Stream IPL on Discord – Transform Discord into Ultimate Streaming Destination!

Some things are better done with friends, like watching your favorite movie or the Indian Premier League (IPL), a globally celebrated cricket league event.

If you are a cricket fan, then IPL is something you wouldn’t want to miss. And what’s a better way to enjoy those thrilling IPL cricket matches than watching them with your friends and fellow cricket enthusiasts?

No matter where you are, you can easily catch all the IPL action with your friends by streaming IPL on Discord.

Here’s how to stream IPL on Discord and transform it into the ultimate streaming destination for watching cricket with your friends.

Stream IPL on Discord with Friends (2023)

Before you start streaming IPL on Discord, there are a few things we need to fix. The major problem with streaming IPL on Discord is the black screen issue caused due to DRM protection.

If you use Discord and tried to stream IPL on Discord, you must have seen the black screen on the stream. But worry not; there’s a workaround to solve this issue and successfully stream IPL on Discord.

Follow these steps to bypass DRM protection and stream IPL on Discord without any black screen problems.

1. Download the Discord App on Windows or Mac.

First of all, you need to download Discord App on your Window or Mac, since you won’t be able to steam IPL on Discord on its web version.

To download Discord app, head over to Discord Website and download the app for your operating system.

stream netflix on discord download discord via website 1

After downloading it, install it on your computer and sign in via your login credentials. (You can also scan the QR code, if you are already signed in on your phone)

stream netflix on discord log in to discord via credentials or qr code

2. Turn off Hardware Acceleration on your browser – fixes Black Screen issue to stream IPL on Discord

When you stream IPL as the source on Discord, you only see the black screen and nothing else shows up. This is the most common issue that most people face while streaming IPL on Discord.

To fix the Black Screen issue while watching IPL on Discord, you need to turn off Hardware Acceleration on your Browser.

If you don’t know how to do it, we have included instructions for disabling hardware acceleration on three of the most common browsers, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. But if you’re using any other browser, just go to Browser Settings and look for “Hardware Acceleration” option and turn it off.

Below are the ways you can disable hardware acceleration on the most common browsers.

Steps to Disable Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer and open its settings from the “Kebab” (or vertical 3-dot) menu on the upper-right corner. stream netflix on discord click on settings inside google chrome
  2. In the left sidebar, go to “System” and turn off the toggle that says, “Use Hardware Acceleration when available.” disable use hardware acceleration when available
  3. After disabling the toggle, restart your Chrome browser.

Steps to Disable Hardware Acceleration on Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on your computer and open its settings from the “Meatball” (or horizontal 3-dot) menu on the upper-right corner.
  2. In the left sidebar, go to “System and Performance” and turn off the toggle that says, “Use Hardware Acceleration when available.”disable use hardware acceleration when available 1
  3. After disabling the toggle, restart your Microsoft Edge browser to watch IPL on Discord without getting a black screen.

Steps to Disable Hardware Acceleration on Mozilla Firefox.

  1. On Mozilla Firefox browser, select “Options” from the “Hamburger menu” (or horizontal 3-line) menu located near the upper-right corner.
  2. Now under “General” tab, scroll down until you reach “Performance” section. Here uncheck both “Use recommended performance settings” and “Use hardware acceleration when available.” option.disable use hardware acceleration when available on mozilla firefox
  3. After disabling both options, restart your

3. Play IPL on your Browser and set up Discord for Streaming.

You are now ready to stream IPL on Discord from the browser of your choice without any black screen issue.

To get started with setting up Discord for streaming, do the following:

  1. On your web browser, open the website or platform that is streaming IPL in your country, and play the IPL match you want to watch with your friends. (For example, in India JIO Cinema is streaming IPL online for free) Stream IPL on DIscord
  2. Now open the Discord app and press the “Gear” icon next to your name to launch Discord settings. click on the gear icon to enter discord settings
  3. On the Discord Settings page, go to the “Registered games” inside “Activity Settings” tab on the left sidebar, and click the “Add it!” next to “Not seeing your game?”.
  4. After this, you will see a dropdown menu with the list of all the apps running in the background.
  5. Pick your browser on which you are streaming IPL from the list and add it to the game list manually. click on the add it button and select your browser
  6. Now hop on to the server where you wish to watch IPL with your friends and click on the “Stream” icon next to the name of your browser on the sidebar above your username. select stream google chrome
  7. Select the voice channel where you’d like to stream IPL, then set your preferred resolution and frame rate, as 720p/30. To stream a higher resolution & frame rate, you will need a Discord Nitro Membership on your server. select the voice channel to stream in and click on go live
  8. Finally, press the “Go Live” button, and start streaming IPL on Discord.
  9. Once you are done, other members of the server can click on the “Live” button inside that Voice Channel, and watch IPL live with you. watch ipl on discord
  10. And this is how you can have your own IPL watch party inside Discord. If you wish to end the watch party, you can press the “End call” button.

How to Watch IPL on Discord on Fire TV Stick or Android TV?

If you want to watch IPL with friends on Discord on your Fire TV Stick or Android smart TV, then you will have to setup IPL for streaming, and go live on Discord on your PC, as we did above.

After that, you can connect your PC to your Fire TV Stick or your Android Smart TV and enjoy IPL with your friends.

The usual way to do this is by connecting your PC or laptop using an HDMi cable.

But the only issue with this method is that most of us don’t have a long enough HDMI cable, to watch and video chat at the same time.

Alternatively, we can also use the Miracast or Chromecast feature on Android Smart TV or Fire TV Stick and connect it with your PC.

Steps to set up Watch Party on Android TV or Fire TV Stick.

I will be showing you how you can do this on a Fire TV Stick, but you can also do this on Android Smart TV following similar method.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Turn on your TV with Fire TV stick attached to it, then press the Alexa Button on your Fire TV Remote and say, “Air Screen.”
  2. You will now see a list of apps, select the first one that says “Air Screen” and download it. (If you are using Android TV, download the “Air Screen” app from PlayStore)
  3. After installing, open the Air Screen app to properly enable services like Chromecast and Miracast on your Fire TV Stick or Android TV. Most smart TV have this feature enabled by default, but I would still recommend you use this app to avoid any problems.
  4. Now your smart TV is ready to mirror your PC screen, and the next step will be setting up IPL watch party on Discord, and casting it on your TV.
  5. Follow the step mentioned above to stream IPL on Discord on your computer, and then press “Win + K” keyboard shortcut on your PC to enable cast option. click on project or connect fom the action center
  6. A cast windows will pop up, select your Android TV/Fire TV Stick from the list. select your device from the list
  7. And you are done, you can now host an IPL watch party on Discord using your Firestick or Android TV.

Using this method, you will be able to use your PC’s webcam and mic to talk to your friends and at the same time watch the movie on the big screen along with their voices.

IPL 2023 Telecast Guide for Various Countries!

How to watch IPL in Pakistan?

You can watch IPL 2023 matches in Pakistan on Geo Super.

How to watch IPL in USA and Canada?

Willow TV will provide coverage of IPL 2023 matches in the United States.

How to watch IPL in Bangladesh?

Channel on TV screens in Bangladesh will telecast the IPL 2023 matches.

How to watch IPL in South Africa?

SuperSport will telecast the live matches of IPL 2023 in the Sub-Saharan African region, including South Africa.

How to watch IPL in the Middle East?

Times Internet owns the rights to broadcast IPL 2023 coverage in the Middle East region.

How to watch IPL in Australia?

Fox Sports will provide television coverage of IPL 2023 for viewers in Australia. Fox Cricket will broadcast the live matches of IPL 2023 in Australia.

How to watch IPL in the United Kingdom?

To watch IPL 2023 matches in the United Kingdom (UK), live broadcasting will be available on Sky Sports.

How to watch IPL in the Caribbean?

The live telecast of IPL 2023 matches can be watched on Follow Sports in the West Indies or Caribbean region.

How to watch IPL in New Zealand?

To watch IPL 2023 in New Zealand, the telecast will be available on Sky Sports NZ, specifically on Sky Sports 2 channel.

Can’t Stream IPL on Discord – Why and How to Fix?

The above-mentioned method will help you watch IPL on Discord with friends without any issues. But if you still facing issues while streaming IPL on Discord, let’s discuss those issues and fix them.

The major reason why you can’t stream IPL on Discord is due to the internet connection speed. To stream IPL on Discord is 720P resolution, you need at least a 30mbps connection. If you have a slower connection, then you will be able to stream at a very choppy framerate which will ruin the experience for everyone.

Another reason why you can’t stream IPL on Discord is the black screen issue due to the fact that all the content on Jio Cinema or sites like Prime Videos is DRM protected. We have already shared the solution to remove the black screen issue in this article itself.

Watch IPL on Discord: FAQs

Can you stream IPL on Discord?

Yes, you can stream IPL on Discord very easily by just screen casting your browser to Discord. The problem however is with the black screen issue that occurs when you try to stream IPL on Discord. To fix this you just have to disable the hardware acceleration on your web browser and then stream it on Discord.

How do I cast IPL to Discord?

To cast IPL to Discord, you have to disable the black screen issue on your browser first and then stream the movie or tv show via Discord. Following the above guide, you can cast IPL to your Discord server and enjoy watching content with your friends at the same time. Use the steps above and stream your favorite movies and tv shows with friends on Discord without any issues.

How do I stream movies on Discord?

To stream movies on Discord, you can directly live stream inside a voice chat if the file is locally placed inside the computer. To stream online services like IPL on Discord, you need to disable the black screen issue of your web browser first. We discussed everything in the guide above, so do check the process in detail, and you will be able to stream movies on Discord easily.

Can I Screen Share IPL on Discord?

Yes, you can screen share IPL on Discord, but doing that results in a black screen issue. We have shared a trick in this guide, so do check that out, and using that, you can watch IPL online with your friends easily. Once you follow all the steps, you will be able to screen-share Netflix.

Is it illegal to stream movies on Discord?

If you are concerned that it is legal to stream IPL on Discord, then the simple answer is NO. It is illegal to do this, but if you are a small group of friends, that means no harm. You can always give this a go.

Can you stream on discord mobile?

No, you can’t initiate an IPL stream from your mobile due to the screen sharing being protected by DRM protection.

Does IPL block screen share on Discord?

Yes, IPL does block screen sharing on Discord, but we have found a working method by which you can stream IPL on Discord directly without any issues.

Stream IPL on Discord Without Black Screen: Wrapping Up

In conclusion, streaming IPL on Discord is an easy and enjoyable way to watch matches with friends, but it may require some tweaks to fix the black screen issue caused by DRM protection.

By following the steps and tips mentioned in this guide, you’ll be able to share your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports events like IPL on Discord seamlessly. Enjoy watching live IPL with your friends on Discord and make your watch parties even more fun by discussing the game and cheering for your favorite teams in real-time.

Don’t forget to ensure a stable and fast internet connection for the best streaming experience.

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