How to pair Mi Band 3 on any Android device? (Step-by-step)

Pairing a Bluetooth device is as easy as turning on Bluetooth on your phone & look for the device you want to pair. But with Mi Band 3 (A well-known budget fitness tracker by Xiaomi), you might need to follow some extra steps, to pair it successfully to your Android device. We have come across a lot of users who are facing difficulty in pairing their Mi Band 3 to their Android.

We are here to help you with our detailed guide on how to pair the Mi band 3 on Android. You can also follow this guide for older versions of Mi Band ie., Mi Band, Mi Band 1s, Mi Band 2 & Mi band HRX. All Mi Bands follow the same pairing process.

How to pair Mi Band 3 on any smartphone?

1- Download Mi Fit App from Play Store & open it, you’ll be welcomed with a sign-in/up screen.

miband pairing android 1

2- Sign in using your Mi Account, if you don’t have one then hit Sign up to sign up for a new Mi Account. As all your Mi Band’s data will be recorded/saved inside that account. (You can also sign in using your Google, Facebook, or WeChat account, but we’ll suggest you sign up using a Mi Account & then attach your Google account for additional security)

miband pairing android 2

3- After the sign-in process is completed, the Mi Fit app will show that it will use your phone’s data to count steps when no band is paired to the app, you can simply hit “Got it” to enter the main screen of the app. The app will show a brief insight into your connected fitness products. If you have used any Mi Fitness product in past, then it will automatically display the old synced data on that page.

miband pairing android 3

4- Hit on ‘Tap to pair devices‘, then on the next screen tap on ‘Band‘ to start the pairing process. The app will show a popup listing the data that will be collected after you pair your Mi Band. Simply hit ‘OK‘ to move on to the next step. Now Mi Fit app will ask for device location services, which will help in the easy paring of your Mi Band. Allow location services to the app to enter into the pairing mode.

miband pairing android 4

5- While your Mi Fit app is in pairing mode, it will search for the Mi Band & once it’s found, your Mi Band tracker will vibrate. Now you need to tap on the capacitive button dimple on your Mi band tracker, to confirm the paring. Soon after you confirm, you will see a paired successfully text rolling on your Mi Band display. While your Mi Fit app will show you a quick start guide on how to use your Mi Band.

miband pairing android 5

6- Simply hit back, you will now see the remaining battery & a bunch of settings that we can play with to get the most out of our Mi Band. Hit back once more, to go to the main screen of the Mi Fit App, it’s will start syncing your Mi Band’s data. Congratulations, you have successfully paired your Mi Band with your Android device.

miband pairing android 6


There is a common mistake that most Mi Band users do when they switch to a new phone or get a new Mi Band & forget to un-pair it, which makes it impossible to repair it onto a new device. You should always un-pair your Mi Band first so that you won’t face any problem while switching devices.

How to unpair Mi Band 3?

1- Open the Mi Fit app & switch to the ‘Profile‘ tab at the bottom of the app screen. Now tap on ‘Mi Band 3‘ to get inside Mi Band’s settings.

miband pairing android 7

2- On the settings screen, scroll down till you see the big ‘Unpair‘ button, Tap on it to un-pair Mi Band from that device. This will take some time to unpair your Mi Band & once it’s done, you are good to go. You can now pair another Mi Band or pair that Mi Band to another device.

miband pairing android 8

Also, don’t forget to unpair your Mi Band from the phone’s Bluetooth settings page. You might need to clear data of the Mi Fit app after unpairing your Mi Band, for removing any data/cache from the older band.

This is the easiest way to pair your Mi Band to your Android device. You can follow this guide to pair your Mi band to any Android device. (Android 4.4+) I hope, this will solve all your pairing issues related to Mi Band 3 (for all Mi Bands)

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If you are still facing issues related to pairing, do let us know via a comment.
Good day.

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