How to Play Among Us With Friends? (Online/Local)

The new Spy game Among us is a rage these days. The fact that you can be an impostor among 10 people on a spaceship and defeat them is making people strategize.

Everyone wants to know how to play among us with friends online or locally and find the impostor.

In this article, we will discuss the steps by which you can play among us with your friends online.

Play Among Us with Friends Online or Locally!

Here is a small guide telling you how to play among us with friends online or offline by which you can start playing with your friends.

Among us is free on android, I will be using Android to demonstrate the way to play it with friends.

To get started with playing among us with your friends on mobile, follow the steps below:

1 – On the Main Game Screen, select “Online” and then select “Create Game.”

To create a game inside Among us, someone among all the friends will need to create a room. Create the room by selecting ‘online‘.

select online on the home screen mrnoob

Now the ‘Create Game‘ option is under the Host section.

create game among us mrnoob

The Important part here is to make sure the server is according to your location for the best ping possible. To change the server, tap or click on the bottom right side of the game and switch the server. There are 3 servers: North America, Europe, and Asia. Choose the right one according to your location.

change server near your location mrnoob

Once you select the server you can specify your friends to join that particular server only.

2 – Select Map and Other Attributes

On the next screen, you can choose your map and the number of players that will be playing the game along with you. You will have to choose between 3 maps: The Skeld, MiraHQ, and Polus. The most popular one is the Skeld.

Select Map and Other Attributes 1

Now choose the number of impostors. The Least amount of impostors is 1 and the most are 3. If you chose to play with 6 people then go with 1 impostor and if you are playing with more than 6 people

3 – Share the Created Room Code with Friends over Social Media

Once the Room is Created, You will now see a 6-letter code that you can share with your friends over social media like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp, etc.

4 – Wait for Friends to join the room

Once your friends have access, they can now join the game by entering the code sent by you. To do that, just go to Online. Now select the server which was used while making the game. If the game is originally made on the Asia server then you can only join it via choosing the Asia server.

let friends join

As soon as your friends do that, they will start joining the game.

5 – Change the Room Visibility to Public mode and let random people Join

Once all your friends are in, now you can change the game’s visibility to the public. To change the game room to the public from private, just tap on the private option once and it will be now turned to the public. As soon as you do that you will see that random people will start hopping on to the game.

Make the game Public

Once you have the desired number of people inside the game, Press the start button.

press the start button

Conclusion – Play Among Us with Friends!

Among us, the game is certainly a breath of fresh air between all the usual action shooters like PUBG or Fortnite. The fact that you can play this game with your whole crew makes it much more interesting than any game on the market. We will be covering more regarding this game like what are the best settings and how to voice chat with friends so keep an eye out for them in this space. I will see you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Cost of Buying Among us?

Among us is absolutely free on the play store and App store. However, if you want to buy this for your PC via steam, you will have to pay a humble $4.99.

Can I Play Among For Free on a PC?

Well, technically the answer is no. But if you want to be a circumvent mechanic like you always are. You can use an emulator like Bluestacks and Emulate the Android Version of the game on your laptop or PC and now you can buy a coffee with the money you saved.

How can we play among us locally with our friends? 

To play the among us game locally with your friends, just tap on local and create a room within the same wifi and you will be able to play with all your friends locally. Just make sure that you have proper social distancing otherwise… you know!

Can I play among us via mobile with my friends on pc?

Yes, you can. Among us is fully supported with cross-platform play which will help you in playing among us with your friends on a computer.

Can I play Among us with Discord to Voice Chat?

Yes, you can play among us with Discord. The process is simple, Create a server and add your friends there and make them all start and join the game. The process is simple but there is a lot attached to it like when to mute or mic ethics involved while playing among us. There will be a full-length content piece on the same very soon, so keep an eye for it on our home page.

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