How to Open RAR Files Online?

Whether you are using a PC or a Mac, you’ll always get in a situation where you might have to deal with an archive file format like .zip or .rar. Opening a Zip file is easy since both Windows and Mac OS can very well handle the file format by default. But what about the RAR file format? Well, you definitely need a 3rd party software to extract the file. But there is always an easy way. You can easily open rar files online without installing any software on your system or mac. There are various online tools that you can use to open your RAR archive hassle-free.

And while finding the best tools that can decompress your RAR files without downloading any software or applications, we found plenty of good options for you to choose from. All of these options are rated on the basic functionality of working as an online archiver and special features so let us have a look at some best apps to open RAR files online.

How to open RAR files online?

1. Extendsclass’ Unzip files Online Tool

Open rar files online with extendsclass unzip tool mrnoob

Extendsclass is an online toolbox for developers that also provides various online tools aimed at developers. Their unzipping tool is one of the fastest unzipping tools that we have found online. This is the only online tool that does all the work inside the browser itself, without uploading files to any server. And due to this, there is no file size limit and your files are safely stored on your system locally. You can decompress RAR, zip, or tar file of any size within the browser.

Pros –

1- Easy to use and extract files faster than any other extracting tool.
2- No file size limit.
3- Works within the browser itself.
4- Does not store files on any server.

Cons –

1- Supports a limited number of file formats. (.rar, .zip and .tar)

Check out Extendedclass’ Unzip files online tool


open rar files online with mrnoob is one of the popular file extractor tools by 123Apps. For those who are unaware, 123App does offer a set of free Audio, Video, PDF related online tools to form web apps. can extract over 70 types of compressed file formats. It also supports extracting compressed files from your OneDrive or GDrive storage directly. You can also extract password-protected files from

Pros –

1- Supports more than 70 types of file formats.
2- Can extract files from your OneDrive or Google Drive storage.
3- Can extract password-protected files.
4- Can unpack multi-part archives as well.

Cons –

1- Vague privacy policy about the files uploaded to their server for extracting.

Check out

3. B1 Free Archiver

open rar files online with b1 free archiver mrnoob

Just like, B1 Free Archiver supports a variety of compressed files format. B1 Free Archiver is an open-source online extraction tool that you can use to extract or open rar files online. It supports almost 40 compressed file formats and for security concerned folks, B1 Free Archiver will delete your archives as soon as you leave the browser. It is also available to download as an app on all major platforms.

Pros –

1- It’s open source.
2- Supports almost 40 file formats.
3- Available as a downloadable app on various platforms.
4- Deletes files soon after the user leaves the browser.

Cons –

1- Definitely not the best in terms of user experience on the website.

Check out B1 Free Archiver

4. Unzip-online

mrnoob unzip online

Unzip-online is a simple and straightforward tool to open RAR files online. It also supports .zip, .tar and .7z files, alongside .rar files. Unzip-online tool stores your files for 24 hours, which only you can access within that time frame. However, the maximum file size that you can decompress is limited to 200 MB, if you are looking to decompress a bigger look for other online tools to open the RAR file.

Pros –

1- Easy to use interface.
2- Lets you access your files for 24 hours.

Cons –

1- File size is limited to 200 MB only.
2- Supports a limited number of file formats.

Check out Unzip-online

5. ezyZip

open rar files online with ezyZip

ezyZip is another tool that can open RAR files online, in a few simple steps. It supports all popular compressed file formats. With ezyZip, one can not only open but also preview the files inside the archives before downloading them. It’s fast just like the Extendsclass extraction tool since extraction is happening locally. Since all your files are stored locally, they are safe and secure.

Pros –

1- Works within the browser.
2- No file size limit.
3- Support popular file formats.

Cons –

1- Not the best, in terms of website user experience.

Check out ezyZIp

6. Funzip

open rar files online via funzip

If the 200 MB limit of the Unzip-online tool is bothering you, Funzip can extract your compressed file up to 400 MB in size. It’s a very basic tool, which supports only .rar and .zip file formats and it pretty safe since only you can access your files.

Pros –

1- Simple to use.
2- One of the fast online extraction tools.

Cons –

1- File size is limited to 400 MB.
2- Supports only two file formats; .rar and .zip.

Check out Funzip

What Are the Advantages of Using Browser-Based Tools Over Desktop Software?

Browser-based tools offer the convenience of quick access without the need to download or install any software. This is particularly useful for users who are on public or shared computers where installing software may not be an option.

Can You Open Password-Protected RAR Files Online?

While some online tools offer the feature to open password-protected RAR files, it’s crucial to be cautious. Uploading sensitive or protected files to an online platform could pose a security risk.

How Do File Size Limits Impact the Usability of Online RAR Openers?

File size limits can be a drawback for online tools, especially for users who need to open large RAR files. In such cases, desktop software that doesn’t have such limitations would be more suitable.

Is It Possible to Preview Files Before Extracting Them?

Some online RAR openers allow you to preview the contents before extraction. This feature is useful for verifying the contents of the RAR file, ensuring you’re working with the correct data.

How Do Online RAR Openers Handle Multiple File Formats?

Most online RAR openers are versatile and support multiple compressed file formats like ZIP, 7Z, and TAR, in addition to RAR. This makes them a convenient option for handling various types of compressed files.

What Are the Security Measures in Place for Online RAR Openers?

Security varies among online tools. Some platforms offer encrypted uploads and promise to delete files shortly after processing, but it’s essential to read the privacy policy to understand how your data will be handled.

How User-Friendly Are These Online RAR Openers?

Most online RAR openers are designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces that even tech novices can navigate easily.

Do Online RAR Openers Offer Batch Processing?

Batch processing is generally not available in online RAR openers due to server and bandwidth limitations. For batch processing, desktop software would be more appropriate.

How Reliable Are Online RAR Openers?

The reliability of online RAR openers can vary. While they are generally reliable for small to medium-sized files, server downtimes or high traffic can affect their performance.

Can You Use Online RAR Openers on Mobile Devices?

Some online RAR openers are mobile-friendly and can be accessed via mobile web browsers. However, the experience may not be as smooth as using a dedicated mobile app for file extraction.

Wrapping Up – Open RAR files online

Finding the best tool to open RAR files online isn’t easy since every tool we tried has pros and cons of its own. If you are dealing with only the .rar format, our ultimate pick will be the Extendsclass’ Unzip files online tool. It’s fast with a good user interface, works within the browser, and does not store anything on any server.

Which tool do you use to open RAR files online? Do let us know via a comment.

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