15 Best Among Us Themed Gifts that you can give to someone!

Thinking of buying the best among us themed gifts? Well keep reading and soon we will discuss the best among us gifts out there that you can buy.

Among us is one of the most played games in the last 3 months, leaving fall guys behind with features like cross-platform play and simple game mechanics making its way to the top. Like every top game, the craze among us gifts is increasing. The main reason for this is the amount of influence this game has on the meme culture.

We at Mrnoob.net compiled a list of some of the best Among Us gifts that you can gift to your friends and family without acting “sus”.

Let’s have a look at some of the Best Among Us Gifts to give to your nerd Family Members or Friends. In the following list of the best among us themed gifts, I will be dividing all the gifts into occasions like birthday, regular use, and finally casual stuff.

Best Among us Themed Birthday Gifts :

1. Among Us Themed Animated Birthday Party Invite Video :

The first item in the list is Among us themed Animated Birthday Invitation Video. You can use it to send party invitations to your loved ones. The process is very simple, Head over to this page and you will see a product page. Buy the product and under the personalization tab, enter the details that you want the seller to customize for you. Once done, the seller will send you a Birthday party Invitation within 24 hours.

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Now you can share it with your friends and family over WhatsApp and iMessage to invite your relatives to the party.

I have bought this myself and the quality of the video is pretty great. Do give this one a try if you or someone in your family loves among us game and if you want to host an among us theme party.

Check out Among Us Themed Birthday Party Invitation Video

2. Among us themed Birthday Decoration

This is the best gift for someone whose birthday is coming up. You can gift this party set to someone whose birthday is upcoming. This set includes 41 pcs among us birthday decoration ,1pcs happy birthday banner+1pcs photo booth frame+10pcs invitation cards+13pcs cake toppers+16 black among us balloons. You can use this set to decorate your kid’s birthday party and make it special. One of the best among us gifts out there. You can use this kit to decorate the party room if you are organizing an among us themed birthday party.

among us themed party mrnoob

Check out Among us themed Birthday Party Decoration

3. Among us Themed Backdrop Poster for Birthday Party

So if you want to organize an among us themed birthday party then this one is for you. This is a backdrop that you can put while celebrating an among us themed birthday.

among us poster mrnoob

This backdrop is ready to install. This will improve the overall vibe of your among us themed party.

Check out Among us Themed Backdrop Poster for Birthday Party

Best Among us Themed Gifts :

So after birthday gifts, now we will see all the among us themed gifts that you can gift on any occasion:

4. Among us themed Stickers

So if your kid, relatives, or friends are a die-hard fan of Among Us then you can gift them this 50 piece among us themed stickers that they can put on their laptops and phone. You can even check out this Among Us themed fridge magnets as well, this one is pretty cool too.

among us themed stickers mrnoob

Check out Among Us themed sticker

5. Among Us Themed T-shirt

There are some pretty awesome T-shirt designs out there when it comes to Among us T-shirts. One of the best ones that I liked is this one which says impostor among us.

among us themed tshirt

Yet another one that I really liked is the among us crewmate tee which you can check out here.

Check out Among us themed T-Shirts

6. Among Us themed Hoodie

There are a lot of among us hoodies out there in the market, you can gift one of these Among Us themed hoodies to your loved ones and I am sure they will love it.

Among us themed hoodie mrnoob

Check out Among us themed Hoodies

7. Among Us Mask

Wearing Printed masks is in the current fashion and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If any of your friends or family member is obsessed with among us, then an among us mask can actually be a good option to make them happy. I really liked this mask with impostor written in friends tv show font also check out this one where our green crewmate is an Italian chef making “Impasta”. Quite quirky I must say.

among us themed mask mrnoob

Check out Among us Mask

8. Among us Themed Rug

If you are looking for an among us accessory for your home, then this among us rug can be a good choice, this 60×39 rug comes in 4 different designs. I really like this one which has “Impostor among us” written on it.

among us themed rug

The design and quality of this rug are eye-pleasing and aesthetically great.

Check out Among us themed Rugs

9. Among Us themed Beanie

Okay, so winter is here. If you want to show off your fascination with among us game this winter then among us themed beanie is one way to show off your love for the game. Some of the best beanies that I found on amazon are this one with the crewmate face.

among us themed beanie

You can explore more among us themed beanies by clicking here.

Check out Among us themed Beanies

10. Among Us themed Socks

Among us, themed Socks can be a great holiday gift for an among us fan. These among us socks are the best in case you don’t know the exact clothing size of the person. This is a one size fits all sock that can be gifted to an among us fan this holiday season as a birthday gift or even a holiday season gift.

among us themed socks

Check out these Among us themed socks here

11. Among Us themed Mobile cover

As we discussed earlier in this post, Among us has a major win when it comes to being a cross-platform game, but it rose to fame only after coming to mobile platforms like Android and iOS. So if you are someone who plays among us on their phone then Among us themed Mobile case or Among us themed Mobile cover can be a good choice for you.

among us themed iPhone case mrnoob

I personally loved this Among Us themed case for iPhone 12. I think it’s one of the best and the classiest ones when it comes to iPhone cases with among us branding on it.

Check out Among us themed Mobile Cases

12. Among us themed Pop Socket

Another accessory for mobile phones that’s been in trend for the last few years is the pop socket. You can get pop sockets with among us themed images printed on them and show off your fandom for the game. Although the variety of these pop sockets available on amazon or Etsy is very still, the designs available are decent enough. Here’s one that I liked.

among us pop socket

Do give this a try if you need an Among us themed pop socket for your phone.

Check out Among us themed Pop Sockets

13. Among us themed Mouse Pad

So while researching for this article, I found one of the best among us themed gifts that you can give to someone techy or even a non-techy person and that product is Among us themed mouse pad.

One of the best among us themed mouse pad that I found on the internet is this among us themed mat.

among us themed mouse pad mat mrnoob

So if you want to use your mouse on a gaming mouse pad then do try among us themed mousepads.

Check out Among us Themed Mouse Pad

14. Among us Themed Airpods Cases :

If you have an AirPods then you can try one of these among us themed AirPods cases and secure your AirPods and make them funky at the same time. I loved this one with this cute bone at the top, which you become once you die in the game. This red one is also a nice case for your AirPods.

among us themed airpods case

If you own an AirPods pro then you can use this link and browse your favorite one out of all.

Overall, these among us themed AirPods cases are one of the best among us themed accessories.

Check out Among us Themed Airpods Cases

15. Among us Themed Laptop Skin :

I usually like my laptop to be subtly looking and I use very subtle skins on my laptop to give it a minimal look. But if you are someone who is so much into among us characters that you want to give your laptop a new sus look, then check out these among us themed laptop skins.

among us themed laptop skins

Conclusion: 15 Best Among Us Themed Gifts that you can Give to Someone in 2022

So these were some of the best Among Us themed gifts that you can give to your dear ones in 2022. If you liked our guide then do comment below and don’t forget to read more articles on mrnoob.net. I’ll see you soon with another interesting guide. Thanks for reading.

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