New features of MIUI 10 Global ROM!

MIUI 10 is already out as a beta ROM for almost all devices. And new devices such as Mi Mix 2, Redmi Y2, Redmi 6/6 Pro, etc., have already got this update. The remaining devices will eventually get the update by the end of October. But let’s not talk about when each device will get this update. With a bunch of new features, MIUI 10 is a noteworthy MIUI update after a long time. MIUI 10 not only focuses on software-based improvement but also, gives MIUI a fresh new look with some amazing features. There is a long list of features of MIUI 10, that makes this update one of the best MIUI updates in a long time. So in case, you haven’t received MIUI 10 update on your device, We will make it easy by giving you an insight into all those features of MIUI 10.

New features of MIUI 1- Global ROM!

1- New Notification Panel

The way MIUI used to handle the notifications is one of the most hated things about the UI. Earlier it was good, but with a newer Android version, the notification panel does way more than show notifications. The one on MIUI seems pretty odd & useless. But with MIUI 10 this has been changed completely. Xiaomi has not only made it close to what Stock Android offers, but also has adopted a much more intuitive card-style interface. The new notification panel’s UI also fits well with devices with notches. They have also improved the way notifications stacked up on the lock screen when your devices are in a lock state.

miui 10 features 1

2- New Recent App Panel

If you are a long-time MIUI user, then you will never forget the old style of the recent panel which is as old as the MIUI itself. With MIUI 10, Xiaomi has now improved its recent panel to a more modern look. This time instead of scrolling horizontally, snippets of your apps are stacked up vertically in the recent app panel. You can simply scroll up in the recent panel & open up the desired app. This new & improved layout is said to take the advantage of screens with a longer aspect ratio, showing you more number of apps on a single screen. Also, it will make it easy to navigate with one hand on bigger & taller phones. And long-pressing the app snippets in the recent panel will allow you to see more options such as locking that particular app, adding it to dual windows & opening app settings.

miui 10 features 2

3- Android Pie Style Volume Control

Recently, with the release of Android Pie, there is a buzz around the new side volume control. Earlier Android used to show Volume control on the top of the screen whenever you tap on the volume rocker (Volume buttons) on your devices. But with Pie, this has changed. Now the on-screen volume controls will pop up on the right side of the screen. MIUI 10 has adopted the same style of volume/media controls. Since it was kind of hard on big-screen phones to reach the top to use media controls. Side controls will make it easy to access those controls.

miui 10 features 3

4- Gesture Navigation Support

Gestures navigation is not a new thing to MIUI, it was there since MIUI 9.6. Ever since Xiaomi started making full display phones with new aspect ratios display, they have implemented gestures-based navigation on MIUI. Gestures-based navigation lets you enjoy your phone’s display without the distraction of the on-screen navigation keys. In MIUI 10, they have improved it & make navigation gestures more streamlined with animations. To go home, swipe up from the bottom of the screen; for accessing the recent menu, swipe from the bottom & hold for a second to see the recent menu; to go back, swipe from either side of the display (works only with the bottom half of screen) and to switch between apps, swipe & hold from either side of the screen & lift your finger to switch to the previous app. Using gestures efficiently required some learning curve, but once you master it, you will never go back.

miui 10 features 4

5- Game Mode

Ever since PUBG has gained popularity. Gaming is one of the priorities of most smartphone users. For those mobile gamers, MIUI 10 has an inbuilt ‘Game Mode‘. This game mode lets users have a different profile during games to improve the gaming experience. Games mode helps in boosting game performance by clearing RAM & cache. It also enables in-game DND mode, which disables all sorts of disturbance during games such as incoming notifications & navigation bars. The game mode also enabled a Game bar/shortcut, which will pop up whenever you open a game. It lets you boost the game manually, toggle the navigation bar & enable you to record your gameplay, which you can later share. It’s a handy feature for all game streamers out there.

miui 10 features 5

6- AI-based Portrait Mode

Thanks to Google for bringing Portrait mode on a single camera lens via Google Pixel devices. Portrait mode lets you get that DSLR-like background blur in your photos with a human subject. In MIUI 10, you can do the same within the default camera app. The default camera app uses machine learning to click portrait shots of human subjects. However, it’s not as good as what Google does with its Google camera. Portrait mode is available on both front & rear cameras, on almost all devices with a single camera that will get MIUI 10 update.

miui 10 features 6

6- Nature-based sound profile

The nature-based sound profile is something new & refreshing that we are seeing in MIUI 10. If you are on MIUI 10, do notice the notification sound for various notifications, system sounds, alarms, etc., Every sound is somewhat inspired by nature in some way. Most of the inspiration is taken from water, rain, wind, sand & fire. You can also turn on the timer in the Clock app to listen to various nature-based sounds. (Don’t forget to plug in your headphones for the best experience)

miui 10 features 7

7- New and Improved System App UI

Xiaomi has also worked on improving the layout of a few of the system apps, giving them a modern look that can make use of the full display. Apps like the Security app, Weather app, Clock app, Calendar app, and Notes app got a design change. Few apps are completely redesigned, and few are given minor changes. But no matter what this new change is good to see after a long time.

miui 10 features 8

Wrapping Up: New features of MIUI 10 Global ROM

These are the visible changes, that you’ll see once you get MIUI 10 Global ROM on your device. We personally think that this is one of the best MIUI updates ever after a long time. MIUI 10 has lots of things up its sleeve & we hope Xiaomi will improve more in a future update. Especially with those System Ads mess.

What do you think about MIUI 10? Is it yeah or Nah? Tell us via a comment.

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