MIUI vs Stock Android: Know the difference!

Let me be clear, this isn’t an article on ‘which flavor of Android is better, MIUI vs Stock Android?‘ Because as long as it satisfies the user’s needs, it’s better. Be it Stock Android or MIUI, both flavors of Android have their own pros & cons. Some prefer Stock Android due to its clean & bloat-free interface, which allows them to use their device as their own. While MIUI (or other skinned UI) is feature-rich with lots of customization, themes

To summarize everything, my friend Prathamesh Dhanorkar (You can follow his work on XDA) has done the hard work & pen down everything related to both flavors of Android. With this list, you can get an idea of where each flavor of Android has over another. And if you are new to the Android platform but confused about whether you should go with stock Android or skinned UI like MIUI, this list will give you a fair idea of what you should choose based on your preference.

Comparison Chart!

As you can clearly see, MIUI has a bunch of features that Stock Android lacks. Out of many features, some might not be beneficial but features like call/screen recorder, a smart messaging app, 3-fingers swipe to screenshot, etc., can come in handy at times. Moreover, not every feature can be replicated via a third-party app. But on the downside, these features require some resources on RAM, which automatically makes MIUI a RAM-hungry OS. Which makes Stock Android a choice for many users, just because it allows a user to use an app that he is comfortable with.

So which flavor of Android is your favorite? Do you prefer the simplicity of Stock Android or the features of MIUI? Do let me know via comments.

Thank you. 🙂


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