15 Best Long Distance Touch Bracelets and Other Gifts in 2022 with Reviews

Looking to find the best long-distance touch bracelets? Don’t worry we got you covered we have them along with the best tech gifts you can present to someone.

There is no denying that IoT or The Internet of Things are making life exponentially easy. Now that tech is literally everywhere, letting tech into our love life and relationships can result in better relationships as well. I mean no one predicted online dating back in the day right? still, as of now, online dating is the norm.

So while staying hopeful, let’s have a look at the best long-distance touch bracelets to buy in 2022. We also went a tad bit further to find out many other gifts that you can present to each other while in an LDR.

Let’s have a look at the Best Long Distance Touch Bracelets and other long-distance gifts to buy in 2022:

Best Long Distance Touch Bracelets:

1. Apple Watch:

apple watch best long distance touch bracelets mrnoob

No, we are not suggesting products for the best wearable tech, you are on the right article. The apple watch is a worthy product when it comes to personal fitness and fitness tracking, but did you know you can also use the apple watch as a great LDR tool as well. This is the reason that the apple watch is our first pick for the best long-distance touch bracelets.

You can use the Digital Touch feature on your apple watch lets you send touches to your significant other from the apple watch itself. You can send taps, draw and even send heartbeats to them in real-time.

To get started add friends on your apple watch and choose a friend by revolving your crown. Now tap on the finger icon in the center of their avatar and you will be able to send touches or taps and even draw for them which will animate on their watch in real-time.

If you tap or do multiple taps on your apple watch, they will directly reflect on your partner’s apple watch and they will feel the touch and taps too.

You can even use the Apple Watch to send your heartbeats to your significant other very easily

Another great Long distance feature that makes the Apple Watch a good long-distance companion is the fact that you can add multiple time zones if both of you reside in different countries.

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2. Bond Touch Long Distance Touch Bracelet:

bond touch couple bracelet

The one thing that a long-distance relationship always lacks is touch. You can circumvent this issue by using the Bond Touch Bracelet. Using the Bond Touch Bracelet is very easy, whenever you touch your bond touch bracelet, your partner feels the touch on his hand as well no matter where you are in the world. Bond touch is our next pick for the best long distance touch bracelets.

How to pair the Bond touch Bracelet?

To pair your Bond Bracelet, connect your smartphone to the internet. Now download and install the Bond Touch app and turn on the Bluetooth.

Inside the app, enter your phone number and proceed, keep following the instructions on the app until paired.

Once paired, you now have to choose the color that will show on your partner’s band once they start using it. To pair your partner’s account with the bond touch bracelet, just add your partner’s account inside the app. Both apps should have each other on them to work.

After Pairing

Now you are done pairing the bond touch bracelet and adding your loved ones on the app. Now whenever you touch the band, your partner will feel a sensation on their band and they will know that you are thinking of them.

You can send a maximum of 10 touches at a time and you can even use it to convey special coded messages converted into taps.

You can even use this function to send rhythmic coded taps to your partner and create tap codes for various situations such as “Sending 5 taps if you want to tell the other person that you are busy”.

Such kind of custom-coded messages that just exist between the two of you can create an amazing characteristic in the relationship. You can even use this band to convey a hidden feeling while in a crowd.

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3. Hey! Bracelet for Long Distance Relationships :

hey bracelet mrnoob

The Hey Bracelet coming from the House of Haptics is a similar concept to the bond touch bracelet. The bracelet comes in two colors: black and white and you can mix and match between both.

Difference between Bond touch and Hey!

The main difference between this and the bond touch bracelet is the look and feel and the type of strap both use. The strap of the Hey bracelet is a bit on the wider side and this should fit well in every kind of hand out there without any third-party strap involvement.

How to pair Hey! Bracelet?

To get started with using the Hey bracelet, just download the app on your android or iOS phone.  The app can be used on Android 4.4 KitKat to the latest android and iOS 9 and Above if you are in the Apple Ecosystem.

Now open your hey bracelet and sync it with the app so that it works properly with the app. If you are in the same room then make sure that two bracelets are not present there at the same time as it may create confusion, so if you wanted the black bracelet and your partner wanted the white one, you may end up pairing it with the different one.

Within the Hey Touch App, you get all the touch details that your partner sent, you also get all the details of the touches like the time and date and even the location using the real-time map embedded inside the app itself. To use this app to its max functionality, you will have to pair this via Bluetooth to your phone and your smartphones should have internet all the time while using this app as well.

You have to charge the hey band for around 2 hours for it to give a battery life of 1 to 2 days of active usage with Bluetooth connected.

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So these were our top contenders for the Best Long distance touch bracelets that you can buy now and feel the touch remotely. Now let’s see some of the most innovative long-distance relationship tech gifts that money can buy:

Best Long Distance Tech that you can gift:

1. Long Distance Lamps by Friend Lamps:

long distance friendship lamp

If you are looking for an offbeat home accessory for your long-distance relationship then the Long-distance lamp is a must-try. The process is fairly simple, Connect each of the following lamps to the wifi. Now use the group id sent via E-mail. Once you do this, you will be able to use the long-distance lamps to communicate with each other. Let’s have a look at the steps in detail once :

  1. Turn on the Lamp
  2. Open your Wi-Fi settings and you should get a Wi-Fi hotspot available called “Friendlamp_xxxx
  3. Connect to the hotspot, now an internal webpage will open.
  4. Now Tap on “Configure WiFi“.
  5. The web page will now show you all the Wi-Fi networks near you, choose your Wi-Fi, and insert the password.
  6. Now on the last section, enter your group id, the group id. You get your group id on your email when you purchase one of these lamps.
  7. Now repeat the process at your partner’s end to pair both of the lamps with each other. Once you are done you will be able to send messages through the lamp to each other.

The following Color Codes can help you pair the Lamp properly :

  • Dimmed Blue: The lamp is just turning on and connecting.
  • Dim Red: The lamp is unable to connect to Wi-Fi and would like to be set up.
  • Dimmed purple: The Lamp is downloading and installing an update, just wait green and ready to go.
  • Swirl Green: The lamp is ready to be used.

Buy the Long Distance Touch Lamp Here

2. Pillow Talk by Little Riot:

pillow talk speaker and band

If you are not used to sleeping alone and used to being with your partner while sleeping, pillow talk can be your product to pick. With the Pillow talk kit, you get a wristband and a speaker.

Wear the wristband and pair the pillow talk speaker with your partner. Now put the speaker below your pillow and you will be able to hear the heartbeat of your partner in real-time.

You can buy the Pillow talk speaker from the official little riot website.

Buy Pillow Talk from here

3. Kissenger Mobile:

kissenger mobile

The Kissenger mobile takes those late-night phone calls to the next level. Kissenger gives you the capability to actually kiss someone and feels their lips over you. Meeting someone can be an issue especially if you are far. Kissenger mobile pairs with your smartphone and lets you kiss the Kissenger device and the kiss will be transferred via the lips on the Kissenger device to your partner.

Buy Kissenger Mobile from here

4.The HBRing

the hb ring

The HB ring or the heartbeat ring is a unique product like all of the products on this list. HB ring lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat inside a ring. The ring itself is an amazing gift for your partner but the added layer of tech as the show-stealer. The ring looks amazing with stainless steel rose gold.

You get an option to record the heartbeats and play them back in real-time using the app. To feel your partner’s heartbeat, just double tap on the ring and you will be able to feel it. A great gift for your loved one. Do check it out.

Buy the HB Ring from here

5. Love Spinning Heart Messenger:

love spinning heart messenger

The Love Spinning Heart Messenger is a Modern take to messaging your loved ones. Send your message through the app. This old-school-looking box can actually receive texts from your loved ones directly inside the box. The cute little heart on the outside rotates whenever you get a new message and you can see the message just by opening the lid of the box.

Buy Love Spinning Heart Messenger from here

6. LITTIL Selfie Mini Ring Light:

littil mobile ring light

What sucks more than the long-distance relationship is bad quality video calls, nobody wants to do video calls under low light. To fix your underlit video calls, you can use mini selfie ring light. Mount this light onto your phone and you will be able to use the light while on a video call with your significant other.

Buy LITTIL Selfie Mini Ring Light from here

7. The Hug Shirt:

hug shirt

Imagine having a tech where your loved ones could actually hug you in real-time? The hug shirt aims to solve this exact problem. The hug shirt pairs with your smartphone and has built-in sensors that can send the sense of hug to your loved ones that too in real-time. When you touch your t-shirt, the person paired gets a feeling of a hug on their body. This is great, especially in a long-distance relationship. Pair the Hug t-shirt and the Kissenger and you can get the perfect cuddly vibes while staying inside your bed.

Buy the Hug Shirt from here

Best NSFW Long Distance Gifts:

Sexual pleasure is a necessary part of any relationship and with tech on board, these long-distance NSFW gifts that you can buy for yourself :

1. Long-Distance Sex Toys by Lovense:


Lovense is known for its sex toys and they make one of the best sex toys in the market.

The Lovense lineup of toys is very popular among the crowd as such but their couple toys can be used to connect with your partner remotely and use it.

After pairing the Lovense toy to your phone and adding your partner to it, you can access the controls to your partner’s toy using the long-distance tab on the app.

Buy Long Distance Sex toy By Lovense from here

Couple Bracelets to Stay In Touch 

In this article, we covered the best long-distance tech gifts that you can gift to your significant other. One of the most prominent ones on the list was the touch bracelet category. The need of these bracelets is immense as you can stay in touch with your girlfriend or boyfriend (or wife/husband) if you are in a long-distance relationship. The best one that we recommend is the Bond touch bracelet. Just buy, pair both the bracelets with each other and you are good to go. We at Mrnoob highly recommend the Bond touch bracelet as the best touch bracelet for long-distance couples.

Click Here to Buy Bond Touch 

Another Versatile product that you can buy is the Apple Watch. Apart from being the usual health tracker, it also works well as a long-distance touch bracelet for couples. You can send pings to your significant other using the apple watch itself. Using the apple watch you can control your iOS devices like Apple TV, track your health, and a lot more. So apart from the usual touch bracelet function, the Apple watch does it all.

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Best Long Distance Tech Gifts: Conclusion

So these were the best long-distance touch bracelets and other tech gifts that you can present to your loved ones. I really like the Apple Watch for the versatility that it offers, apart from being a health companion, the Long distance feature on the Apple Watch makes it a great LDR companion as well. Another product that i really loved is the bond touch bracelet to send touches to your loved ones directly if you don’t own an Apple device to pair your iPhone to. Well, that was us on the best long-distance tech gifts and bracelets that you can buy online right now, do let me know your opinions on the guide in the comments below. Keep on reading Mrnoob.net for the latest and greatest of tech. I will see you soon with another guide.


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