How to stop auto-updates on Facebook, Messenger & Instagram app on Android?

Our phones are filled with loads of apps that should be updated for getting new features as soon as they are out. It’s okay if an app requires updating once in a while.

But if some apps push updates daily, then it will definitely eat up your data on daily basis. However, Google allows you to stop auto-updates of apps from the Google Play Store. Yet, few apps like Facebook, Messenger & Instagram auto-update themselves even with that featured turned off. And every-time they got an update, they leave you with an annoying notification. However, you can stop auto-updates on Facebook, Messenger & Instagram apps on Android from an individual app setting. We will take you through the whole process of stopping the auto-update of these apps.

How to stop auto-updates on Facebook, Messenger & Instagram app?

A- Facebook app

1- Open the Facebook app & go to the settings page/pane of the app.

2- Now scroll down until you see the ‘Settings & Privacy‘ option, tap on it & select ‘Settings‘.

3- Inside ‘Settings‘, open ‘Media & Contacts‘ option.

autoupdate facebook 1

4- Once you are inside ‘Media & Contacts‘, open ‘App Updates‘ & turn off all toggles to stop auto-update on the Facebook app permanently.

autoupdate facebook 2

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B- Messenger app

1- Open the Messenger app & tap on the profile icon on the top right alongside the search bar to access the settings page.

autoupdate messenger 1

2- Inside the settings page, tap on ‘App Update‘ & turn off all toggles to stop auto-update on the Messenger app permanently.

autoupdate messenger 2

C- Instagram app

1- Open the Instagram app & go to the profile tab on the app.

2- Inside the profile tab, tap on the 3 dash menu on the top right to access the app ‘Settings‘ option. (at the bottom of the menu page)

autoupdate instagram 1

3- Inside settings, find ‘App Updates‘ & turn off all toggles inside the ‘App Updates‘ setting to stop auto-updates on the Instagram app permanently.

autoupdate instagram 2

Wrapping up: How to stop Auto-updates on Facebook, Messenger & Instagram app?

After following these steps, the following apps won’t get updated automatically by themselves. You need to update them from Play Store manually. And this is how you stop auto-updates on Facebook, Messenger & Instagram app permanently.

Good day.


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  1. None of the versions of these three apps on my phone have these menu options (Google Pixel 3 XL). I am thoroughly vexed that I can’t stop them from auto-updating.

  2. I’ve turned off all auto-update in app. It does say Google play may still auto-update, which of course it does!
    Only an issue with Facebook apps, hmmmmm


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