10 Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads with Wrist support [2022]

With the whole work from home scenario, the amount of time we spend on our desks has increased significantly. More time on desks translates to more fatigue and discomfort. While we have ergonomic chairs to support our backs during these long sessions, yet we overlook the need for support for our wrists. And this is where an Ergonomics mouse pad with wrist support comes in to save your wrist from pain and fatigue.

These mousepads help in maintaining proper hand posture as you glide your mouse over them. All the ergonomic mouse pads do come with a cushion at the back where you can rest your wrist correctly while using the mouse. We do have a plethora of such ergonomic mouse pads available in the market. So in this article, I will be sharing my favorite mouse pads with wrist support, which you should check out.

But before that, let’s see what you should look for before buying the perfect mouse pad with wrist support for your use case.

Things to consider before buying an ergonomic mouse pad to support your wrist!

Even though it just about buying a mouse pad. But when you are looking for ergonomic mouse pads with wrist support, there are a few things that you should consider right away.

  • Gel-based memory foam cushion: An ergonomic mouse pad is all about comfort, and this comfort comes from its wrist pad. Your wrist will sit on it comfortably, maintaining proper wrist posture and comfort. However, if it is too hard or too low/high, it might cause more pain than relief. Gel-based memory foams are perfect in this scenario; they are soft and can take any wrist’s shape for proper comfort.
  • Smooth surface: There is no point in getting a mouse pad that is comfortable but doesn’t let you use your mouse smoothly. A mouse pad should be smooth, giving you precise control over how you track your mouse on it.
  • Dirt Repellent and easy to clean: A mouse pad is something you’ll use almost every day. Hence, the chances of getting it dirty are very much evident. This is why a mouse pad should either repel dirt or dust or something you can clean without causing damage.
  • Anti-slip or Anti-skid base: A mouse pad has to handle all the hand movements as you move the mouse on it. If your mouse pad doesn’t have a proper grip on the surface, it will eventually move with your hands. This is why an anti-slip rubber base is a must in a mouse pad.

Best Ergonomics Mouse Pads with Wrist support in 2022

1. 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

3m precise mouse pad mrnoob

Coming in at the top, 3M Precise mouse is one of the best mouse pads that you can buy for your money right now. With its squarish design, this mouse pad is well suited for both right and left-hand users. On top of good ergonomics and comfort, 3M use a unique interlace design on their mousepads. This interlace design enhances mouse precision, making it a perfect mouse pad for precision mice work. Over that, the 3M mouse pad’s battery saver design draws less current than a regular mouse pad which results in extended battery life of your mice.

It uses a comfortable gel wrist rest, making extended use of the mouse free from any pain or wrist fatigue. And with their performance-oriented design, the 3M precise mouse pad not only offers great comfort but also enhances mouse precision.

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2. MWT Leather Mouse with Qi-wireless charger and wrist support

mwt leather mouse pad qi wireless charger mrnoob

Looking for a mouse pad and a Qi-wireless charger for your desk? Look no further; the MWT Leather mouse pad offers you an ergonomic mouse pad with a built-in Qi-wireless charger on the other side. Qi-wireless charger supports up to 10W, comes with a USB cable within the package, and has a power LED indicators right there on the pad.

The whole MWT leather mouse is designed using the functionality in mind, making it a must-have in your current desk setup. On top of that, the leather mouse pad comes in two different colors, hence adding a nice premium feel like a desk accessory. However, due to the position of the Qi-charging area, this mouse pad suits well for right-handed users.

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3. Londo Genuine Leather Mouse pad with Wrist Rest

londo genuine leather mouse pad mrnoob

There aren’t many offerings for a genuine leather ergonomic mouse pad in the market. While the MWT offers decent leather mouse pads, not everyone wants a Qi-charger. And for those of you, who want to add a genuine leather mouse pad with a wrist pad, there is Londo Genuine Leather mouse pad.

Londo uses the top grain leather in their mouse pad and comes in 4 different colors to choose from. Despite being a leather mouse pad, the leather on the Londo mouse pad comes with a silky smooth surface for your mouse. On the comfort part, this leather mouse pad does come with a wrist pad. However, it isn’t as tall as the other mouse pads in this list and a bit rigid due to leather’s nature. If it’s aesthetics over the ultimate comfort, this mouse will fit your setup.

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4. Duboon Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Pad for support

duboon mouse pad mrnoob

Now, who doesn’t love owning a cute mouse pad, right? Well, then the Duboon Mouse pad is just for you. The highlighted feature of this mouse pad is its wrist pad cushions. The wrist pad cushion here used a cute cat paw pattern design. Like a cat’s paw, this Duboon mouse pad has six soft gel palm rest for the ultimate comfort and relieve pressure on your wrist.

However, with over 50% of the space is covered by the wrist pad, there isn’t much room left to move your mouse on the mouse pad. And this might take a while to get used to for someone who needs a lot of space to move around.

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5. HAOCOO Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

haocoo ergonomic mouse pad mrnoob

If the Duboon Mouse pad isn’t cute enough for you, HAOCOO ergonomic mouse is just the mouse pad you will ever need for your desk setup. Comes in 5 different colors/designs; this cute mouse pad has a cute anime corgi print on the surface.

The HAOCOO mouse pad features an ergonomic design filled with memory foam on the wrist pad. The memory foam ensures that it fits any wrist, so no matter the wrist’s size, this mouse pad will take care of this.

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6. Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Rest

amazon basics mouse pad mrnoob

With 14K reviews averaging 4.5 ratings, the Amazon Basics Gel computer mouse pad with wrist support pad is one of the top-selling mouse pads on Amazon. It offers an ergonomic design that is well suited for both left and right-handed users. On the comfort side, the wrist supports pad is gel-filled for the sheer comfort of your wrist during long computing sessions.

Like all the Amazon Basic products, this mouse pad comes with an Amazon Basics limited one-year warranty. 

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7. ELANGSA Mouse pad with Wrist Support

elangsa mouse pad mrnoob

Made with a super soft, breathable material, ‘Lycra,’ ELANGSA mouse pad is one of the most comfortable and practical mousepads on this list. This Lycra fabric isn’t prone to curls and provides a smooth surface for accurate tracking, making this mouse pad durable as well.

ELANGSA Mouse pad also has a comfortable gel-based memory foam to support your wrist during more extended tracking sessions. Due to its clean design, ELANGSA mouse pad is suitable for all kinds of users.

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8. EC108MP Gaming Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

ec109mp gaming mouse pad mrnoob

If you are short on budget and need something to take care of that wrist, EC108MP Gaming mouse pad is the one you should look for. Comes in under $7.00, this gaming mouse pad is one of the cheapest on this list. It comes in 5 different colors, including one with a US flag pattern if you are feeling a bit more patriotic.

EC108MP mouse pad uses memory foam to support your wrist from that pressure and fatigue. And for the price, it works surprisingly well. On the downside, they are using a regular fabric on the mouse pad, which may or may not wear sooner than you expect. If that is something you can deal with, this mouse pad is a bang for your bucks.

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9. iCasso Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist support

icasso mousepad mrnoob

Suppose you are tired of seeing all these boring and monochromatic mouse pads and looking for something artistic. You can never go wrong with the iCasso Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist pads. They come in a total of 16 patterns or designs to choose from. (My favorite is the ‘Forest’ one, which one is yours?)

The surface of the mouse pad is covered in the soft Lycra fabric for comfortable and smooth tracking. iCasso Mouse pad sports an ergonomic design that will perfectly fit on your wrist for ultimate comfort and support.

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10. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

belkin waverest mouse pad mrnoob

Talking about computer accessories and not mentioning a Belkin product? That’s highly unlikely. Belkin is known for making quality products, and you can see that from the 4.5 average star ratings on Belkin WaveRest Gel mouse pads.

Like most ergonomic mousepads, the Belkin WaveRest mouse pad comes with a gel-based wrist rest; offering added comfort to your wrist. The surface on the mouse pad is made of Polyurethane, which provides exceptional tracking. Also, it comes with a lightweight, durable design, making it a good travel companion.

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Bonus Mouse Pad Accessories:

11. Gimars Gel Memory Foam Set Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Pad

girmars gel memory foam wrist pad set mrnoob

Good that you are looking for an ergonomic mouse pad to support your wrist, but you still love your regular desk mat or your regular flat mouse pad. With the Girmars Gel Memory foam set, you can convert your regular mouse pad into an ergonomic mouse pad. Just place the foam pads on your desk right below your keyboard and mouse, and you are good to go. You’ll get a pair of gel-based memory foam sets, one for your keyboard and the other for your mouse. 

Both the pads come with an anti-skid rubber base for proper grip. They also come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with it, you can contact the seller and get your money back.

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Wrapping up: Best Comfortable Mouse Pads with Wrist Support

There go our picks for the best ergonomic, comfortable mouse pads that you can include on your desk for added comfort for your wrist. While all the mousepads offer great support for your wrist, reducing fatigue and discomfort during a long computing session. There are few that really stood out of all. And if you are still confused and not sure which mouse pad you should get for yourself, here are our top 3 picks for you:

  • If you primarily use a wireless mouse and want to save some battery, the 3M Precise Mouse Pad is the one for you. With its premium interlace design, the 3M Precise mouse pad can save up to 50% of mice battery. On top of that, it is suitable for work that requires precise mouse movement.
  • If you are really tight on the budget, then you really can’t go wrong with the Belkin WaveRest Mouse pad. It is fairly priced and offers ultimate comfort without compromising on comfort and quality. Additionally, due to its lightweight design, you can also travel with this mouse pad.
  • Last but not least, I would highly recommend getting the MWT Mousepad with a Qi-Wireless charger if you want to elevate the aesthetics as well as the utility of your desk setup. With the added Qi-wireless charging feature, you can use your mousepad to charge your Qi-wireless charging enabled smartphone without messing around with those ugly cables.


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