Neighbourly- An app for trusted neighbourhood answers!

Would you love getting help from your neighborhood without even going out & actually interacting with them? If the answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place. Google has one app that can do that & you don’t even know if something like this could exist. Earlier this year, Google announced & started beta testing a crowd-sourcing app that helps people get locals’ suggestions/answers to their queries. This app is called Neighbourly. Neighbourly is a platform that allows you to ask questions directly to your neighbors using the app, without sharing who you are.

Let’s find out what more you can do with this app & how this app works!

What is the Neighbourly app?

At times, you might need to look for something in your neighborhood & the only way to find that out is by exploring your neighborhood by yourself. With Neighbourly, you can skip that part since sometimes exploring your neighborhood can be a time-consuming task. And it’s not always that you ended up finding what you need. Neighborly allows you to post your questions, like ‘Where can I get good Economics coaching for my child?‘, ‘How to reach the nearest subway via road?‘ etc., You can ask anything that you think you can get answered by your neighbors. Since your neighbors know the local activities very well, you’ll definitely get a trusted answer to your query.

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How to use the Neighbourly app?

Neighbourly is a simple use app, that is developed keeping in mind that everyone can use it without any complications. After signing up for the app, you will start seeing questions directly from your neighborhood in form of cards. You can either follow these questions or if you know the answer, you can reply directly & make your contribution. These questions will be based on your location, where you can add 3 different areas/locations & switch between them to see questions from that locality.

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You can also ask your own questions & get them answered by your neighbors. The best part about this app is that it will not share your identity & you are virtually anonymous to the community. The app will notify you if someone from your area posted a question. You can also report questions & answers if they don’t fit the community standards. You can also follow a contributor & like their answers, if they are good & answers the question. You have an option to use your voice to ask a question or answer a question in your own language.

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Perks of using Neighbourly

Unlike Google Opinion Rewards, Neighbourly isn’t giving you any credits for helping your neighbors, but you can earn your own place by giving valuable contributions & get medals against it. Each answer will add up to your contribution. The app will provide you medals based on how fast you answer, how many likes you are getting on your answers & how many questions you’ve asked. If your answers are getting more like, Neighbourly will give you a trusted tag, to ensure the credibility of your answers.

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Apart from this, If you allow, Google can also contact you for research & marketing purposes.

Who should be using Neighbourly?

If you are a frequent traveler & want to travel solo, you can use this app to get answers to your local queries. If you have recently shifted to a new place, then you can use this app to get to know your neighborhood better. Seeing the scope & functionality, this app has a lot of potential in near future.

This app is still in its beta phase & gradually growing so that it can cover more localities. Apart from that, the number of users seems very less & a little amount of the audience is aware of this. Only if this app could get more exposure locally, it can turn out to be a game-changer.

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What do you think about this app? Have you ever come across any such app in past? Do let us know via a comment.

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