10 Best Ring Lights For Zoom Meetings in 2022

Believe it or not, all of a sudden we all need the best ring lights for zoom meetings in our life.

The sudden rise in work from home scenario has given birth to a need for online meetings via zoom. Considering the default potato quality of laptop cameras, Video calls are a pain especially when things get professional. We have compiled a list of 10 Best Ring Lights for Zoom Meetings that you can use in 2022 and make sure you are well-lit during the meeting.

Why should you get a Ring Light for Zoom Meetings in 2022?

Before we jump on the list, let’s understand what kind of products we will be talking about and what should you buy a ring light specifically for zoom meetings:

If you use one of the following lights from our pick of the best ring light for zoom meetings, it will surely make you look good on your usual camera, which can create an emphasis on clients and even coworkers.

If you are a senior employee then having a zoom meeting with a properly lit environment denotes confidence and dedication towards your work which is necessary for any organization

Even if you are an actor and want to audition online, you need to have a well-lit-up to make sure the scene comes out accurate while on a zoom meeting with the casting team.

Best Ring Lights For Zoom Meetings :

Here are 10 of the Best Ring Lights for Zoom Meetings that you can get :

1. Kodak Selfie Ring Light :

Kodak selfie ring light best ring lights for zoom meetings

Kodak is a very reputed name when it comes to photography and related accessories. The Kodak Selfie ring light is equally good when it comes to quality. The Kodak Selfie Ring light comes with the right light (obviously) along with a sturdy tripod and a clamp to mount your phone easily within the ring light

The best part about the Kodak selfie ring light kit is the portability. The whole kit is lightweight and you can carry it around easily.

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2. Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand :

Neewer 10 inch LED Ring Light Selfie Ring Light

Neewer is yet another trusted brand when it comes to photography accessories. In this Ring light combo, you get a ring light and a tripod that can go up to 137cm.

You also get mounts a fluid head mount using which you can mount your ring light on.

Along with this you also get a Bluetooth shutter if you decide to mount your phone inside the ring light.

The light is dimmable and comes in both warm and light tones ranging from 3200k-6000k

Overall, the neewer 10 inches LED Ring light is one of the best picks to have if you want a full combo for your office for meetings as well as many more things like a photo shoot, etc.

That’s not all, there is even an extra 5% discount so definitely check out the neewer light

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3. SICCOO Selfie Ring Light with Monitor Clip-On for Computer Laptop Video Conferencing

SICCOO Selfie Ring Light

The SICCOO selfie ring light is another great option for you if you want a super portable ring light that connects directly to your computer or laptop.

This ring light comes with a clip-on which you can attach directly to your laptop or desktop monitor. This will give it the instant portability that you need.

You can easily travel with this light and use it on the go to do video conferencing.

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4. 12” RGB Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand :

12 RGB Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

If you want something funky with diverse utility then the 12″ RGB selfie Ring light with a tripod stand can be a good option for you. You can explore the various light options while shooting Instagram pictures and warm white or bright white color while using it on a zoom meeting.

If you have kids then this one will be a good option for them to explore lighting and various colors to learn photography and shoot videos as well.

The Light also comes with a tripod as a part of the set, so there is no need to get a light stand separately.

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5. Rechargeable Portable Ring Light :

Rechargeable Portable Ring Light

If you want something more Portable which can even turn out to be something useful as a mobile flash then this rechargeable portable ring light is a good choice.

You can charge this light and it works on its own, it has a 600 mAh battery inside which powers it up. If you just need something that can go through a 2-hour meeting that isn’t bulky, then this rechargeable portable right light can be a good option.

Another great thing about this is the fact that you can use it as a flash and mount this over your phone. This is a great ring light replacement if you want something that is very portable and small and even works two ways.

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6. BlitzWolf Desk Ring Light with Metal Stand Base and Phone Holder:

BlitzWolf Desk Ring Light best ring lights for zoom meetings

The Blitzwolf desk ring light is a different and simpler iteration of the same concept of ring lights that we discussed earlier. The thing that makes it unique is the fact that the company has eliminated the used of a ball head or a fluid head to mount this light on.

Instead of a ball mount, the light comes with side hooks that hold the light and lets you revolve it in any direction. It also comes with a phone holder in the body part of the tripod which makes it easy to hold a phone and do zoom meetings or even WhatsApp calls.

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7. DAKASON Dual Ring Light:

DAKASON Dual Ring Light best ring lights for zoom meetings

This one is super interesting. The Dakason Dual Ring Light comes with two small ring lights to evenly light your face. The most interesting part is that this light uses Flexible metal pipes instead of a usual tripod so you can easily bend either of them and set it according to your choice.

Just clamp the base of the light to any flat surface like a table or the armrest of an office chair and move the lights to either side of the computer behind the webcam and your setup is ready.

Apart from the ring lights, you also get a separate mobile holder which you can use to attach your smartphone as well. this comes in real handy if you use your smartphone as a webcam.

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8. Desk Ring Light With Clamp :

Desk Ring Light With Clamp best ring lights for zoom meetings

This one is a good-looking light if you are looking for a utility light. You get a normal black clamp which you can attach to any table or any flat surface of your choice. Now just plug the USB into the laptop or even a power bank and you are all good.

There is nothing much to say about this one except it isn’t much fancy yet very useful, do check it out

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9. iVict Clip-on Light :

iVict Clip on Light best ring lights for zoom meetings

The iVict Clip-on Light is similar to the above ring light in many ways except the functioning.

The Desk ring light with clamp has an arm style mechanism while the iVict Clip-on Light has a more flexible mechanism which you can move around easily while setting the clamp on a table or any flat surface.

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10. Endurax Selfie Ring Light with Stand for Phone

Endurax Selfie Ring Light with Stand for Phone best ring lights for zoom meetings

Talking of flexible stands, the Endurax selfie ring light comes with a flexible stand that you can use to mount on any surface easily. The best part about this is that this works like a gorilla pod due to which you can use this on possibly any surface. For a flat surface just fold the bottom and if you want to mount it on a rod then just fold the legs.

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How to use Ring Light Properly While doing Zoom Meetings?

The best way to use a ring light while in a zoom meeting can be the following:

Use the ring light to throw light directly on your face while diffusing the light a bit so that there are no hard shadows on the side.

You can also put the ring light to bounce lights from the ceiling while being on full intensity. This will bounce the lights of the ceiling and give a good evenly lit video for meetings.

Conclusion: Best Ring Lights for Zoom Meetings.

So these were our top 10 takes on the best ring lights that you can use for your zoom meetings. Do let me know which one you like the most in the comment section below. I will see you again in another guide.


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