Youtube App for smartphones gets Autoplay on Home feed!

Earlier this year, Google announced a preview feature on Youtube’s website. This preview feature allows a user to see some excerpts from the video whenever they hover the mouse cursor over the video thumbnail. Soon after that, they started testing a similar feature on the Youtube App for smartphones but with a different approach. This new feature ‘Autoplay on Home’ will auto-play the videos on your home feed without sound & with captions.

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Autoplay on Home is now live on the latest version of the YouTube app & is enabled by default. The videos on the Home feed of your YouTube app will now start playing video without sound. Since watching a video without sound is senseless, it will show captions while playing it. This feature is available on both Android & iOS. According to Youtube, this feature will give you a better experience of the video in the mobile view. Since the whole video is getting played, it will also add up to the video view & will consume a significant amount of internet data. YouTube has also given an option to enable Autoplay at home on WiFi only.

Now some of you may find this feature annoying & feels like it’s been forced upon them, luckily you can disable this feature by following the instruction below.

How to Disable Autoplay on Home inside Youtube App?

1- Open the YouTube app & tap on the Profile picture on the top right of your app to get inside the profile page.

youtube autoplay on home 2

2- Now inside the Profile page, tap on ‘Settings‘ then on ‘Autoplay‘ & lastly tap on ‘Autoplay on Home‘ to see the option related to it.

youtube autoplay on home 3

3- Now all you need to do is, select ‘Disable‘ to disable AutoPlay on the home feature permanently. But if you want to stop it only on Mobile data, you can choose ‘WiFi Only‘. Once it’s done, videos on your home feed will stop auto-playing while scrolling. (You can follow the same on the Youtube app for iOS.)

youtube autoplay on home 4

Wrapping up: How to Disable Autoplay on Home inside Youtube App?

The Youtube app has been getting a lot of new features lately, however, the most asked ‘Background playback‘ is lost somewhere in the update pipeline. YouTube App users will love to see that feature in the future so they can listen to their favorite videos in the background.

Until then we can enjoy what Google has to offer in bits & pieces. Or get our hands on modified YouTube apps that support background playback.

What do you think about this Autoplay on the Home feature? Do let us know via a comment.

Good day.

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