How to Watch Amazon Prime With Friends Using Watch Party in India or Anywhere outside the USA

Are you looking for a solution to start an amazon prime videos watch party from anywhere outside the USA? Before we jump on the solution to this, let’s quickly see the problem first.

Watch Parties are a good way to spend time with friends while physically distancing.

Amazon launched its watch party concept earlier this year, amidst the covid pandemic. This makes sure that people can hang out with their folks at the amazon prime watch party.

Having a native watch party feature is amazing. The only caveat though is the fact that this feature is only available in the US and other countries.

I have found a way by which you can start an amazon prime videos watch party with your friends from anywhere around the world. Here’s how you do it.

Watch Amazon Prime with Friends: Start a Prime Videos Watch Party from Anywhere :

To get started, go to amazon prime video, this can be accessed from various URL from different URLs in different locations. In my case, I am using

Once you are inside prime videos choose any movie or show that you want to watch with your friends. Ideally, there should be a watch party button if you access it from the USA, but since my location is based in India. it’s not showing. Well here is a side by side comparison of the two streaming pages.

Now you know the problem, let’s discuss the solution as well. Shall we?

To get started with watching amazon prime videos with friends and starting a watch party outside the USA follow these steps:

1. Open the amazon USA home page : 

To get started, click here. This link will open the Amazon shopping USA page. You will be able to surf products normally from here.


2. Search for Prime Content :

Amazon gives you an option to open prime videos inside the amazon website if you stay in the USA if you search for a movie or a show that’s available inside prime membership, then it will show up on your Amazon shopping search feed.

searching for prime videos on amazon

The only difference here is that if you try to open the content then it will open inside amazon itself, but if you try to open this in a country that has prime videos as a stand-alone service, then it simply gets redirected to which doesn’t support watch party.

So we will leverage the power of Amazon USA pages and start a watch party from there.

3. Start Prime Videos Watch Party

The next step is to actually initiate the watch party. To do this, search for prime content inside the amazon USA shopping site. In this case, I am searching for the show “Hanna”.

searching hanna on amazon prime video

Once you search for the show, you will get results related to prime videos. Click on the title and now you will be redirected to the landing page of the show

open the show page and select watch party

Click on the “Watch Party” Option on the left side, just below the watch now button.

4. Setup Watch Party 

To set up the watch party, you will have to configure your prime videos subscribed account with the amazon USA account. Make sure that you are signed in with the same account inside amazon USA which you are using to access prime videos usually.

enter the name of the watch party and click on create watch party

Once you click on the watch party option you will be shown a prompt on your phone inside the amazon shopping app. Open the prompt and allow sync between the amazon prime account and the app. Once this is done now you will be able to start an amazon prime videos watch party.

Amazon Prime Videos Watch Party Starts

5. Ask Friends to Join the Watch Party 

Once you are done creating the watch party stream, share the link with your friends and ask them to join the watch party.

To join a watch party, open the link given by the friend and enter the name by which you want to jump inside the party.

chat window inside amazon prime videos watch party

6. Play, Pause, and Interact

Now that you have set up a watch party properly, you just have to start playing the content from the beginning. To do this just play any show or movie and move the cursor to the time from where the content starts. Only the original creator of the party can control it.

Anyone inside the watch party can chat and send stickers to other people.

7. End the Watch Party

To end the watch party, just click on the end party button. The moment you do that, all the participants inside the watch party will be notified that the watch party is ended and now they can’t watch the content together.

end the amazon prime videos watch party

Use Amazon Prime Videos Watch Party with Discord Group Calls 

Watching a movie together while being able to talk is the best part of any watch party.

Since amazon prime videos watch party lacks native audio calls while watching movies or series. To counter this, we can use Discord and create a server. All the friends can join that server and the watch party at the same time. Once done, now you will be able to talk to your friends while watching your favorite movies and shows on amazon prime videos watch party.

Use discord to communicate between people

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party in Unsupported Countries: FAQs

What is Amazon Prime Video Watch Party?

Amazon offers its users to host watch parties from their amazon account and it lets users add their friends to the watch party so that people can watch and enjoy amazon prime content with their friends. While inside the watch party, the host decides when to pause or play the content and people can chat while watching the content.

Can I watch all the shows and movies inside the watch party?

No, the only caveat is that the content should be available originally in your country as well to start a watch party. for example, if a particular movie or show is not officially on prime in your country then you can’t start a watch party with that content.

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Outside The USA: Wrapping up

So that was our take on how you can do Amazon Prime Videos watch party even if your country is unsupported.

If you liked the article then do visit our website again and if you have any questions or queries then do drop them in the comment section below. I’ll see you soon.


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