Mi Casual Backpack review: A Minimal Backpack for Commuters

Xiaomi never failed to amaze us with their variety of products. Their backpack line is no different. This year they have launched 3 new backpacks in India. Starting from INR 899 to INR 1999, which is a fair pricing for most backpacks out their. I have got the Mi Casual Backpack with me & I have been using it since as my main backpack. It’s their cheapest backpack available in India and does comes in 3 different colors; Blue, Grey & Black. Let’s see how it stands up against what it offers.

Mi Casual Backpack Review

Xiaomi has given a minimal approach to this Mi Casual backpack, with no fancy feature to talk about. It’s a straight forward everyday carry, either for college goings, office or as the name suggest, for casual carrying. A backpack that you can use to carry your laptops (up to 15″, but more suitable for smaller laptops), notebooks, water bottles, headphones & other petty items. Your everyday carry that you can’t put inside your pockets, can easily fit inside this backpack.

mi casual backpack 1

This backpack is made up of 600D polyester material, which is not only durable but looks good & can repel water, in case you feel like dancing in rain with this backpack on. So don’t worry your items inside this backpack are secure. Xiaomi have used a patterned design on this backpack, which it look distinct yet blends in perfectly with any attire. On outside, you’ll find a front compartment with a YKK zipper, which you can use to put items that you might need frequently, without opening the main compartment. But do make sure, that you don’t put your valuables there, since that pocket is easily accessible. And you definitely don’t want any unwanted access to your valuable items.

Other than this pocket, you will also find a plastic handle. This handles not only adds to the aesthetics but can also be used to tuck in something that you might not want to put inside. I generally, use this to tuck in my heavy headphones. You might confuse this handle, being a regular handle but it isn’t. You will find an other handle above it to lift your backpack, in case you don’t want to carry it on your back.

mi casual backpack 3

On both sides, you’ll see one easy access pocket, where you can keep your water bottles. And surprisingly, it does hold bottles securely. I use it for keeping my earphones & items, that I don’t want to struggle with, when I am on the go. The back of the bag is has padding for comfort. Though it’s not as fancy as other backpacks, but it is comfortable. Until unless, you are carrying something as heavy as a big laptop, you wont feel any sort of stress from this backpack.

mi casual backpack 2
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Now opening the main compartment, is where I get some sort of disappointment. At first, it’s a delight to see a dual tone color tone, which adds to the aesthetics of this backpack. (this dual color tone is limited to the black colour backpack, which has a green colored interior)  Inside the backpack, you will find a separate laptop compartment & a hollow space to put everything else. That’s it, no zipper pocket in this compartment to keep items that you might not want to keep in front pocket for safety reasons. If you want to keep your wallet or cash or your earphones or even your phone securely, you have to keep it inside the main compartment. Not only that, there is no padding on the front of laptop sleeve compartment. In case, you keep any stiff item with your laptop, you might need to take some extra care.

mi casual backpack 4

Final Worlds

I wasn’t expecting too much from this backpack, but surprisingly, it turned out to be really good. I can easily live with the lack of padding in laptop compartment, yet I feel that there is a need of another zipper pocket in the main compartment. Other than that, I appreciate how Xiaomi has used the best materials out their to make this backpack. For INR 899, it’s a great backpack for anyone who is willing to take it with them on daily basis. Whether for everyday carrying, taking it to college or even at work, this backpack blends in every situation perfectly.

You can buy this backpack online from Mi Website & Flipkart.

For any query regarding this backpack, feel free to type a comment with your question.
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