouTube videos on Loop on your Desktop, and your Android and iOS smartphone. These 5 methods work well on both android and iOS devices and using these you can loop Youtube videos in very simple steps.

I hope you liked our guide, if you did then visit the mrnoob.net homepage to read more great guides. Thanks for reading.

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