Top 5 background eraser apps for Android!

Photoshop might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to editing an image. At times you might need something handier to get the work done. Few tasks like cropping out an object/person from its background can only be achieved in Photoshop with precision. However, you should not underestimate the power of the droid machines that you are keeping inside your pockets. There is an array of apps, that claim can do the same. These background eraser apps can easily do the task of cropping out the object. But, it’s not as accurate as what you can achieve via actual photo manipulation software.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to judge which app does its job better than others, because almost all apps work similarly but with a different UI & layout. But don’t worry, we are making it easy for you by slimming down the choice between the top 5 background erasers app in this article. Other than almost similar functionality, we will also focus on the UI/UX & give you our opinion on the best among all background eraser apps.

Top 5 background eraser apps for Android!

1 – Background Eraser & Remover by MD Mahmudur Rahman

background eraser apps 1Opening Background Eraser & Remover App will directly get you into the editing window with a default image to work on. You can add your own image & start erasing the background. It has all the basic features of an eraser app. It has by far the best auto erasing tool, which makes it a fast background erasing app to work with. And you can save your output in both formats; PNG or JPEG. However, you need to use a separate app to add the extracted photo/object to another background, while all others can do it inside the app itself saving time to do everything again.

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2 – Auto Background Changer by Stylish App World

background eraser apps 2This is another background-changing app with almost all basic editing features, but what makes this app stand out is its modern layout, advanced post-editing features & ability to create WA stickers inside the app itself. You can directly create WhatsApp stickers inside this app & share them with your WA contacts. However, on the downside, this app’s auto erasing tool is a bit aggressive & this app pushes annoying intrusive ads, ruining the main motive of this app.

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3 – Background Eraser by

background eraser apps 3Now you are looking at the top-rated background eraser app on Playstore. Layout wise this app isn’t pleasing by any means. But don’t get fooled by its looks, because there is a reason why this app is a top-rated app. Apart from the usual features, this app has a feature that no other app has called ‘Magic‘. The magic feature works just like Auto erasing, but here you have the control to erase the background by sliding your finger across the edges of your object. For sure, you need some time to get a perfect result, but if you do you can get the best result out of this app easily. On the negative side, this app doesn’t have an option to change the background of the extracted object for which you need to install the other app by the same developer.

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4 – Background Eraser by Media [App removed from PlayStore]

background eraser apps 4This background eraser app offers more than just erasing the background. You can also use this app to add filters, adding blur effects, scrapbook features, etc., The usual background erasing task is also very much easy with a bunch of essential features to achieve close to best results. This app has the most intuitive UI, with minimal ads to distract the user during the editing task. It offers tools like manual erasing, auto erasing, lasso tool for selection, undo/redo & restoring the erased part. This has its own UI for selecting media. Other than this, you can also apply filters to the output image & save it directly on top of another background inside the app. You can also change the output location inside its settings.

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5 – Ultimate Background Eraser by Iris Studios & Services

background eraser apps 5This app is pretty much straightforward & has no fancy features at all. You can either choose an image from the gallery or simply, click & edit the image right away. Apart from the usual erasing features, it lacks a lasso tool which can come in handy for cropping out the useless background by drawing a line around the object, instead of manually removing it. But on the good side, it offers users the to change the color/style of transparent background to make it easy to look at blind spots while erasing. Once you are done editing the image, you can also smooth its edges to counter the harsh edges around the object. If that’s not enough, you can directly add it to a different background with stickers & text from the app itself or save it as a PNG or even as a JPEG.

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Wrapping up: Best Background Eraser app?

Finding a perfect background eraser app isn’t an easy task at all. All mentioned apps are capable of doing it, with almost the same basic erasing features but none of them is perfect with everything. If you are looking for a feature-rich app with modern UI, then simply go with “Ultimate Background Eraser“. However, all mentioned apps have their pros & cons, it’s up to the user who is using the app to choose what suits them best for them.

Which app do you think is the best among all background eraser apps? Do let us know via a comment.

Good day.

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