This new YouTube feature lets you share YouTube videos at specific time!

Before we jump on finding the best way to share YouTube videos at a specific time, let’s address the issue first.

While watching live streams and video podcasts on YouTube, there comes a moment when you want to share a specific portion of the video with someone, so you end up doing something like this.

mock time stamp youtube mrnoob

And we all know that this sucks big time. Well, to fix that, YouTube has been rolling out a new feature called ‘YouTube Clips‘. The Clips feature allows you to select and share a small part of a YouTube video with others. Using clips, you can share 5-60 seconds clips of a YouTube video with someone.

Right now, this Clips feature is still in alpha and is rolling out to a limited set of YouTube creators. As a viewer, if your creator of choice has enabled this feature on their channel, then you will see a new ‘Clip‘ icon right below the video, allowing you to share a specific part of their video as a clip to anyone.

Now you must be asking how you can create and share a specific video clip with others. So let’s see how you can make a clip out of any YouTube video.

The need for trimmed-down short-form content – Opinion

If you follow the podcast scene or listen to or watch your favorite podcasts or live stream for that matter, especially during the lockdown scenario, you must be aware that long-format content boomed. People made content almost every day, even live-streamed and shot live podcasts as well.

The need for trimmed-down versions of videos is more than ever now. Some people do watch this long and relatable content, but this isn’t for everyone. Sharing the long-format content into relevant clips is the only way out, no wonder these podcasts have their channels dedicated to these podcasts clips.

If sharing of clips gets made easy, the amount of short but relevant content viewing audience can be the future long-form content viewer, and that’s precisely what youtube wants.

How to create and share YouTube videos at a specific time using the Clips feature?

Share YouTube videos at a specific time On PC/Website:

  1. Go to, then play the video of your choice and look for the ‘Clips’ icon right below the option youtube website mrnoob
  2. Click on the ‘Clips‘ icon. A create clip box will popup with a selection slider and a time-stamp area.time stamp selection slider youtube mrnoob
  3. Now, select the part of the video that you want to share with others. You can either use the selection sliders or use the exact time stamp to choose the video’s specific portion. Do note that the maximum length of the video clips is 60 seconds, and the minimum length is 5 seconds.
  4. After selecting your clip, give that clip a suitable title. This step is mandatory as you won’t be able to share your clip without giving it a title. Now click on the ‘Share Clip’ button to generate a unique Clip URL, which you can copy and share on the platform of your choice.share youtube clip wesbite mrnoob

Send YouTube videos at a specific time On Mobile App:

  1. Open the YouTube app and watch the video with the Clip option enabled. You will see the ‘Clip‘ icon below the clips button youtube app mrnoob
  2. Tap on it to open the ‘Create Clip’ window. Unlike the desktop or web version of YouTube, you will only get Selection sliders to select the video’s specific portion.create clip box youtube mrnoob
  3. Adjust these selection sliders to select the desired portion of the video you want to share. (The minimum you can go is 5 seconds, and the maximum is 60 seconds)
  4. After doing that, you will have to give a suitable title to that clip; else you won’t be able to share it. Now tap on the ‘Share Clip’ button to generate a unique Clip URL that you can share on the platform of your choice from the apps list inside the Share sheet.share clip button

Conclusion: Use Youtube Clips to share YouTube videos at a specific time

So this was our guide on the freshly launched feature by youtube called clip, using which you can create clips and share them with your friends and family directly via WhatsApp or any other messaging application.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can’t see the ‘Clip‘ option inside a YouTube video, what should I do?

The clips option is still in alpha and is available to a limited number of creators at the moment. If you aren’t seeing the ‘Clip‘ option below the video of your favorite YouTube creator, you might have to wait a little longer.

I shared some Clips that I want to delete. Can I delete the YouTube clips?

Yes, you can delete the YouTube Clip you shared. Click on the hamburger menu on the YouTube website and from there, click on ‘Clips‘ to access all your shared clips. From there, you can share it further or delete the Clip.

I am unable to create a Clip from a Live stream!

Specific videos don’t allow you to create clips. According to Google Support, Videos are made for kids, Live streams without DVR, Live streams over 8 hours long, and Premieres while they’re still live.

What is the difference between the ‘Copy video URL at Current Time‘ and the ‘YouTube Clip’ feature?

YouTube already has a ‘Copy video URL at current time‘ feature, which you can use to share a YouTube video at a specific time. You can do this by right-clicking on the video screen of a YouTube video. Now how is Clips different from that feature?
You can see all the clips that you have created inside your YouTube app/website. You can re-share them, or if you want to delete Clips, you can do that as well. Other than that, Clips is available for both YouTube Desktop and YouTube apps.


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