20 Lord of the Rings Gifts that will make any fan scream with joy!

If you have a Lord of the Rings fan in your life and you’re looking for the perfect gift they’ll cherish, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered various unique and novel gifts that any dedicated LOTR fan would love. From games and home decor items to collectibles and books, there’s something for every LOTR fan in our selection of Lord of the Rings Gifts.

Whether shopping for a special occasion or showing them how much you care, you will find something special in our Lord of the Rings fans gifts list.

20 Lord of the Rings Gifts for middle-earth fans!

1. The Ring

lord of the rings metal ring

What better gift for a Lord of the Rings fan than the beautiful yet cursed ring? The ring replica is the most sought-after item by LOTR fans that captures the magic spread in books and movies.

The ring is made of genuine titanium and is nickel and cobalt free. It is lightweight and anti-scratch, so the person can wear it anywhere. Moreover, it even includes a 180-day warranty in case of defects and sizing.

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2. Middle Earth Woven Tapestry

lotr middle earth woven tapestry

This beautiful tapestry would arise conversations about Middle Earth among any Lord of the Rings fan.

It has colorful fringe edges for added detail and comfort. Moreover, they are made from polyester and are safe to wash in a machine. It provides a vintage vibe to be hung over on a wall and admired by everybody.

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3. Nostalgish – Lord of The Rings Music Box

nostalgish lord of the rings music box

When trying to find the best gifts for Lord of the Rings fans, you’ll want to consider getting a music box that plays the Lord of the Rings main theme melody.

The box is meticulously crafted from the finest quality Birchwood & Stainless Steel. The best part – it does not need batteries; it is entirely mechanical. Any LotR fan will love the sweet nostalgic music that plays as you turn the keys.

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4. Recipes from the World of Tolkien

recipe book of dishes from the world of tolkien

Immerse yourself in Tolkien’s epic fantasy world with this by cooking a feast straight from the era of Middle-Earth. Recipes from the World of Tolkien include over 75 mouth-watering recipes from breakfast to dinner.

The icing on top is the stunning illustrations and artwork covering the entire collection. This gift is a must-have addition to any Lord of the Rings fan’s bookshelf.

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5. Defenders of Gondor Card Game

totr defenders of gondor card game

The adventure continues with this starter deck card game for players who haven’t had enough of LotR yet. It provides fun playtime for up to 120 minutes, where you and your friends will lead the lives of warriors with powerful characters and artifacts from Middle Earth.

It is a perfect gift for Lord of the Rings fans to get together and immerse themselves in the fantasy world of elves, hobbits, dwarves, and trolls. It comes with an expansion pack of a 53-card pre-built deck, allowing players to start playing right out of the box.

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6. Funko POP Gandalf Figurine

gandalf funko pop figurine

As someone who likes collectibles, any Lord of the Rings fan would love Funko Pop Figurine! They are a lovely gift for people who like collecting merchandise or having a cute little object to remind them of their favorite book.

They are cute and versatile enough to decorate any part of the house, such as the study table or living room. They also come in careful premium packaging to last year’s for proud collectors.

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7. The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set: Illustrated edition

the hobbit and the lords of the rings illustrated box set

When buying a gift for a Lord of the Rings fan, you cannot go wrong with this boxed gift set of Tolkien’s classic masterpieces.

All four books within the set are hardcover and fully illustrated throughout in watercolor by the acclaimed and award-winning artist Alan Lee, Conceptual Designer on Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT films. It perfectly embellishes the bookshelf of LotR fans.

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8. Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set

battle of middle earth themes chess set

The epic battle of good and evil plays out with this intricately detailed chess set made especially for Lord of the Rings fans.

The 32 finely sculpted pieces contain Frodo, Gandalf the Grey, Aragon, and the Dark Lord Sauron, among many others. Along with this, players get to enjoy a fully graphic chess board to increase the excitement of the game itself.

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9. Dragon Coaster Holder

lord of the rings dragon coaster holder

This beautifully intricate Dragon Coaster set will form a wonderful household addition for a Lord of the Rings fan.

Made with resin, it includes 4 coasters and a dragon décor figurine. The coasters do not absorb any water and are of great quality.

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10. Book of Shadows Leather Journal

books of shadows replica leather journal

Journals form one of the most thoughtful gifts as they are versatile and creative. They have immense emotional benefits wherein you can peacefully vent your thoughts or even create your storyboard.

This antique is bonded and hand-stitched by artisans to create a beautiful aura of the Lord of the Rings setting and help you with your story-building. The Book of Shadows leather journal even comes with a key – lest anyone should look at it without your permission!

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11. Lady Arwen Evenstar Necklace

lotr lady arwen evenstar necklace replica

This plated pendant forms a very romantic gift since Lady Arwen Evenstar is the Lord of the Rings fan-favorite character. She gave away her immortality so she could live with the true love of her life, even though he was a mortal man.

This necklace is just the gift for romantics dreaming of their love or cosplayers looking to dress up as either Lady Arwen Evenstar or Aragon. However, the material is not sterling silver and may tarnish over time. 

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12. Gandalf Tee

lord of the rings gandalf wizard black tee

Fans love wearing t-shirts that show off their favorite shows. This tee of a Gandalf quote saying, “A wizard is never late, nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to.” He is funny and adorable.

It can be worn by anyone and is made from superior pre-shrunk cotton fabric. The best part about the t-shirt is the unique design and trendy look that one can wear anywhere.

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13. Lord of the Rings Jigsaw Puzzle

lord of the rings jigsaw puzzle

The next on our list is the officially licensed merchandise of the series Lord of the Rings jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are loved as a fun game by all ages since they provide hours of enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

This jigsaw puzzle has over 3000 pieces to keep you preoccupied and an amazing picture quality that would delight any fan.

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14. Tolkien Calendar 2023

tolkien themed calendar for 2023

This official 2023 Tolkien calendar contains 12 stunning paintings from a new generation of artists inspired by the world of Middle earth. Since the series was released, these calendars have become much sought-after as collector’s items.

They form a remarkable gift keeping you updated on the real world and exposed to Middle Earth’s creativity. They can be situated on either wall or a desk.

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15. Hobbit Feet Slippers

lord of the rings hobbit feet themed slippers

These plush slippers turn your footsies into furry adventure feet. Funny, cute, and adorable, any fan will love these cozy slippers that bring comfort and heat.

The best part about the slippers is that they have an anti-skid bottom, so you can feel safe wearing them on wood or tile floors. They can also be used for cosplay or a stroll in a mystical garden filled with hobbits and elves.

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16. LOTR Movie Inspired Tea Towel

lotr movie inspired tea tovel

For a functional and environmentally friendly gift, these “What About the Second Breakfast Club” kitchen décor forms the perfect idea.

They are made of an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. These tea towels are soft, hypoallergenic, lightweight, fast drying and durable. With the Lord of the Rings, quote printed beautifully, they are a good gift for camping, housewarming, or as environmentally cautious items.

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17. Lord of the Rings Wood Sign

lord of the rings handing wood sign

No Admittance Except on Party Business-Stained Sign is just the quirky gift you need to give your Lord of the Rings fan!

It brings fun to every party and forms an extremely entertaining decorative piece anywhere. The sign is made of wood, ensuring it lasts longer for years without dulling. Moreover, it even gives an appealing vintage look.

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18. Middle Earth Lightweight Scarf

lord of the rings middle earth lightweight scarf

All the LOTR fans will love this Lord of the Rings Middle Earth scarf, and more so those who are into fashion. The scarf has the entire map of Middle Earth printed on it, which comes off as beautiful and detailed.

However, the scarf is delicate and fragile and must only be hand-washed. Soft and translucent, it can even be hung on a wall.

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19. Lord of the Rings Phone Case

lord of the rings themed phone case

The Tree of Life will protect the LotR fan’s phone, just like it kept Middle Earth safe. The high quality of the inscription will please any fan.

The cover also protects the screen and camera from drops and impacts, raised to keep the screen lifted to prevent surface scratches. It is made of soft silicone to keep the phone slim and lightweight.

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20. Lord of the Rings Book End

lord of the rings book ends for shelves

Characters from the book should hold together the selection of their favorite book. These Argonath statues will keep the book safe, preventing it from falling or slipping over others.

The bookends have a sturdy construction body meant to hold heavy books in place and provide a minimalistic sculpture design. Any Lord of the Rings fan will be lucky to have those.

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Conclusion — Best Lord of the Rings Gifts for Tolkien fans!

This list has immense gifts for Lord of the Rings fan ranging from affordable to expensive. The different types of items will make any fan excited at the prospect of being gifted.

So choose any, or save the article for later to ultimately gift little treasures from Middle Earth that are timeless and cherished.

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