How to record Clubhouse audio conversations on Android, iOS and PC?

A lot is happening over Clubhouse; Jamming sessions, debates or discussions, fun games, and even casual conversations. And sometimes, these drop-in audio sessions are so interesting that you might want to record them for your personal use. But unfortunately, Clubhouse doesn’t have any built-in recording feature. In comparison, they do this on purpose and have laid strict guidelines regarding recording Clubhouse conversations. Yet, we can still record such CH rooms with prior permission.

Now before getting into how you can record audio conversations on Clubhouse. Let us check out some situations in which you might want to record a conversation!

  • Suppose you are hosting a room on Clubhouse, and you want to re-post that on a different platform for your audience there. Or maybe, you want to post highlights of the room on other social media to grab more people as an audience for your next CH room.
  • You are a part of a room covering interesting topics or featuring notable personalities, sharing their views on these topics. You might want to record the whole or a part of it, covering key takeaways for your personal use.

So until Clubhouse lets its users record the conversation within the app. We will discover all the ways by which you can record Clubhouse Audio conversations on Android, iPhone, and PC.

How to record Clubhouse conversations?

A. Record Clubhouse Conversations on iOS/iPhone.

If you are using an iPhone, you can use a built-in iOS Screen Recorder to record Clubhouse conversations. You can access Screen Recording right from the iOS Control Center. If you can’t see any screen recording option on your iPhone, you might have to go through some extra steps before you can continue.

Just go to iOS Settings >> Control Centre and tap on the green (+) icon before ‘Screen Recordings‘ under More Controls.

add screen recording control centre mrnoob

This will add the ‘Screen Recordings‘ option right on your iOS Control Centre so that you don’t have to fiddle around with iPhone settings every time you want to record on Clubhouse.

Now let us see how you can record the Clubhouse room on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Clubhouse app and hop into the room that you want to record.
  2. While you are in the room, open the Control Center and tap on the ‘Screen Recording‘ button to start recording.record button control centre mrnoob
  3. And when you are done recording the room, tap on the recording timer on your iPhone’s status bar and then tap on ‘Stop‘ to save the recorded video in Photos. (On iPhones with Touch ID, you can tap anywhere on the red status bar; but for iPhones with a notch, tap on the recording timer on the left of the Notch to stop recording)save clubhouse auido recording ios mrnoob
  4. And that’s how you record conversations inside the Clubhouse app on iOS.

By default, iOS Screen Recording records audio from your microphone, which you should turn off to avoid any disturbance unless you want to record yourself. Long-press the Screen Recording button on your Control Center and then tap on the ‘Microphone‘ button to switch off your iPhone’s microphone while recording. (Red microphone button = Microphone off)

You should also switch your phone to DND to avoid recording any system sound inside and app notifications inside the Screen Recording.

ios screen recording control centre mic off mrnoob

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B. Record Clubhouse Conversations on Android.

Unlike iOS, Android has various screen recording apps available on the Google Play Store that you can use to record your Clubhouse conversations. Not just that, a lot of smartphones come with a native screen recording feature that you can use in this case. However, the steps to access the native screen recording may vary from device to device; the rest of everything will be similar.

Google brought native screen recording on Android 10 and above, hidden inside the quick settings panel. So before everything else, let’s enable native screen recording on your Android device.

  1. Swipe down twice on your status bar to expand quick settings and look for the edit button. (It should look like a ‘Pencil‘ icon)
    edit android quick settings mrnoob
  2. Now look for the ‘Screen Record‘ tile, then hold and drag it to the top of the visible quick settings tiles.
    screen record tile android mrnoob
  3. And hit back, to save the new quick settings layout with the Screen Record tile. You are now ready to record on Clubhouse.

Now let us see how to record Clubhouse on Android:

  1. Open Clubhouse on your Android, and join the room that you want to record.
  2. While still inside the room you wish to record, swipe down from the status bar to pull quick settings and look for a screen recorder quick setting toggle.start recording android mrnoob
  3. Tap on it to start recording. In most cases, it will start recording the screen immediately; otherwise, you will see a quick floating widget with a red recording button on your smartphone’s screen and you’ll have to press that recording button to start screen clubhouse recorded mrnoob
  4. Once you finish recording that Clubhouse conversation, you can stop the recording from the notification panel (or by tapping on the stop button on the floating screen recording widget. Your record will get saved instantly, which you can find inside your phone’s gallery.stop recording clubhouse android mrnoob

But in case your phone doesn’t have any native screen recording option, you can use apps like AZ Screen Recorder to record the audio conversation on Clubhouse. The recording process is pretty much the same, you’ll have to open the screen recording app first to get all the screen recording options as a floating widget, then open the Clubhouse app and start recording.

C. Record Clubhouse Conversations on PC/Laptop.

As of now, Clubhouse has no plans to release Clubhouse on PC. But there are a few ways through which you can use Clubhouse on PC; we have already covered that in an article. So for this guide, we will be using the ‘Clubdeck‘ app, an unofficial Clubhouse client with added features. Using Clubdeck, you can play music directly from YouTube in a room, record it or even check its stats.

Now keeping all those features for some other time, let’s see how to record Clubhouse on PC with timestamps for easy transcribing using Clubdeck:

  1. Download and install the ‘Clubdeck‘ app on your PC. Clubdeck is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
    download clubdeck windows mac os mrnoob
  2. After installing, login to your Clubhouse account using your phone number.clubdeck clubhouse sign in mrnoob
  3. Now create or enter the room that you want to record. Inside the room, you’ll see a ‘Start Recording‘ option inside room settings on the left side; click on it.record room clubdeck mrnoob
  4. Clubdeck app will now ask your permission to record the room, just hit ‘Ok‘ and then give your recording a name, then click ‘Save‘ to start recording.
  5. The app will record the room in the background, and you can confirm that by the red speaker icon beside the ‘Stop recording‘ option. You can also add timestamps in your recordings, using the shortcut ‘Ctrl+T‘ for easy transcribing.stop recording clubdeck mrnoob
  6. Once you are done recording, click on the ‘Stop Recording‘ option to save the recorded audio file on your computer. Nonetheless, you can also wait until the room is finished and let the app automatically save the recording. And this is how we can record Clubhouse on a PC.

Do note that, Timestamps will be saved separately as a txt file in YouTube and Spotify compatible format after you finish recording the room. You can use it to create chapters for your Podcast or Stream; or if it is just for your personal use, you can import and use transcription software to transcribe recorded audio with the timestamps.

Conclusion: Recording conversation on the Clubhouse app?

The clubhouse is an excellent platform for listening to your favorite speakers speaking on your favorite topic that you might want to record for your use. So until Clubhouse decides to add a recording feature in their app, you can follow this guide for recording conversations on Clubhouse. But please keep in mind that you should always ask for the speaker’s consent before you decide to record a Clubhouse room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to record a Clubhouse room?

Unless you are sharing the recorded Clubhouse room, you don’t have to worry about anything. But whatever the case is, it is always better to ask for the speaker’s permission before you record a CH room. And if it is your Clubhouse room, you can inform everyone in the room that this room is being recorded and have their consent.
Or else, follow your local recording laws, since few countries might have strict regulations related to recording a live conversation without the consent of everyone involved in that conversation. In that case, recording a Clubhouse room without permission should be illegal.

I am getting a ‘Clubhouse record warning’ while screen recording; what should I do?

On iOS, you might see a warning that says;

Will I get banned for recording a Clubhouse conversation?

Well, you might get banned for recording and sharing a Clubhouse conversation without permission. And you can avoid that by seeking prior permission from the host of that room if you are recording it for your personal use and won’t share/reproduce it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about any ban or suspension from the platform.


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