How to make Discord Server?

Discord can be a perfect place to connect and communicate with friends, family or even a larger community. With just a little effort, you can make a Discord Server where you and your friends, your gaming squad, or your online community can interact and have fun.

Learn every step of setting up a Discord server, from creating it to adding channels, bots, and user roles and customizing it. Plus, find out how to make your server a Community Server and how to delete it if needed.

So, are you ready to create a Discord Server and dive into this exciting adventure? Great! Let’s get started.

TL;DR — Create Discord Server

To make a Discord server.

  1. Open Discord Web on your device or download the Discord app.
  2. Register for a new Discord account if you haven’t already, or log in.
  3. Click on the + button on the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Select a Server template or choose Create your own.
  5. Choose your server type.
  6. Enter your Server name and upload a server image if you have one.
  7. Press Create button, and your new Discord server is now ready to use.

How to make Discord Server?

Making a Discord server is simple; you only need a free Discord account. Once you have your account, you can create your Discord server by following the below steps.

Create a Discord Account.

If you haven’t already created an account, you must sign up for a free Discord account for making a server. Go to the Discord register page and sign up for a Discord account using your email, username, date of birth, and password.

create discord account on pc

After you complete the registration process, confirm your account by clicking on the verification link sent to your email. After confirming your account, you are ready to start creating your server.

Make a Discord Server.

Now open Discord on your device and log in to your account. On the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see a + (plus) icon. Click on it, and a window will open with an option to create a new server.

create new discord server pc

On the popup, select Create My Own to start a new server from scratch, or choose from the available templates if you want to use a pre-existing setup.

select new discord server template or start making from scratch pc

Now select a type for your server; this could be for a private server for a group of friends or club a gaming community. This step is optional, and you can skip it if you want.

choose discord server type or skip on pc

Next, enter a catchy name for your server, and optionally, you can also upload a server icon. After that, click on the Create button.

enter discord server name and create

Congratulations, your Discord server is now created. Now that you have an account, let’s make your Discord server.

How to set up your Discord Server?

Setting up your Discord server involves fine-tuning all the details and adding the channels, members, and roles that make your server functional and unique. Here’s how to do this step-by-step:

Create a category and channel on Discord.

Creating categories and channels on your Discord server is a great way to organize your chats and keep things tidy. You can create different types of channels, such as,

  • Text Channel – Like a normal group chat, you can send messages, links, images, and videos to discuss different topics in Text Channels.
  • Voice Channel – This channel allows members to get on voice or video calls or even share screens.
  • Rules Channels – If you want to define some server rules, this is the channel you should set up.
  • Forum Channels – These are a new channel type with a forum-based layout, where members can discuss a topic within their thread.
  • Announcement Channels (Community Servers only) – If you are running a community server, you can use this channel to broadcast important updates or news to all members who follow your server.
  • Stage Channels (Community Servers only) – This channel is used for audio events, where a select group of speakers can address a larger audience. They are perfect for podcasts, Q&As, or community updates.

If you have selected a template while creating your server, you may already have some default categories and channels set up. But if you choose to make your own server, you must manually set up the channels and categories.

To create a new channel, click on your Server’s name and select Create Channel from the menu.

create channel on discord desktop app

Now, on the popup, select your Channel type, name your channel, and press Create Channel. You can also turn on the Private Channel toggle if you want to restrict access only to specific roles or members. Repeat the process until you have all the channels you need; like General Channel, Memes channel or NSFW Channel.

create channels options popup discord pc

You can further organize your channels into categories. To create a new Category, click on your Server’s name and select Create Category from the menu.

create category on discord desktop app

Then, on the popup, give your category a name and click Create Category.

create category popup on discord pc

You can now drag and drop channels into this category, helping to keep your server tidy and easy to navigate.

Set Clear Discord Server Rules.

As important as it sounds, setting up Discord server rules is crucial in maintaining a friendly and respectful community environment. Whether creating a server for a small group of friends or launching a large online community, establishing rules helps set expectations for behavior.

To begin, create a Rules text channel (if you haven’t done so already). In this dedicated channel, write down all the rules you want members to adhere to. Ensure these rules cover all crucial aspects like language etiquette, prohibited content, member interaction, etc.

After writing your rules, it’s a good idea to pin the rules message. This way, it remains at the top of the channel for everyone to see. To pin a message, hover over the message, click on the More options (three dots) button on the right, and click Pin Message.

Add bots and apps to manage your server.

One of the best ways to automate tasks and add functionality to your Discord server is by using bots or apps. From moderating chat rooms and announcing new members using MEE6 to playing music via Chip Bot, bots can help you manage your server effectively.

You can easily add bots on your Server from Discord’s app directory, which you can access by clicking on the Server Name and then the App Directory from the menu.

app directory on discord web

But if you can’t find the bot you’re looking for in the App Directory, you can also add bots from external sources. Just be cautious while doing so, and only add bots from trusted sources to ensure the safety of your server.

Invite friends to your server.

Now that your server is set up and ready to go, it’s time to invite your friends to join! You can do this by creating an invite link.

To create an invite link, click on the Server’s name and choose Invite People from the menu.

invite people option in server menu pc

A window will pop up with an invite link; copy that and send it to your friends.

copy discord server invite link popup web

You can customize this invite link by setting an expiration date or limit to the number of uses. This way, you control who can join your server and when.

Assign roles and permissions for better management.

Roles help you manage your Discord server or community by giving certain permissions to specific member groups. These roles can range from administrators and moderators to unique roles for VIP members, new members, or even bots.

By default, Discord provides a basic role @everyone that applies to every member, but you can create your roles based on your server’s requirements.

To create a new role, open your Server settings, navigate to Roles, and click the Create Role button.

roles option inside discord server settings

After that, define the permissions for that role and give it a name and a color to distinguish it from others more easily.

create a new role with different permissions

Each role can have a unique set of permissions that can be adjusted to your liking. This can include access to specific channels, the ability to kick or ban users, manage roles, and more.

Once you have created your roles, you only need to assign them to your members.

How to make Discord Server on mobile?

While the steps to create a Discord server are similar on mobile and desktop, the interface and experience can feel different on a smaller screen. Here’s how to make your Discord server on Android or iPhone:

  1. Download the Discord app on your Android or iPhone and open it.
  2. On the app home screen, tap Register to create a new Discord account. Or tap on Login if you already have an account.register login discord mobile app
  3. Once logged in, tap on the + button on the left sidebar.create new discord server mobile
  4. Select Create My Own to start from scratch or choose from a template.choose discord server template mobile
  5. Then select a server type, either a Community or a Club or a Friend’s server type discord mobile
  6. Next, give your server a name, and optionally, upload a server icon, then tap on Create Server.enter server name and create discord mobile

Congratulations! You’ve set up a Discord server on your mobile device. You can now customize the server settings before inviting your friends to join.

How to switch your Discord Server to a Community server?

Community server is a type of Discord server designed to help creators, communities, and influencers communicate with their fans more efficiently. It offers features like member onboarding, server analytics, and community announcements.

Discord asks you to choose between a Community server or a Club/Group server while creating a new server. If you didn’t choose the Community server at that moment, don’t worry. You can always switch to a community server later.

To change your Discord server to a Community server, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your server’s name and select Server Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the Server Settings, go to the left sidebar, click on Enable Community, and press Get Started.enable community feature on discord server
  3. A setup window will popup, make sure you follow everything, including Safety checks, and setting up a separate rules and community update channel.
  4. Then, on the final screen agree to Discord’s Community Guidelines and press Finish Setup button.create a new role with different permissions

And voila! You’ve successfully changed your server to a Community server. You can now access and utilize the extra features and tools like Partner Program and Discovery feature with a Community server.

If your server is already a Community Server, and you want to switch back to a standard server, you can quickly revert from the Server Settings.

Go to your Server settings, navigate to the Community Overview tab, and click Disable Community.

switch community server to normal discord server

A prompt will ask you to confirm your decision. After confirming, your server will revert to a standard Discord server.

How to Delete Discord Server?

If you have accidentally created a Discord server or no longer need a server you’ve created, you can opt to delete it. Remember that this action is irreversible and will permanently delete all data and messages related to the server.

To delete a Discord server, go to your server settings and click the Delete Server option at the bottom of the page.

delete discord server option inside server settings

A confirmation window will pop up; press Delete Server button to confirm.

confirm deleting discord server

And that’s it! Your Discord server has been permanently deleted.

Embrace the Discord Adventure!

Growing your Discord server is not just about setting it up and inviting your friends; it’s much more than that. There’s a lot to learn from assigning roles and permissions to setting up rules and engaging your community.

Remember, a Discord server’s strength lies in its active management and community engagement. Feel free to experiment with different bots, roles, and channel types – they’re the tools that will help you create a unique online space.

Lastly, make full use of the Community Server tools if your goal is to build a larger, more public community. The additional features provided by Discord can be invaluable in creating a more efficient and enjoyable environment for your members.

No matter what your needs are, the key to a successful Discord Server is active management and engagement. Enjoy growing your community in this one-of-a-kind online space. Happy Discord-ing!

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