How to pair and connect Amazfit Neo Smartwatch with your Android and iPhone?

If you are wondering about How to pair and connect Amazfit Neo Smartwatch with your Android and iPhone then you are in the right place but before we jump on the method, let’s first see what this smartwatch is all about?

Amazfit Neo Smartwatch cum fitness band is bliss for someone who had a hard time explaining what a fitness band is. It’s a fitness band that looks and feels like a traditional digital watch. And if you are a fan of the evergreen Casio watches, you will adore the Amazfit Neo Smartwatch on your wrist. The best part of having a smart fitness watch is that you can connect the Amazfit Neo smartwatch with your smartphone and get detailed information related to your fitness.

Well, I will be talking more about this retro-styled fitness band in my extensive review of Amazfit Neo. But if you are someone who has already gotten this smartwatch and is not sure how to connect this smartwatch with your smartphone. You have landed in the right place. In this article, I will be covering everything that you need to connect your Amazfit Neo Smartwatch with your smartphone. So let us begin, shall we?

How to pair and connect Amazfit Neo Smartwatch with your smartphone?

Let’s see how we can pair and connect the Amazfit Neo smartwatch with any Android and iPhone:

  1. Before moving ahead make sure your Amazfit Neo Smartwatch is fully charged. Connect your Amazfit Neo Fitness watch to the supplied proprietary charging base and let it charge fully. It will beep once your Amazfit Neo is fully charged, letting you know that you are ready to connect it to your smartphone.charging amazfit neo smartwatch mrnoob
  2. Download the Zepp (Formerly Amazfit) companion app on your iPhone or Android device. Once the installation is completed, open the app, give necessary access and sign up for a new Amazfit account. This step is mandatory, where you can use a variety of third-party accounts to ease the sign-up process. After signing in, you will have to fill in some details about yourself for accurate analysis. Fill in those details and hit ‘Done‘.install zepp amazfit app mrnoob
  3. Now you will be on the Zepp companion app’s home screen. You will have to pair your Amazfit Neo Smartwatch before it could show up your fitness activity data inside the app.zepp amazfit neo app dashboard mrnoob
  4. To pair your Amazfit Neo Smartwatch, Go to Profile tab > Add Device under My Devices > Watch > Watch without a QR code. The Zepp companion will now look for the smartwatch. Your smartwatch will be seen as ‘Amazfit Neo‘, tap on it to initiate the connection and the app will ask you to press the ‘Select‘ button on your smartwatch. Now head over to your Amazfit Neo Smartwatch and press the ‘Select‘ button to complete the pairing process.pairing amazfit neo zepp app mrnoob
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully connected the Amazfit smartwatch with your smartphone. And now you can use it to stay fit and healthy by tracking your fitness activities.

amazfit neo smartwatch mrnoob

How to use Amazfit Neo Smartwatch?

Using the Amazfit Neo smartwatch is fairly simple. Once paired you just need to wear it on your wrist and you are good to go. By default, you are supposed to wear it on your left hand’s wrist, but if you prefer the right hand, you have to change its watch/band position to the right hand within the companion app for accurate measurement.

amazfit neo smartwatch front mrnoob

On the watch, you will find 4 labeled buttons (2 on each side); Select, Back, Up, and Down. Every time you press a button, you will get a beep sound as feedback. (Which you can turn off from the Zepp companion app)

Use the Up and Down buttons to switch between the smartwatch features, each feature has its unique icon so that you don’t get confused. While on the right side of the feature icon, you will see its value. (Say while measuring heart rate it will show the heart rate value in BPM) You can always add, remove, and reposition these features within the companion app as per your need. Features like toggling DND ON/OFF and Stopwatch can be controlled directly on the watch. Simply switch to either of the features using the Up or Down button and press the ‘Select‘ button once. (In the case of Stopwatch, switch to Stopwatch and press the ‘Select‘ button to start the stopwatch timer. Press the Select button again to pause the timer and press the ‘Back‘ button to reset it.)

Long pressing the ‘Back‘ button will turn on the backlight, while long pressing the ‘Select‘ button will toggle switch on/off. While on the back, stays your HR sensors, a tiny hole for the speaker, and charging pins.

amazfit neo smartwatch back mrnoob

The watch itself is more than enough to give you some basic insights into your daily fitness. But for getting a detailed analysis of your fitness data and enabling certain features, you will have to use Zepp (formerly Amazfit) companion app. Have a look at all the best features of the Amazfit Neo Smartwatch!

Conclusion: Connect Amazfit Neo Smartwatch with your Android and iPhone.

So this was the simplest way to connect the Amazfit neo smartwatch with your android or iPhone. I hope you can connect your Amazfit Neo with your smartphone easily by following this guide. If you liked this method then don’t forget to comment below and keep visiting our website for more such awesome guides and how-to tutorials. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum requirement to use Amazfit Neo Smartwatch?

Amazfit Neo Smartwatch supports Android version 5 (lollipop) and iOS 10.0+.

How to turn on/off Amazfit Neo?

The good thing is you can turn your Amazfit Neo on and off. If it’s off, just press and hold the ‘Select‘ button for like 2 seconds, and your Amazfit will get turned on. Similarly to turn it off, press and hold the ‘Select‘ button for 2 seconds. This can save battery on your Amazfit Neo when it is not in use for a long time.

How to restart Amazfit Neo Smartwatch?

Not sure, why would someone need to do that but in case you want, press and hold the ‘Select‘ and ‘Up‘ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The watch will restart itself.

How to reset Amazfit Neo Smartwatch?

To reset your Amazfit Neo Smartwatch, press and hold the ‘Back‘ and ‘Down‘ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. You will hear a beep with a confirmation page that appeared on your Amazfit Neo display, press the ‘Select‘ button once to confirm and your watch will reset. You can press the ‘Back‘ button to cancel the reset process.

How to turn on the backlight on my Amazfit Neo SmartWatch?

Press and hold the ‘Back‘ button for 2 seconds and to turn on the backlight on your Amazfit Neo watch. You can also enable a backlight on your Amazfit Neo when you lift your wrist. To enable this feature, open the Zepp app and go to Profile Tab > Tap on Amazfit Neo under My devices > Lift Wrist to View Info and set ‘Lift Wrist to View Info‘ to either ‘All Day‘ or ‘Scheduled‘ a per your need. I have set mine to Scheduled to save battery as we don’t need backlighting during the daytime.lift wrist to view zepp app mrnoob

Do I need to keep the Zepp app in the background?

Yes, just like other fitness bands, Amazfit Neo relies mostly on its app Zepp, which you can download from PlayStore. Zepp serves as its companion app that lets you control most of the settings within the Amazfit Neo, hence it is needed to use most of the features such as Incoming call alerts, App alerts, and to check the stats. However, if you are planning to use it just as a digital watch with its fitness and health-oriented features, you don’t have to keep the app running and the smartwatch connected to your smartphone 24/7. In that case, you can connect the watch once a week to allow the watch to sync its collected with the Zepp companion app and show you an extensive analysis of your health and fitness data.

Why does the Zepp app require so many permissions?

Each permission serves a purpose within the Zepp companions app, which is essential to run a few functions. If you are not using those features/functions of the Amazfit Neo Smartwatch band, then you can keep those permissions disabled. Like, to get call notifications, you will have to give call log permission.


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  1. i bought this device 2 weeks ago, now facing an issue is like, i charged it fully, it showing battery charged in graphic but not in numbers. so I start it, it works for a minute and get turned off automatically. do you have any solution?

    • Hi Hambir, Mine shows the battery level in numbers all the time, could be some bug. Have you tried resetting the Amazfit Neo? We have already mentioned how to reset Amazfit under FAQ section of the Article. Please follow that and see, if that works. If not, I’d suggest you claim a warranty on this one.

    • Yes, you’ll have to keep your smartphone with you to use the jogging feature. There is no interface whatsoever to actually get into the jogging mode in the watch. However, for all the basic fitness info like, step counting etc., you can keep the watch on your wrist and sync data when you get back one with the companion app.


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