How to remove Female for English notification permanently?

If you rely mostly on Mobile data on your device, you must have come across this infamous ‘Female for English‘ notification alongside ‘Waiting for WiFi‘.

This notification is a part of the Google Text-to-Speech feature, which allows OS to read anything written on the screen. Google pushes regular updates of its language packs to keep it working fine that requires an active WiFi connection to save you from data costs.

If you are always on WiFi, then you might not come across this notification. But for Mobile Data users, this notification shows up as a reminder to connect to a WiFi network & download the language file at regular intervals. And that’s what makes it annoying. Since there isn’t much use for downloading the language file for Google TTS service, the user can get rid of this notification by disabling it permanently.

Almost all Android devices with Google Play services have this option, but here I am using a Xiaomi device running MIUI 8. If you are using a phone other than Xiaomi, then look for the ‘Language & Input‘ settings option to find ‘Google TTS service‘ & finally remove the ‘Female for English‘ notification from your notification panel.

How to remove the female from English permanently?

  • Open “Settings“, then got ‘Additional Settings“, then choose ‘Language & Input‘ option.

disable female for english

  • Inside ‘Language & Input‘ option, scroll down & open ‘Text-To-Speech Output‘. In the next window, Tap on the “Gear Icon” alongside ‘Google Text-to-speech Engine‘, after that choose ‘Settings for Google Text-to-speech Engine‘.

disable female for english

  • Now you will see two toggle options, ‘Auto-update voice‘ & ‘Use WiFi only‘, you need to turn off both options. After turning off both options, go back & tap on ‘Install voice data‘.

disable female for english

  • In the next window, you’ll see a list of languages supported by Google TTS, choose the one that you are seeing in the notification panel. In the next window, if you see Downloading..Voice Set‘, then tap on the “X” button to cancel the download & get rid of its notification forever.

disable female for english

Now you are free from this annoying ‘FEMALE FOR ENGLISH‘ notification permanently.

If you still see this notification hanging around, then clear the data of the ‘Downloads‘ app from Settings >> Installed apps. (MIUI)

Wrapping up: How to remove female for English notification permanently?

This will possibly remove the “Female for English’ notification forever. You might get this notification back after an update, so follow the same steps again to remove it.

Hope this article solves the most annoying issue that is bothering most users out there. For anything else, do leave a comment in the comment box down below.

Thank you.

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