How to Easily Generate a QR Code for your WiFi?

We all have faced situations where we wanted to generate Wifi QR code at our home and let everyone scan and use it. This guide tells you exactly how you can do this, and there is a small surprise as well. But first let’s address the problem and then find the solution. 

Ever got stuck in a situation where some guests came in to stay and asked you for your WiFi password. This situation gets even worse when you have a complex Wi-Fi password and have to type it in for them. In such situations, a WiFi QR code can come handy, where your friends/guests can scan the code to connect with your WiFi network.

If you have the question, “how can I create my WiFi QR Code?” We have this guide made just for you on how to create a QR Code of your WiFi Network. But before that, let’s see how you can use a Wi-Fi QR Code in your home, offices, or business?

How to use a Wi-Fi QR Code in your Home, Office, or Business?

If you are wondering, what’s the use case of a Wi-Fi QR Code? You can use a Wi-Fi QR code in a variety of ways. Anyone offering free WiFi at their place should immediately switch to a QR code for their WiFi network. This makes accessing WiFi easy for their guests, friends, or employees, but it also elevates the whole experience.

  1. At Home: Place a scannable QR code in your Guest Room or in a common area, where your friends or guests can easily access it. If you run an Airbnb or usually invite guests to your house, a printed Wi-Fi QR Code can come handy.
  2. In Offices/Business: Whether you are running an office or a business, you can also frame your Wi-Fi QR Code and hang it on your Office/Business wall so that your employees (or even your customers) can access it by scanning the QR code.
  3. In Restaurants/Coffee Shops: Restaurants and Coffee Shops offer free WiFi to their customers. Placing a Wi-Fi QR code can help them access that WiFi by scanning the code. You can frame a Wi-Fi QR Code and place it on the customer table.

You can print your WiFi code directly at your home or office. But if you want to make it look more appealing. It would be best to get it framed and printed in an aesthetic-looking WiFi Password sign.

wifi password sign frame mrnoobHere are a few WiFi Passwords Signs with QR Code that I have designed. You can buy one for yourself, then print and frame it directly at your convenience.

Get Your Wifi Password Sign from here

How to generate a QR code of any WiFi for easy sharing?

Using online WiFi QR Code generator(s)

There are so many online WiFi QR Code generators that you can try to make a QR Code of any WiFi network. You can use this online QR Code generator to generate a WiFi QR Code on laptops. But for this article, we will be using Qifi, a free and simple to use online WiFi QR Code Generator.

Let’s see how to generate QR code WiFi password online using QiFi quickly:

  • Visit Qifi WiFi QR Code Generator website on your desktop web browser.
  • Now enter your WiFi details; Your Network SSIDEncryption Type, and Wi-Fi Password in their respective fields.
  • After that, click on the “Generate!” button. A QR Code with your WiFi password will appear right below the Generate! Button.
  • Save it by clicking “Save!” or click on “Print!” to print it and stick it in your Guest Room or on your refrigerator.

qifi online wifi qr code generator mrnoob

Before saving and printing your WiFi QR Code, test it with your Smartphone camera and see if you can connect to your WiFi network using the generated WiFi QR Code.

Generate a customized WiFi QR Code with your brand logo!

Suppose you create a WiFi QR Code to use in your office, at a business place, or in a restaurant/coffee shop. You might as well add your logo to make it look more brandable for your employees or customers. Along with changing the QR code color and style to match your brand/business.

Here is how to create a customized WiFi QR Code with a brand logo:

  • Visit the QRCode-Monkey website on your desktop web browser.
  • Now enter your WiFi details, Your Wireless SSIDPassword, and Encryption in their respective fields.qr monkey wifi name password mrnoob
  • After that, click on the “SET COLOR” section, and choose your preferred colors. (I’d suggest you keep the background color to the default White for legibility.)change qr code color qrmonkey mrnoob
  • Once your colors are set, head over to “ADD LOGO IMAGE” and upload your brand/business logo.add logo qr monkey mrnoob
  • Now click on the Green “Create QR Code” button to generate your WiFi QR Code and move the resize slider to 1000 px. (or you can go all the way up to 2000px.)
  • You can now download your Customized WiFi QR Code by pressing the “Download PNG” button. Then print and place it where your employees and customers can access it easily.generate wifi qr code qr monkey mrnoob

Don’t forget to test your generated Wi-Fi QR Code before downloading and printing it.

Generate WiFi QR Code using Android or iOS App

If you are more comfortable using an app, there are plenty of apps on both Android and iOS that you can use to generate QR codes for your WiFi. Android users can use QRKy, an ad-free QR Code Generator and Scanner app, to create their Wi-Fi QR code.

qrkey wifi qr generator mrnoob

While iPhone/iOS users can use QR Code Generator by QRTIGER to make a QR code of their Wi-Fi network.

qrtiger qr generator ios mrnoob

The process is similar on both apps. First of all, select the type of QR Code you want to create; in this case, we create a Wi-Fi QR Code. After that, enter your Wifi network details and then generate a QR Code with those details.

Now test the QR code by scanning it from a different smartphone. If everything goes right, you can connect with your Wi-Fi using the same code. Download and print it to place it where your guests can easily access it.

Final Words: Create WiFi QR Code Easily!

Creating a Wi-Fi QR code removes the hassle of entering the password whenever someone wants to connect to that Wi-Fi network. Whether hosting many guests or giving your customers/employees easy access to your WiFi, a Wi-Fi QR code is a must-have.

You have to scan the QR code with your smartphone, and it will automatically get connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to scan WiFi QR code on Android?

On Android version 10 and above, you can directly point your smartphone camera to scan the QR code and connect with the Wi-Fi network.
For everyone else, open the Google App on your Android smartphone and tap on the “Camera” icon on the search bar. Now tap on “Search with your camera” and point your phone’s camera over the QR code. Google app will scan and show you the network details. Tap on the “Join network” button to connect with that WiFi.

google app qr code scanner mrnoob

How to scan WiFi QR Code on iPhone or iOS?

Like Android, iPhone/iPad users with iOS 11 (and above) can also scan QR codes directly with the camera app. Open the camera app on your iPhone/iPad and point it on the QR Code. You will receive a notification for joining the said network; tap on it to connect and enjoy surfing on that Wi-Fi network.

ios iphone qr code scan mrnoob

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