10 Best Free Video Editing App for Android without Watermark

If you are a Youtuber or Vlogger or someone who loves shooting videos via a smartphone & posting them online. You need a video editor to edit those videos before posting & making them look more professional. No doubt there are plenty of feature-rich video editing apps that you can use to edit your videos. But almost all of those top-rated feature-rich apps do force a watermark of the app (for app promotion), either at the end or within the video.

And to remove that watermark, you need to buy the full version or pay a subscription fee. For a general user, it might not be a big issue, but for someone who wants a professional look, then they have no option left other than paying for it or leaving it as it is.

But don’t worry, we have got you all covered. We have made a list of free Android video editor apps without watermarks, that you can use to edit your video without worrying about any sort of watermark. This list features those apps that are not only watermark-free but also feature-rich to make sure you are not compromising on anything.

Free Android Video Editor Apps Without Watermark!

1. VN Video Editor Maker

VN Video Editor is undoubtedly the best free full-fledged video editor available on Android. It’s simple and intuitive to use, yet offers desktop editor-level video editing tools and more without any ad or an in-app purchase.

VN Video Editor supports multi-tracking editing, which makes it easy to edit videos with lots of cuts and footage. You can also edit green screen footage, with the ability to change curve speed and keyframe animation inside your videos. Apart from this, the VN video editor offers you a variety of video effects and has a solid audio effects library that you can use in your videos. VN Video editor also lets you export in your preferred settings, supporting up to 4K resolution with up to 60FPS.

vn video editor mrnoob

Alongside that you will get all the basic editing features like video split, cut, trim, etc., making VN Video Editor a must-have for those who are serious about video editing. If you are serious about mobile video editing and want a solid watermark-free Android video editor, VN Video editor is your one-stop video editing solution.

Get VN Video Editor Maker [Free]

2. Super Studio – Free Video Editor + Maker without Watermark:

Super Studio is another totally free video editor app, that you can use to edit high-definition videos without paying a single penny. You can either start with their full fledge video editor or use individual tools like Video cutter, Video Mixer, etc., In short, there is a separate tool for everything you will ever need related to videos.

With Super Studio video editor, you can also compress videos, alongside that it also has a screen recorder and an audio editor built-in. Exported videos have no watermark, but there is no option to choose your output size for the exported video.

super studio video editor mrnoob

There is no such usage or time limitation on this app. However, in-app ads might frustrate you a bit. If you can deal with the ads, Super Studio offers a lot on the table without any limitations. It has almost every feature that you will need to edit videos on your smartphone.

Get Super Studio Free Video Editor and Maker [Free with Ads]

3. BeeCut Free Android Video Editor app without Watermark

BeeCut is the simplest free video editor for Android on this list. It is mainly focused on beginner-level video editing needs, with bare minimum editing features. You can add text, add music, and filter to your clip. It also has various video transitions, if you are working with multiple video clips/photos.

Whether you want to cut a video by a frame or remove any unwanted part of a video clip, you can do that within BeeCut. BeeCut lets you choose a preferred aspect ratio before you start editing your videos, making it easy to frame multiple clips within the same aspect ratio. There is also a template section within the BeeCut app, where you can find various templates for your videos. However, you will have to download ‘Light MV’ to get this feature to work.

beecut free video editor mrnoob

You can export your edited video to 480p, 270p, and 1080p resolution for free and without any watermark. As a basic video editor for Android, BeeCut checks all the points.

Get BeeCut Free Video Editor [Free] – App removed from PlayStore

4. Vlogit – Video Editor for Vloggers

Vlogit is one of the most promising video editing apps available on Playstore. This app is specially made for YouTubers & Vloggers. The array of features this app has is very much promising.

From almost all basic video editing tools to various professional features like PIP mode, preset text transitions, color profile adjusting, or reversing the clip; this app has got you covered. Vlogit also provides royalty-free music, which you can download from the app & allows you to do a voice-over directly. Since this app is focused on Youtubers/Vloggers, it also lets you make a thumbnail for your video. You can either add a custom image or use a frame from the video as a thumbnail & customize it. Do note that 1080p and watermark-free exports are only available after the login with your Wondershare account.

vlogit by wondershare mrnoob

Vlogit video editor app is developed keeping in mind the need for YouTubers & Vloggers. If you are someone who is into YouTubing & Vlogging, then you can definitely rely upon Vlogit for on-the-go video editing. Vlogit has a variety of options that will come in handy while editing your videos. This video editor app also allows you to make thumbnails inside the app itself.

Get Vlogit Video Editor for Vloggers [Free with In-App Purchase] – App Removed from PlayStore

5. VLLO – Video Editor and Maker

Creating videos with VLLO Video Editor is really quick and simple. It’s a simple-to-use free video editor and maker that you can use to make watermark-free videos right on your smartphone.

VLLO offers an intuitive UI with a precise control system within the app for every video editing tool. You can choose a preferred aspect ratio beforehand, making it easy to edit the whole video in the same aspect ratio. There is also a PIP feature allowing you to overlay a video, image, or GIF over your main video, which you can manage using their multi-track editing user interface. The free version of the app supports up to 4K video export and surprisingly you can export your project as a gif within the app.

vllo video editor maker mrnoob

They’re also a premium subscription that unlocks access to an online library of royalty-free music, premium effects, and transitions. It’s a perfect video editor for someone who is looking for editing a video for posting on social media. And you don’t have to pay a single penny to export watermark-free videos.

Get VLLO Video Editor and Maker [Free with ads and In-App Purchase]

6. VITA Video Maker and Editor for Creators

VITA is an easy-to-use video editing app for Android. It offers a variety of pre-made templates for the video to choose from. Import your video inside the app, apply your preferred video template, and let VITA take care of everything from filters to transitions.

If you need a video editor app for posting on social media apps like Instagram or TikTok, the VITA video editor app is just the app for you. You can export videos in full HD without any watermark.

vita video editor mrnoob

Just like the VN video editor, the VITA app is also free and without ads. Yet it offers a variety of editing tools and premade templates to edit and make videos. And just like every other app in this list, there will be no watermark on the exported video.

Get VITA Video Maker and Editor [Free]

7. YouCut Video Editor without Watermark

YouCut is another video editor for Android that you can use to edit and export videos without a Watermark. It offers plenty of video editing features and basically has all the basic video editing tools to cover all your on-the-go video editing needs.

You can cut or split, merge videos add video effects, and transition to your video project. YouCut video editor also offers you a list of premium content such as fonts, effects, and filters, along with no limitation on video export. But you will need to get their pro subscription for that.

youcut video editor mrnoob

For everything else, you can stick with the free version of the app; where you will have to deal with the ads in between but you will still be getting the ability to export high-quality watermark-free 1080p videos.

Get YouCut Video Editor [Free with ads and In-App Purchase]

8. GoPro Quik: Video Editor

GoPro has its own app for video editing, which goes by the name ‘Quik‘. And luckily, it isn’t just limited to GoPro users. (except for a few features

This video editing app can video 1080p videos at 60 frames, which you will have to enable within the app settings. The interface of the app is very much straightforward, where you need to select photos & videos from the media list and start editing. Apart from all the basic editing tools, Quik by GoPro has lots of preset animations & music, that you can choose to go with your selected clips individually & edit them. By default, you’ll get a GoPro Outro at the end of the rendered video, which you’d have to disable before rendering the video.

quik by gopro mrnoob

Quik by GoPro is great for those who love to capture & share their short action videos on the go, with filter presets & animations. Quik video editor app will pretty much do everything by itself, but also gives you options to edit your clips manually. 

Get GoPro Quik [Free]

9. Adobe Premiere Rush – Video Editor: 

Adobe Premiere Rush has Adobe branding with it which makes it one of the better candidates for the Best Free Android Video Editor App without Watermark. You’ll need to log in before you can use the app.

Now coming to the features of this app. Think of it as a more straightforward version of premiere pro optimized for mobile usage. As soon as you import your video clips, you can easily scrub around and playback the clips. Double-tap on any clip to reveal clip properties like position, scale, and cropping, etc. You get multi-layer support, the ability to add overlays, and voice-over. 

Shockingly, Premiere Rush supports a magnetic timeline which Adobe doesn’t seem to bring on the actual Premiere Pro for Windows or Mac, which you’ll get it here on their mobile app. All the options including split, add layers, and even transformation controls are placed at the bottom, which can be an issue for some but I found it very intuitive and easy to use.

adobe premiere rush video editor mrnoob

The only con that I found for Adobe Premiere Rush is that you can only edit in portrait mode. If you switch to landscape the timeline gets invisible. Most of the basic editing options are free on Adobe Premiere Rush but some advanced audio filters and options and even some graphic overlays are included in premium membership only.

Get Adobe Premiere Rush [Freemium]

10. Video Guru – Video Maker for YouTube

Video Guru video editor app is specially designed keeping Youtube in mind. It offers a variety of features such as merge, cut, trim, music, speed adjustment, etc., It has over 30 video transitions that you can use between videos, giving them a smooth professional look.

Video Guru also provides a library of free that you can use in your videos. You can also make music videos within the Video Guru app, taking advantage of its easy-to-use music video maker.

video guru video maker youtube mrnoob

If you are looking for something basic for making videos, Music Guru will definitely come in handy in making watermark-free videos for Youtube. However, Video Guru is ad-supported so do keep that in mind.

Get Video Guru Video Maker for Youtube [Free with Ads and In-App Purchase]

Wrapping up: Free Video Editing App for Android without Watermark

These are the best free video editing app without a watermark that can use to edit and export videos without any watermark. While you should not expect desktop video editor-level precision in these apps, you will definitely enjoy editing on the go with these apps.

While all the mentioned android video editor apps without watermarks are good at editing and exporting watermark-free videos. But VN Video Editor is on a different level with its pro-level video editing UI, without any ads for free. Our second pick will be the Adobe Premiere Rush. However, it is available on a handful of Android devices, but you can always side-load them from third-party sources like APK Mirror.

Which free Android video editor app without a watermark do you love the most? Do let us know via a comment.

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