How to Download and Install Parler App on Android Without Play Store After Ban?

So Google Play Store has banned the Free Speech social media App called Parler, which made everyone asking this question how to install Parler App on Android Without Play Store After Ban?

In simple steps, to install the Parler app on android without the play store, you just need an APK file from a reliable source or an alternative to the Play store to download the app.

The Parler app came into the limelight after its ban from Google Playstore and suddenly everyone wanted to know about the Parler app.

People have questions like “What is the Parler app?”, “Is Parler app Safe or not?”, “how to download the Parler app without the Play store after the ban?”

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Disclaimer: While we do support the thought that social media should be unbiased and free, we do not endorse the use of free speech on social media to spread hatred. We at Produce tech-based guides and this just one of them.

Parler App for Android – What is Parler App and why is it the talk of the town suddenly?

Parler literally translates “To Speak” in french. The Parler app is a Micro-Blogging app that focuses on free speech. The app launched in September 2018 and since then it managed to have over 4 Million people on its user base.

parler means to speak mrnoob

The Social Media app, Parler is like a Twitter alternative for posting micro textual content, where people can post their thoughts freely and nothing will get censored.

The Parler app was taken down on the 9th of January 2021 after the Capitol incident in the United States. In their argument, Google said that people used the app to incite violence, asking everyone to assemble at the capitol.

The Need for Free Speech Social Media!

“All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession.

With the rise of tech giants taking over our lives and collecting data to analyze, and then tweak it to sell things to us, authentic thoughts (which can be edgy or hard-hitting sometimes) are often ceased from getting the limelight. Free speech is really important and writers and intellectuals from the past decade have written several books on free speech as well that can give you a wider perspective of reality.

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Where to Download Parler App?

The Parler app can not be downloaded via Playstore, we have discussed the method and the ways by which you can download Parler in this guide. You can download Parler via the social website, 3rd party websites like APK pure, and store like Aptoide.

How to Download Parler App – Is it safe or not?

After the sudden removal of the app from the play store, if you go and search for the word Parler on the play store or open the play store link on your device, it will show an error.

parler error

The Parler app in itself is totally safe to use and you can use it normally without any issues but the ban has created a surge in the curiosity to download the Parler app so make sure you stay away from malware.

parler not available on play store

Download and Install Parler App on Android Without Play Store After Ban?

The easiest way to download Parler app on your android smartphone without the google play store after the ban is to use Parler’s official website. Parler has hosted their official APK there, Let’s see how to do this :

  1. Open Google Chrome or the browser of your choice.
  2. Navigate to this link. This will open Parler’s APK installation Page.parler apk installation page
  3. Now Select the Version of android your phone works on. To find that you can refer to this the android version
  4. Now tap on “Download Parler for Android”.Tap on download parler for android
  5. Let the download complete.
  6. Now go to device downloads or browser download page and you will find ‘Parler-release.apk‘ there. Tap on it.tap on the parler release apk
  7. Android will start processing installation. Install the app normally.install parler normally
  8. Now you will be able to use Parler if you already have an account. New sign-ups are closed for now.parler app interface

Parler App Download – Download and Install Parler Via APKpure 

  1. Open Chrome browser or any other browser of your choice.
  2. Now go to this link to open the Parler APK page of APK pure. APK Pure is a reliable website that you can trust for downloading the Parler apk. So no worries at chrome app and open parler
  3. By default, Apk Mirror shows the file format as XAPK which is a different version of APK that requires an installer separately. You don’t have to install the XAPK, an APK version is fine.
  4. To do this scroll down to the Parler app description and tap on “All Versions”.click on all versions
  5. Now Select an app version with Just APK instead of an apk version
  6. Tap on the app version and now it will redirect you to the download page of Parler parler from apkpure
  7. Once downloaded, tap on the apk inside downloads. After this, you will be able to open the apk file inside your phone. Tap on install and the Parler apk will be installed on your android phone.tap on downloaded parler apk
  8. After installation, you just have to sign in with your credentials and you are good to go.parler app interface

Alternate Method: Install Parler App on Android After the ban using the Aptoide Store!

To download and install the Parler app on your android smartphone after the ban from the play store, you can use 3rd party websites like Aptoide Store as well. Here’s how;

  1. Use this link to download the Aptoide the aptoide store
  2. Open the Aptoide store and search for for parler
  3. The app with the red P logo is the Parler app. Tap on the icon inside the Aptoide Store.
  4. Inside the App download page, tap on Install.tap on install
  5. Let the download complete and the app will be automatically downloaded on your device without any issues.install parler

Install Parler apk

This is how you download and install the Parler apk on your android phone easily. Once you download the Parler apk, make sure to install it via file manager and you can easily use Parler app on your android phone using Parler apk. app – This is why Parler stopped working 

The Parler social media app came into the limelight when the google play store banned the app from its platform on the 9th of January 2021. Apple also removed Parler from its app store on the very next day. Till then the app was working fine and if you downloaded Parler from an external source like the official Parler site or APK pure etc, it was working fine.

Amazon suspended the hosting for free speech on social media and all of a sudden it stopped working. Parler CEO says that the service might take some time to be up and working again, meanwhile, you can try some of the best Parler alternatives and voice your speech there.

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Parler App Download without Play Store – Conclusion

So this was our take on how you can download and install the Parler app even after the ban and removal from the play store. If you liked our guide then don’t forget to show your support in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it the Parlor social talking app that Google Banned?

Google has banned the Parler app in January 2021 from the play store for encouraging violence by Trump supporters. The Parler app has a similar name to the Parlor app which is a social talking app while Parler is a microblogging platform made for free speech. The confusion is obvious as both these apps have similar names but it’s Parler that is banned not Parlor.

How to get Parler?

We have discussed all the methods in this guide to get the Parler app. but do note that getting the apk doesn’t mean that the app will start working as well, the app will only function if the servers of the er app are up and working properly.

How does Parler work?

Parler more or less works like Twitter but considers it a more democratized version of Twitter. Just like Twitter, you can write your thoughts on your timeline. A piece of content that you post on your timeline is called a “Parley” and you can follow other people, comment on their parleys, and share their parleys on your timeline.

How to follow other people on Parler?

To follow other people on Parler follow these steps :
Click or tap on the search bar.
Enter the username of the person you want to follow.
Click on the loupe icon.
Open the Parler Profile and now you will be able to see all their parle.
Tap the follow button.follow people on parler

Is Parler available on the play store to download?

The Parler app is removed from the play store on 9th January 2021. The operation of the app’s core ecosystem is working fine and you can use the methods we discussed in this article to unblock Parler on your android phone.

Can you Access Parler online?

Yes, Parler’s social media can be accessed online on This way you can directly open your browser and access the website if you want. If you want the app itself then you can do so by following our guide.


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  1. This was very helpful information. We tried to download it from the Google Play Store initially, but we didn’t beat the removal. Your recommendation worked great. I also have a few MAC devices and I want the app there as well. I understand Apple is going to do the same thing. I tried to download the app from Apple this evening, but now I hear that they also banned the app. Can you please provide any information on how to download the app to an Ipad now that it is no longer on the Apple app store? Thanks for your help.

  2. A very clear and nicely explained answers to the just banned Parler app.Congratulations.People need and are on the lookout for more such advice sidestepping the Playstore monopoly, alternative browsers and data on social apps without needing phone numbers etc.Keep it up.

  3. I have downloaded the app both ways described here and the app is telling me sign up not available. How do I fix this? Is there a way around it?

  4. I went through all of this and was able to download the app. When I tried to sign up, entering all the information and password, “sign-up is unavailable” came up. Are they just not allowing anyone else to sign up or is it completely unavailable?

    • Parler is down at the moment. You will be able to see it once it’s back again. It might take around another week as per the CEO’s statement.

    • Parler is down at the moment. You will be able to see it once it’s back again. It might take around another week as per the CEO’s statment


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