How to Watch CW in India or Anywhere Outside the US with VPN?

This Question of How to Watch CW TV in India or anywhere outside the US can be very tricky. It gets even trickier if you want to use it on a mobile or a TV.

The CW is a great Free Service in the USA that you can use to stream CW original shows.

The best part about CW service is that you can view all the awesome CW shows like The Flash, Legends of tomorrow, and the latest shows like Swamp things for free with ads.

Watch CW TV in India or Anywhere outside the USA on PC Computer or Mac Computer

Before we start with the solution, let’s first address the problem quickly and then move on to the solution.

CW TV is free on its website with ads and you can watch full shows and even weekly episodes. The only issue is that you will not be able to watch CW TV outside the USA.

This problem persists because of the lack of distribution rights of CW in some countries.

To start watching CW TV in India or anywhere outside the USA, you will have to use a VPN.

Why Should I Care about a VPN?

The role of a VPN here will be like a shield that will teleport us to the USA virtually.

The CW website will ask for our geolocation. Because we have a VPN, it will show the USA and CW will let us in.

To get started with watching the CW in India or anywhere around the world, I will suggest you use a paid VPN like ExpressVPN.The role of a paid VPN in streaming is extremely important. Free VPNs or even Chrome extensions do work but the streaming over there is very slow, ExpressVPN is not only one of the best in the class but it also has a 30 days Money back guarantee which makes the deal even better.

I have compiled the list of all the VPNs that our team suggests :

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Pure VPN


Pure VPN is yet another competitor with overall security and streaming support Get PureVPN

Smart DNS proxy


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That’s said let’s now see how you can watch the CW in India or anywhere outside the USA with a VPN :

1 – Open the CW website

Open the CW Home page by going here. As soon as you open it, you will receive the following message “Due to licensing restrictions this content is only available in the U.S“. This means that CW has restricted its usage inside the US only and you can’t use it anywhere outside the USA.

Error when you open the CW website watch cw tv outside USA

To bypass this error and watch CW TV, you will have to use CW TV on a VPN. Follow along to use VPN and watch CW TV in India or anywhere outside the USA.

2 – Open the VPN App

Now go to the VPN app of your choice, since this tutorial is for all kind of people which also include free VPN users, I will be using a free VPN.

I have tested this method to watch CW in India or anywhere outside the world on both free and paid VPNs but it works best on Paid VPNs like ExpressVPN and Pure VPN. The reason behind that is because the paid VPN servers have less load than the free ones, hence they can perform much better and faster when it comes to speed and reliability

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3 – Connect to the USA server

Open the VPN app of your choice and select the USA server on it and click connect.

connected to vpn

Once you do that you will be able to connect to a USA server now. Now open this link and you will be able to see your IP on the map.

country changes to united states

As you can see that it’s showing that I am located in the USA. This is because I have enabled the USA VPN on my connection. Once you do this, the next step is to reload the CW page.

4 – Reload the CW page and start watching

As soon as you get connected to a VPN connection and it starts recognizing you are based in the USA now you can watch CW TV in India or anywhere outside the USA. Just open the CW page again and it should open normally now. Let’s see if it works or not.

cw opens up and works properly

As you can see it works properly on windows.

working swamp things on the cw via vpn

Watch CW TV in India or Anywhere outside the USA on Android Phone!

To watch CWTV free on android phones outside the USA, we will need a VPN. If you have bought ExpressVPN, PureVPN, Nord VPN, or Smart DNS proxy VPN already then you will be able to use the same login information as your computer on your android phone as well.

The only catch here is that you will have to either download the APK from websites like APKmirrror or Change the region of your Google play store Account as we did in this article.

Upon installing the CW app, just open the app and you will notice an error that will compel you to exit the app.

This is because the app is not supported in your area and you will have to use a VPN to use the app

cw app doesnt open on android

Get the VPN of your choice and download its app from the play store.

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Now go to the VPN application and hit connect on the USA server. As soon as it gets connected, the connection inside your android phone will be considered as a connection coming from the USA and you will be able to use the app now.

connect to vpn to watch cw tv outside usa

Now go back to the CW app again and open it. You will now be able to use the CW app properly without any issues.

the cw app working

If you use a free VPN then it might give you some issues like slow speed and unreliable connection but if you use a paid VPN like ExpressVPN then there shouldn’t be an issue.

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Unblock CW TV in India or Anywhere outside the USA – Closing Words

So this was how you can unblock and watch CWTV in India without any issues. You can always use a free VPN like proton VPN just like I have used to demonstrate in this tutorial but using a paid one will be more reliable and secure in the longer run. I hope you liked our take on watching CWTV outside the US.

If yes then do comment your suggestion in the comment section below, I will see you around in another article like this.


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