7 Best Chrome Extensions for Graphics Designers!

Gone were the days when you used to use your browser just to browse the web. It’s now more than that. Your browser is now a powerful web application with extensions that lets you do more than what you think a browser can do. And with the help of these browser extensions, you can supercharge your browsing experience as per your own need. Chrome is one of the most popular browsers as a variety of extensions to use for a better workflow. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best chrome extensions for graphics designers to give an edge to their design flow.

List of Best Chrome Extensions for Graphics Designers :

Here is the list of best Chrome Extensions for Graphics Designers that you can use on your browser.

1. WhatFont!

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WhatFont is one of the most popular chrome extensions within the designer’s community. With the help of WhatFont, you can easily identify the font used in a website with a single click. To identify the font used on a website and simply click on the extension from the extension bar/menu and hover your mouse over the text. The extension will automatically show you the font name alongside the cursor.

Users can click on the text while the WhatFont extension is active. This will enable them to view additional information like the full name of the font, font family of the font, its size, and weight. Additionally, It also shows you the color used on the font with its color.

Grab WhatFont! Chrome Extension from here.

2. Coolors for Chrome

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Coolors for Chrome is one of my favorite Chrome extensions as a designer. If you struggle with choosing a color palette for your designs, then this is the must-have extension to try on your browser. Coolors replaces the default new tab of your browser with a color palette of 5 different colors. And every time you open a new tab, you’ll see a different color palette instead of your default new tab.

You can generate a different color scheme by pressing the Space bar on your keyboard. It even has an option to lock your favorite colors to avoid replacing that color while generating the new color scheme. You can also insert your color code and lock it to generate a color scheme related to that color.

Grab Coolors Chrome Extension from here.

3. ColorZilla

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With over 2 million downloads, ColorZilla is one of the most advanced color picker extensions for chrome. It has Adobe Photoshop’s level color picker which lets you pick the exact color from the website in the browser. Once the extension is active, you will see an extension bar on the top, showing the details such as Hex code, RGB Code, etc., of the color you are hovering on. Just click on the color that you want and the chrome extension will automatically copy the HEX code, which you can paste anywhere.

Other than picking colors, you can analyze the colors of any website. It also lets you pick colors from dynamic elements and you can also change the color sampling method from the bar.

Grab ColorZilla Chrome Extension from Here.

4. Pinterest Save Button

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Pinterest is a must-have app for any kind of designer looking for design inspirations and ideas. This Pinterest Save Button chrome extension makes it easy for any designer to pin images, links, or designs in their Pinterest design inspiration board. You can save images directly on your Pinterest board by clicking on the Pinterest Pin icon on the images. Or use the discover feature to discover similar content on Pinterest without leaving the current webpage.

Notably, few websites might disable or block the functionality of the Pinterest save button to work on their web content.

Grab Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension from here.

5. Muzli 2 – Stay Inspired

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Muzli 2 by InVision is a must-have Chrome extension for any kind of designer who is looking for design inspiration over the web. This chrome extension will override your homepage and tabs with a customized page with content curated from various sources on the internet. As a designer, you can fully customize the page experience from your favorite sources. Muzli showcases content from popular sources like Behance, Dribble, and Awwwards on the same page, making it easier to find design inspiration.

Additionally, You can also save your favorite item from the page for using it later, which is why Muzli requires users to log in to access the extension.

Get Muzli 2 Chrome Extension from here.

6. Design Hunt – Not available

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For those who find Muzli 2 bit overwhelming, they should look no further than Design Hunt Chrome Extension. With the Design Hunt extension installed in your browser, your browser homepage will become your only daily source of creative inspiration. Design Hunt will curate designs from the internet and show them on your browsers tab. You can even search for related designs from the search bar on top.

The design list is extensive but it does allow you to choose your design source. Design hunt is also available as an iOS app and as a plugin for Adobe XD and Framer X.

Get Design Hunt Chrome Extension from here.

7. Font Ninja

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Font Ninja is yet another chrome extension for finding fonts used on a website. Just like WhatFont, you can hover over the text to get information about the font used. In addition to finding fonts, it lets the user install the font on their windows PC and try that font immediately in any design software. You need Font Ninja’s software installed on your PC to install fonts on your system.

You can also bookmark fonts for future use. Font Ninja also displays additional info about the font and lets you preview the font in various styles within the browser.

Get Font Ninja Chrome Extension from here.

Best Chrome Extensions for Graphics Designers: Wrapping Up

I hope this list will help fellow designers in their design process since each of these chrome extensions for graphics designers is meant to supercharge their workflow so that they can focus more on the design and bring out the best. Do note that, you can use these extensions on any chromium-based browser that supports browser extensions.

Which chrome extension do you use on your browser, do let us know via a comment.

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