Videos Are The Next Generation Textbooks: The Importance of Digital Media In Education

The rampant evolution in technology has influenced the educational capabilities to great levels. Students can now get enormous volumes of knowledge and insights on the internet.

In the present times, you will observe that digital media has turned out to be a powerful means to connect, communicate, and educate the students. The impact of videos on the present and next generations is massive and impeccable. 92% of the digital video viewers comprise of Millenials.

Digital videos help students and learners cultivate self-learning skills, gain motivation, and allow for time flexibility with lower costs. Eye-catching visuals and inspiring auditory features of videos appeal to the audience who remember the information naturally.

To understand this phenomenon, let’s take a look at the various ways in which digital media is reshaping today’s educational landscape.

Impact Of Using Videos On Students

Various learning tools like books, images, slideshows, audio, or videos, impact students in the following ways:

Engaging Sensory Experience

Online videos are livelier and informative than print materials. You can see and listen to the concepts taught by the tutor. You can process the information in the same manner they use for daily communications.

Easy Go-To Resource Availability

You can watch your educational video from anywhere with internet access on devices available such as laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your convenience is put to priority with no compromises on delivery quality.

Higher Knowledge Retention

You can refer to videos as many times as needed. Even after the initial lessons are taught, you can replay them to understand the concepts from the base.

Guides In Learning Complex Subjects

Videos can help you learn complex topics in step-by-step procedures with deep clarity. The use of images, visuals, and auditory features helps students enhance their cognitive skills to understand complicated concepts.

Enhances Proficiency To Gain Digital Literacy

While you access several digital media sources daily, your digital literacy and communication improvise tremendously. Moreover, this has become an essential skill for 21st-century mankind.

Impact Of Using Video On Teachers

Thanks to digital media, teachers can see higher rates of improvement in students’ participation in sharing ideas, develop critical thinking, and sharpening their learning abilities.

Teachers are often left wondering: is there any video editor without watermark? With the help of video editors like InVideo, you can now harness the power of digital media to empower your students, without a glitch.

Boosts Student Engagement

Videos will encourage your students to interact and communicate their messages. Your students will be interested in your material and begin to remember the information with ease.

Creates A Blended Learning Environment

As a teacher, videos will give you a greater benefit to developing a focused learning environment in the classrooms, unlike the traditional teaching methods.

Facilitates Remote Learning Opportunities

You can reach out to your students from all over the world, sitting at your home. This brings greater convenience at both ends.

Analytical Features For Performance Tracking

Some videos have added features that can enable you to track your students’ engagement levels and attendance. You can also find out how long each student has viewed the video with accurate percentages. This serves as a perfect feedback mechanism for your videos.

Change Roles As A Facilitator

As the video gives overall information with greater efficiency, your role gets transformed from a teacher to a facilitator. You can brainstorm on the topic with your students and develop healthy connections with them.

Impact Of Using Videos On Institutions:

Educational institutions are also turning to videos as an effective medium of education. A study done by Livestream in 2017 says that 77% of colleges and universities offer online courses.

Here is an overview of how educational institutions can benefit from digital media.

Effective Marketing And Communication Source

Videos enable you to get a greater outreach to your audience. You can post your best videos on your website blogs, social media accounts, and also attach them with the emails.

Adaptable Faculty Training Modules

In situations where it becomes difficult to assemble the entire faculty at the same time, videos prove effective. You can manage to distribute information and impart pieces of training to all staff members at the same time.

Live Recordings Of Campus Programs For Parents

Parents can have live access to special events and programs at your campus. Through videos, you can build strong bonds with your stakeholders, who would further become brand ambassadors of your institute.

Boosts Promotion Of Online Courses

Effective videos stating your institute’s credentials can introduce your online programs to scores of people. Because of multiple student profiles, your online courses can increase market potentiality.

Keeps Alumni Updated

Your former students are your brand ambassadors. Involve your alumni in campus events and keep them engaged about happenings at their alma mater. You can make videos of annual activities and achievements along with present online courses available.

Tips To Make Powerful Videos With Greater Efficiency

  • Add images, text, color themes, and much more to make your video compelling.
  • Keep videos for five minutes or less if it not so informative.
  • Use a conversational and warm tone to make it more engaging.
  • Cut the videos into small segments topics and theme-wise.
  • Shorter clips increase the retention limit of your students.
  • Use powerful free intro maker no watermark free video editor to start your video with a bang.
  • Use captions and subtitles at regular intervals so that students can easily process the information.

Future Of Education Via Videos

In this world of digitalization, every learner thinks and acts differently. The upcoming generations are more connected to the digital world as compared to previous years.

Digital videos can help people learn and evolve together. With the help of social media, students can make WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter groups and exchange valuable information about their studies and assignments.

We live in an era where style serves great importance. Videos have reinforced the impact of effectual presentation into the minds of the current generation through an evolving lifestyle.

The digital ecosystem is taking a new curve where educators are compelled to introduce innovative educational techniques for their students. Thus, bringing technology into education has become vital to continue to see the growth of the world.


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