How to Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse

If you like many others and want to know how to play music Directly from Youtube inside your Clubhouse room, you are at the right place. We have found a way by which you can use Clubhouse from your PC and play music inside your room without getting too loud.

But Before we head to the solution, let’s have a look at the issue first.

The clubhouse is a very famous drop-in audio chat app that was initially iOS exclusive but recently made its entry on the Android OS as well. The Clubhouse consists of various rooms that any user can create and invite their followers to join in and talk. One of the kinds of rooms is the musical room in which people either perform live or play music from sources like Youtube.

The issue here is that the only way to stream music inside a room is to drop the phone near the speaker and play the music on an external speaker, which makes it unintuitive and prone to noise. There is a way out using the PC Clubhouse emulator which is an unofficial CH client. Let’s see how to play music directly from youtube inside the clubhouse :

Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse

To play music on clubhouse directly from youtube, we will be using an app called ‘Clubdeck’. Clubdeck is a Clubhouse client for Windows and Mac with extended functionality using which you can not only use clubhouse on your Laptop or Mac. You can also do things like recording the conversation and playing music via Youtube directly on the clubhouse without much effort.

To play music directly from youtube on the clubhouse, use the following steps.

Now let’s see how you can download and install the Clubdeck app to use Clubhouse on a PC:

1. Download Clubdeck: The Unofficial Clubhouse client for PC and Mac

Go to, then download and install the installer for your PC. Clubdeck is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. You can download this unofficial clubhouse client on your PC or Mac as long as you’re running either operating system.

room audio options inside clubdeck app how to Play Music Directly from Youtube on ClubhouseNow open the Clubdeck software on your PC or Mac and log in with your Clubhouse account and phone number. To finish the sign-in procedure, you’ll receive a verification code on your phone.

clubdeck clubhouse sign in mrnoob

And there you have it: you can now have the complete Clubhouse experience on your computer, including all of the audio sessions while managing everything on your computer without any restrictions.

clubdeck clubhouse app interface mrnoob

2. Start a Clubhouse Room

To get started with playing music on clubhouse directly from youtube without putting your phone near the speaker.

Open the clubdeck app on your PC or Mac.

click on start a room

Now click on “Start a Room” and add the room topic and room type. You can choose between public rooms, social rooms, and closed rooms.

choose your room type and click on start your room play music on clubhouse from youtube

Click on Start Your Room. Now a room is created in your clubhouse.

3. Configure Audio Effects on Clubdeck.

Once you start the room, you will get quick settings on the right-hand side of the room including advanced options like recording the room and many other options.

Now go to the Audio Effects option from the quick options and you will see some of the preloaded audio effects inside the app like Clap, Comedy, and Ding. These are the default audio effect that you can use while hosting a Clubhouse room.

room audio options inside clubdeck app how to Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse

Below that, you will see two options: ‘Add Custom Effect (Local File)‘ and ‘Add Custom Effect (Youtube).’ You can use these options to load custom audio files stored on your computer or fetch music from Youtube and play it directly inside your room.

4. Play Music on Clubhouse Directly via Youtube.

To play music on Clubhouse directly from youtube, click on ‘Add Custom Effect (Youtube).’ This will open the Youtube homepage on a different pane alongside your room. Now search for the song you want to play on Clubhouse inside the Youtube browser and click on it.

click on add custom effect youtube Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse

After that, you’ll have to pull that song as an audio effect inside your Clubhouse room. You can do that by clicking on the ‘Export to Audio Effects‘ button at the top, then giving it a name, and wait for Clubdeck to import that song as an effect.

click on export to audio effect option Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse

This process might take some time depending on your internet connection and the size of the video that you are trying to import. Once done, you’ll see your song listed as an audio effect right below the preloaded custom effect on clubdeck app to make people listen to songs

And now you are ready to start your jamming session, just hit the Play button right below the said audio effect, and then click on the ‘Audience‘ icon, so that everyone in the audience can enjoy it.

5. Fix Audio Issues and Playback Problems

Apparently, this isn’t a perfect solution as it has its own cons. Like you can’t scrub through a song or even play/pause in between. And on the other hand, the app will download each song before importing it as an audio effect.

While we are not sure if we are going to get these issues addressed in a future update of Clubdeck. Let’s have a look into a workaround that will enable you to play Youtube’s audio inside your room from the browser itself. This will let you play, pause or even scrub the audio like you normally do without importing it into the Clubdeck app.

Use VB audio to Play Internal sounds on Clubhouse

  1. For this to work, we need to install a 3rd party software called ‘VB-Audio Cable‘, which will route your laptop’s audio directly inside the Clubdeck app. Download the ‘VB-Audio Cable’ driver for your operating system and extract the downloaded folder on your computer.
    download vb audio cable mrnoob Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse
  2. Inside the extracted folder, you’ll find two installer files ‘VBCABLE_Setup.exe‘ (for 32bit systems) and ‘VBCABLE_Setup_x64.exe‘ (for 64-bit systems). Choose the one that suits your operating system and install it on your PC as an administrator. (You can do this by running the setup as administrator. Simply, right-click the setup file and choose Run as Administrator and follow the installation instructions carefully)
    vb audio cable run as administrator mrnoob
  3. After successful installation, restart your computer and then go to ‘Settings >> System >> Sound‘. Inside Sound settings, You’ll have to select ‘VB-Audio Cable‘ as your input and output device. [This is for Windows, Mac users can do the same by changing their input and output devices as ‘VB-Audio Cable’ inside their computers.]
    vb audio cable input output device mrnoob Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse
  4. Now open the ‘Clubdeck’ app on your desktop or Mac and create a room that you want to host. I’ll suggest you start with a closed room first so that you are already prepared before anyone can join you. Now we have to change a few settings inside the Clubhouse room to fix audio echoing issues if any. Select ‘Audio settings‘ from the quick settings and select ‘VB-Audio cable‘ as both Audio Playback and Audio Recording.
    clubdeck vb audio input output device mrnoob
  5. Now you are set to start your jamming session on Clubhouse. Get ready with your local playlist on your computer or fire up your favorite music app like Spotify or Youtube with all your music sorted for your Clubhouse room. Once you are done, get ready to make the room public and invite your friends over to your room and have a chill music session.

6. Keep This in Mind Before Switching to VB-Audio Method

Because both the input and output audio is routed through VB-Audio Cable, you won’t be able to interact with other speakers on the panel or even take music requests using this approach. If that’s the case, I recommend making a new Clubhouse account and adding it as a Speaker/Mod in that area so you may take song requests and be the DJ you’ve always wanted to be. Also, remember to reset your computer’s input and output devices to default, otherwise, you won’t be able to hear anything from it after the room is closed.

Play Music Directly from Youtube on Clubhouse: Conclusion

So this is how you can play music directly from youtube to your clubhouse room without any issue. Both methods have their own limitations as of now. I just hope Clubdeck will add the seek feature inside their app natively so that we can skip the VB audio method. As of now VB audio method with Clubdeck works like a charm for hosting high-quality musical rooms in the clubhouse.

I hope you liked this guide and now you can play music directly from youtube on clubhouse without any issues. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @mrnoobHQ. Thanks for reading this guide, I’ll see you in the next one soon.


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  1. I am having issue with clubdesk youtube song imoport yesterday i tried it work very well now i see error saying when downloading audio from this video you must be on the video youtuber player page to export.

    • Hey Harish, If you are trying to export music while an in-video ad is running, you’ll get that error. Wait until the video ad is played, before clicking the ‘Export to audio effect’ button.
      If the problem still persists, you can use the second method for results. (or wait until Clubdeck’s developer fixes it)

  2. I have a 12-min audio mp3 file on my laptop that I wish to play in a loop 24/7 In a CH room. Which of the two methods (local file or YouTube) would you suggest I use? That is, how do I loop over an audio? Or should I just make 120 copies, append them back-to-back and replay daily.

    • Hey KJ, Playing something on loop 24/7 can be quite tricky using the local file method inside Clubdeck, since you really can’t control it due to the absence of a media player. I’d rather suggest you route your audio using the VB-Audio software (as mentioned in the latter part of the article) and play the same file in a loop 24/7 on your local music player. That’ll be more stable and you’ll have full control over what you are playing. However, you’ll lose the ability to talk and take requests if you are planning to. You’ll have to join with a new account as speaker for this to work. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Vico. No, you can’t do this from an Android phone. A workaround is to enter a CH room from one phone and play music on the other. However, in this case, the audio quality won’t be as good as direct streaming.


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