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vlc media player trick

15 VLC Media Player Tricks & Features you should try right now!

No matter how old you are, VLC Media player is the one name that you have known since a long time as...
youtube autoplay on home

Youtube App for smartphones gets Autoplay on Home feed!

Earlier this year, Google has announced preview feature on Youtube's website. This preview feature allow a user to see some excerpts from...
neighbourly app

Neighbourly- An app for trusted neighbourhood answers!

Would you love getting help from your neighbourhood without even going out & actually interacting with them? If the answer is yes, then you...
puzzle alarm apps android

5 Alarm Apps that will definitely wake you up!

Waking up early isn't everyone's cup of tea, that's the reason why we use alarms clocks. Yet the struggle to wake up early in...
video editor watermark

Top 4 Free Android Video Editor App without Watermark!

If you are a Youtuber or Vlogger or someone who loves shooting videos via smart phone & posting them online. You must need a...
google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Review – Get Free Google Play Credit

Who doesn't love giving opinions & what's better than getting paid for giving your valuable opinions. If you are someone who has no issues...
online shopping guide

Online Shopping Guide: Smart Buying Tips

Online shopping isn't a new thing in town, but there are still many those who consider buying offline convenient & safe. Whether it's about...
gboard features

15 Cool GBoard Tricks that you should know!

If you are an Android user, then you must be familiar with Google's GBoard. GBoard is the default keyboard app that you must be...
gesture navigation android

How to get gesture navigation on any Android phone?

Ever since iPhone X's is out, gesture based navigation has become a mainstream thing with various Android based OS. Whether it's Xiaomi or OnePlus,...
background eraser app

Top 5 background eraser apps for Android!

Photoshop might not be everyone's cup of tea, when it comes to editing an image. At time you might need something more handy to...