8 Best WeTransfer alternatives to Share Large Files Online (Fast and Secure)

Why Search for Best WeTransfer alternatives when we already have WeTransfer which is robust and easy to use. Well the answer is that there have been many cases of countries banning this service due to malware being sent via the transfers.

But one fact we can’t deny that WeTransfer have been a lifesaver for many of us, during a situation where we need to share a large file with someone. We at mrnoob use it all the time for our client work as well as sharing… well high quality MEMES!! The ease of use is what makes WeTransfer top the list of all online file transfer services. But it does come with its own caveats like you can only send files upto 2GB and sometime files can be of larger size. In such situation, you will definitely look for one of the best WeTransfer alternatives that can get your work done hassle-free.

While searching for the best alternative to WeTransfer, we have came across a bunch of online file sharing tools that not just allows you to send large files, but also offers better features on the table. So without further adieu, let us check out these wetransfer alternatives.

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8 Best WeTransfer alternatives to Make Your Data Flow Smoother :

Here is the list of best WeTransfer alternatives, that can easily come handy when WeTransfer is on vacations :

1. TresoritSend

tresoritsend mrnoob


I still wonder why no one is talking about this alternative of WeTransfer. TresoritSend is one of the best service to send large files upto 5GB securely and safely. The whole file transfer is end-to-end encrypted and you can send you files without any login. Full access allows you to control and see who can see or access the files. You can also add password protection and email verification for additional security.

There is also a chrome extension available for TresoritSend, which make it easier to send files without opening the website. TresoritSend is free to use and work fine, however you can also buy it’s premium for its additional feature.


  • Send files upto 5GB , safely and securely.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Lets you add password protection and email verification to file.
  • Has Chrome extension.


  • None.

Visit TresoritSend website here.

2. SendGB


sendgb mrnoob

SendGB advertises their files sharing service as a WeTransfer alternative and they do have their tricks up their sleeves over WeTransfer. It support sending files upto 5GB, without any signup. You can add password and choose to self-destruct files once the recipient(s) download it. It can store your files upto 7 days and if you want to store it longer, you can buy their SendGB Extend plan for 6 months for €1.29 and 1 year for €1.99.

You can choose upto 20 recipient to send your files via email. SendGB also works for the social cause and supports illustrators designers and photographers by promoting their content for free.


  • Send 500 files upto 5GB of size.
  • No sign up required.
  • Lets you store files upto 7 days.
  • Allows user to add password and set a self destruct timer, once everyone finished downloading the file.
  • Allows you to send files to 20 recipients via email.


  • None.

Visit SendGB website here.

3. Smash

smash mrnoob


Smash is a popular WeTransfer alternative, that beats WeTranfer with its simple UI and no files size limit, but Smash’s files transfer service is priority-focused. You can send files upto 2Gb without any delay. But if your files size is larger than 2GB it will be added in waiting list, which can take upto 4 hours until your recipients can download the file.

Files stored on Smash’s servers are end-to-end encrypted. Uploaded files are available for 14 days to download. Smash also notifies you about files delivery and download.


  • Simple easy to use UI.
  • No size limit on file transfers, however for file size over 2GB, your recipient might have to wait for 4 hours before they could download the file.
  • Supports end-to-end encryption.
  • Notifies about file delivery and download.
  • You can send file via email, link and Slack.
  • Sent files will be available for 14 days to download.


  • Not a suitable choice for transferring large files that requires urgent access.
  • Limited to only 1 user.

Visit Smash website here.

4. Filetransfer.io


filetransfer io mrnoob

Most of the files transfer services with cloud uploads are limited to 5GB file size, with Filetransfer.io you can send files upto 6GB for free. All your files are stored for 21 days on their servers without any sign up and you can also change file name before sending. Filetranfer.io provides simple and ad-free experience on their website. It also supports resume during upload, if connection is interrupted during upload, it will resume it once connection is up.

One of the best thing about FileTransfer.io is that it lets their verified users to monetize the link, which enable downloading file after payment is done. Free version of FileTranfer works just fine, but you can opt for premium for as low as $2.40 per month for benefits like 60Gb storage, no file expiration, better security etc.,


  • Send files upto 6GB.
  • Lets you store files for 21 days.
  • Ability to change file name before sending.
  • You can send files via direct link or via email.
  • Ad-free website experience.
  • Lets you monetize your links.


  • No file encryption during transfer.

Visit FileTransfer.io website here.

5. WeSendIt


wesendit mrnoob

WeSendIt is another WeTransfer Alternative in the market, that you can use to transfer files online. Simply upload your files and add your email, and you are good to go. However, just like we transfer you can only send files upto 2GB in their free plan. Your files will be stored for 7 days on WeSentIts server, before getting deleted.

On the downside, WeSendIt doesn’t provide any additional feature as provided by other file transfer software. There is no option to delete files or add password protection.


  • No signup required.
  • Files can be shared via email or by link.
  • Uploaded files will be available to download for 7 days.


  • Files size is limited to 2GB.
  • Doesn’t support folder upload, even though it is mentioned in the site.
  • Basic functionality.

Visit WeSendIt website here.

6. Send Anywhere

sendanywhere mrnoob


Send Anywhere is yet another file transfer service that offers an unlimited file storage and sharing. They are approaching this via real-time file transfers. Instead of uploading your files on the cloud, Send Anywhere lets you create a key that the recipient will use on their end to receive the file. Once the connection is established, recipient will start receiving the file from your device.

If you can’t do a real time transfers at the moment, you can simply login to create a link or send files via email. However, this data will deleted after the expiration date.


  • There is no file size limit.
  • Files stays on your local device only.
  • Transfer happens in real time.


  • Requires login to send files via link/email.
  • Shows a 5 second ad every time you try to send or receive a file.

Visit SendWhere website here.

7. Google Drive

google drive mrnoob


If you have a Google Account, which most of us already have, you really don’t need to look any further to share any file over internet. As a Google service, GDrive or Google Drive is one of the most popular online storage giving you over 15 GB of free space to store your files on cloud. You’ll have full control over all your files and who access them. You can keep your files on drive for as long as you wish.

Your Google Drive files transfers are end-to-end encrypted, which make is secure as well. If you want to send file larger than 15GB, you can subscribe to Google’s One affordable subscriptions starting from $1.99/month.


  • Send and store files up to 5GB files size.
  • There is no limited on number on recipients.
  • Full control over the files.
  • You can keep files as long as you desire.


  • Sender requires to have a Microsoft account.

Visit Google Drive website here.

8. OneDrive by Microsoft

onedrive mrnoob


Like Google Drive, OneDrive is a cloud based storage solution but by Microsoft. It lets user to upload files upto 5GB on the drive storages. Stored files can be access from any platform via web or dedicated app. You will have full control over your files and who you let access the files. OneDrive is fully secured and all your files are encrypted during the transfer.

For using OneDrive, you will need a Microsoft account but you can share files to anyone with or without a microsoft account. Unlike other file transfer services, you can keep your files as long as you wish.


  • Send and store files up to 5GB files size.
  • There is no limit on number on recipients.
  • User has full control over the files.
  • You can keep files as long as you desire.


  • Sender requires to have a Microsoft account.

Visit OneDrive websites here.

8 Best WeTransfer Alternatives  : Final words.

So there we go with our pick for the best WeTransfer alternatives. Each files transfer tool mentioned offers something that you are not getting in WeTransfer. Out of all the tools, TresoritSend will be our choice, if you want to replace WeTransfer completely. We hope you find the best online file transfer tool as per your need from this list.

If we missed out on some tool that should make its way into this list, do let us know via a comment.


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  1. Another WeTransfer alternative is Filemail. Been around for donkey’s years, send a file of any size, and use UDP to give seriously fast transfer speeds. You can send up to 50 GB without even registering.


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