Snapchat for Web – How to use Snapchat on PC for free?

Do you want to use Snapchat on your PC? Well, now you can. The popular messaging app Snapchat has officially launched its web version to everyone. Earlier this Snapchat for web was available to Snapchat+ subscribers as a part of their premium subscription plan.

But now, anyone can use Snapchat for web without paying for a premium subscription, inside their computer’s web browser as a regular website.

What is Snapchat for Web?

Snapchat was available only as a mobile app on iOS and Android for a long time. Until recently, when Snapchat announced that they are bringing the web version of their app to Snapchat+ users in certain countries — it is now open to all. A feature limited to Snapchat+ subscribers can now be accessed by millions of Snapchat users worldwide.

With Snapchat for web, you will be able to use Snapchat inside of a desktop web browser. Whether you want to create a snap, view stories, or continue your streaks with friends, you can do that in your computer.

And the best part is Snapchat is nowhere limiting the experience on the web version of its app. From creating snaps to viewing them, adding filters, creating stories, or even calling your friends, you can do everything on the Snapchat web on your PC.

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How to use Snapchat for Web on PC or Mac?

Now you know that you can access Snapchat on your PC or Mac, here is how you use it.

Snapchat on web works only on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. If you are in Apple’s ecosystem, you’ll need to download Chrome or Edge browser to use Snapchat Web on your Mac.

To use Snapchat for Web on your desktop computer, open inside Chrome or Edge browser, enter your login details, and hit the “Log in” button.

login snapchat for web mrnoob

Snapchat will send you a notification on your Smartphone app to confirm that it’s you trying to log in.

confirm in snapchat web notification mrnoob

Open the notification and tap on “Yes” to confirm.

snapchat web phone notification mrnoob

Once you do that, Snapchat will automatically log you inside your web browser showing you a welcome screen. Finally, click on “Get Started” and start using Snapchat on your computer.

first time snapchat web welcome screen mrnoob

And that’s it; you can now use Snapchat on the web just like you do on your Smartphone.

Install Snapchat as an app on your PC!

Snapchat doesn’t currently offer a desktop app. However, you can install Snapchat web as a PWA or Progressive Web app to access it quickly from your desktop.

Here is how to install the Snapchat app on your PC.

After logging into Snapchat for Web, click on your profile icon and select the “Create Desktop Shortcut” option.

create snapchat app desktop shortcut mrnoob

A notification will pop up; hit the “Install” button to install Snapchat as an app on your computer.

install snapchat app pc mrnoob

After installation, the Snapchat web app will open automatically. Here you can pin it to the taskbar or start menu, create a desktop shortcut for quick access or even allow the Snapchat app to auto-start with your computer.

pin create desktop shortcut snapchat mrnoob

And that’s how you install Snapchat web as an app on your PC.

Snapchat for web — Features and Caveats!

When you log in to Snapchat on your PC, you will see a familiar web interface. Your chats and conversations are on the right pane, and the camera view is on the left.

snapchat for web interface mrnoob

You can start a new chat or click on one of the conversations to resume it. Snapchat for web will let you continue your conversations where you left them on your smartphone app for a seamless experience. You can reply to messages, react to them, save them or even delete them if needed.

But there is no way you can send or view a snap inside of a conversation. The web app will ask you to open the Snapchat app on your phone to view it. A bummer, isn’t it?

snap not opening on snapchat web mrnoob

While the camera view lets you create a Snap and send it to your friends, fire up the camera, record a snap, add the filters, and share it with your friends. Having said that, you only get limited filters to play with and no fancy tool to edit your snap.

send snap snapchat for web mrnoob

You can also make audio and video calls or join a group call straight from your browser. The experience of which is excellent.

It seems like Snapchat is focusing more on the messaging experience rather than content creation on its web version.

Overall, Snapchat for web is a great way to continue your conversations on the go. With, of course, a few caveats that the company needs to iron out for a seamless Snapchat experience on all the platforms.

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Use Snapchat on your Mac or PC – Final words

If you don’t want to carry your phone but are worried about breaking that streak with your best friend, the Snapchat web can be a lifesaver. Or maybe, you want to quickly send a picture on your computer to your Snapchat friend without transferring it to your phone. No matter your reasons, Snapchat for web is a great way to use Snapchat on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Snapchat on PC for free?

Yes, you can use Snapchat on your PC for free. Go to on Google Chrome or Edge Browser, sign in to your Snapchat account, and use it on your computer.

How can I use Snapchat on Mac?

You can’t use Snapchat on Apple’s Safari browser. To use Snapchat on a mac or mackintosh, you need to download Google Chrome or Edge browser and sign in with your Snapchat email and password on

How to use Snapchat on a PC without Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is no longer needed to use Snapchat on a PC. You can use Snapchat inside Chrome or Edge browser on your PC. Go to and sign in to your Snapchat account to use Snapchat on your PC.

How do I install Snapchat app on my PC?

You can install Snapchat for Web as an app on your computer for quick access.
After logging into Snapchat for Web, click on your profile icon, then select “Create Desktop Shortcut” and then hit “Install” on the notification popup to install Snapchat as a web app on your PC.

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