Top 4 Free Android Video Editor App without Watermark!

If you are a Youtuber or Vlogger or someone who loves shooting videos via smart phone & posting them online.

You must need a video editor to edit those videos before posting & making them look more professional. No doubt there are plenty of feature-rich video editing apps that you can use to edit your videos. But almost all of those top rated feature-rich apps do force a watermark of the app (for app promotion), either at the end or within the video. And to remove that watermark, you need to buy the full version or pay a subscription fee. For a general user, it might not be a big issue, but for someone who wants a professional look, then they have no option left other than paying for it or leave it as it is.

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But don’t worry, we have got you all covered. We have made a list of free android video editor app without watermark, that you can used to edit your video without worrying about any sort of watermark. This list features those apps which are not only watermark free, but also feature rich to make sure you are not compromising on anything.

Let’s get started with free android video editor without watermark.

1- VUE: Video Editor & Camcorder

video editor android watermark 1

At first, this video editor app doesn’t seems like a video editor at all. The app itself will greet you with a camcorder, where you can start recording directly & later edit it in the app itself. You have an option to add cinema grade filters, changing video frame format etc., before hitting the record button. And if you want to edit previously recorded videos then you can hit the ‘Import‘ button down at the bottom & select all your clips & start editing. Editing interface is pretty much straight forward which give you all basic editing tools. Apart from that, VUE video editor has a lot of tools that are focused for social media use, like stickers, stamps & music selection based on style of video. This app does have a watermark enabled by default, which you can turn off from app settings.

Verdict: This video editor app is really great for social media posts with professional filters & stickers on the shelf. You can also give professional touch with it’s array of in-built settings.

Get VUE: Video Editor and Camcorder from here.

2- QUIK – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

video editor android watermark 2

GoPro has their own app for video editing, that goes by the name ‘Quik‘. And luckily, it isn’t just limited to GoPro users. (except for few features) This video editing app is the only app available in the list that can actually edit video 1080p videos at 60 frames. (Check app settings to enable it) The interface of the app is very much straight forward, where you need to select photos & videos from the media list and start editing. Apart from all the basic editing tools, Quik by GoPro has lots of preset animations & music, that you can choose to go with your selected clips individually & edit them. By default, you’ll get a GoPro Outro at the end of the rendered video, which you’d have to disable before rendering the video.

Verdict: Quik by GoPro is great for those who loves to capture & share their short action videos on the go, with filter presets & animations. This video editor app will pretty much do everything by itself, but also gives you options to edit your clips manually.

Get Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music from here.


video editor android watermark 3

Adobe is not a new name in this video editing game. Adobe Premiere Pro is their leading professional grade video editing software for desktops. For Android, Adobe has come up with the Adobe Clip app, a very basic video editing app. To use Adobe Clip app, one need to login with their Adobe account. Once logged in, you can create a project by adding your video clips in sequence & start editing it. Features wise, this comes no where close to any of the mentioned video editing app. You can add multiple clips, join & trim them & export them at 1080P max. Clip also features automatic editing function that will generate a video combining all clips, which can further be edited if something is missed before exporting. Adobe clip does offers custom watermarks & video bumper, which you can be of good use if you want to feature your brand logo in your videos.

Verdict: Don’t want to spend much time on editing & let the app do the magic for you? Then Adobe Clip is the free video editor app for you. You only need to select the clips from your device & the Adobe Clip app will edit it automatically. It also gives you option to edit your clip manually, if you are not satisfied with the result or want to edit something in the final edited clip.

Get Adobe Premiere Clip from here.

4- Vlogit – A free video editor made for Vloggers

video editor android watermark 4

Vlogit is by far the most promising video editing app available of Playstore. This app is specially made for Youtubers & Vloggers. The array of features this app has are very much promising. From almost all basic video editing tools to various professional features like PIP mode, preset text transitions, color profile adjusting or reversing the clip; this app has got you covered. Vlogit also provides royalty free music, which you can download from the app & allows you to do a voice-over directly. Since this app is focuses on Youtubers/Vloggers, it also lets you make a thumbnail for your video. You can either add a custom image or use a frame from the video as thumbnail & customize it. Do note that 1080p output is only available after login with your Wondershare account.

Verdict: Vlogit video editor app is developed keeping in mind the need of Youtubers & Vloggers. If you are someone who is into YouTubing & Vlogging, then you can definitely rely upon Vlogit for on-the-go video editing. Vlogit has a variety of options that will come handy while editing your videos. This video editor app also allows you to make thumbnail inside the app itself.

Get Vlogit – A free video editor made for Vloggers from here.


Although not a single app can match desktop level editing, but all these apps are worthy contender to be in this list. All the apps can output videos at 1080p Full HD, have either no watermark or an option to disable it from settings. Vlogit by Wondershare & VUE Video Editor is the one that we’ll suggest to anyone who is serious about video editing on a smart phone. Quik by GoPro is definitely for some who has no time for manual edit & want app to do everything automatically, with an option to re-edit it, if required. Adobe Clip is our least favorite app, since it lacks basic video editing tools. And it’s worth noting that all the mentioned apps are available for free on Playstore & have no in-app ads whatsoever.

Which free Android video editor app without watermark do you love the most? Do let us know via a comment.

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