Microsoft PC Manager – How to install and use it to boost Windows 11/10 Performance?

Microsoft has constantly been working on improving the performance of its Windows 11 operating system. Recently, they released an app called “Microsoft PC Manager,” an all-in-one optimization tool that you can install on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Microsoft PC Manager is a collection of nifty maintenance and performance tools to help you clean up, speed up and optimize your Windows 10 and 11 PC. It offers a one-click solution to clean up junk files, optimize storage, remove viruses, fix registry errors, and increase the performance & privacy of your Windows PC.

Initially, this app is released for Chinese Windows users with Chinese text all over the interface. But now we have this app in English for Windows users globally.

And this article explains how you can install and use Microsoft PC Manager on your Windows 10 and 11 PC, with a detailed guide on each tool and what it does.

Download and Install Microsoft PC Manager on Windows 11 (and Windows 10)

Note that the Windows PC Manager app is still in Beta and is compatible with Windows 10 (1809 and above) and Windows 11. If you are on the older versions of Windows, you won’t be able to use the PC Manager app to boost the performance of your PC/Laptop.

With that out of the way, here is how to download and install Micrsoft PC Manager on Windows 11. (And Windows 10)

To download the Microsoft PC Manager tool, simply head over to its official website and click on the “Download” button to download the setup file.

download windows pc manager mrnoob

Once the download is completed, launch the setup file, accept the user agreement box, and click on “Install” to install the PC manager on your Windows operating system.

install microsoft pc manager mrnoob

After successful installation, click on “Launch Now” to launch the Microsoft PC Manager. Or you can launch it directly from the Start menu.

microsoft pc manager install complete mrnoob

That’s it, this is how you install Microsoft PC manager on your Windows 11/10 PC.

How to Use Microsoft PC Manager – Exploring all its features

Upon launching PC Manager, you will see a dashboard pop up on the bottom right of your screen, with two sections: Cleanup and Security. Each section has its own set of tools that you can use to perform various tasks to optimize your PC’s performance.

The cleanup section is designed to help the user perform quick system cleanup and optimize performance with all the available tools. It has four tools and a boost button to quickly improve your Windows performance. At the same time, the Security section has three tools and a scan button to scan your PC for threats.

Let’s check all the tools that Microsoft PC Manager has and how to use them to improve your Windows performance.

Quickly boost your PC’s performance with the “Boost” button.

The Boost button is a one-click solution to improve your Windows performance. When you click the “Boost” button, it automatically clears out the unnecessary background apps from the RAM and removes temporary files to free up some system resources.

boost windows performance pc manager mrnoob

You can use this whenever your computer is slowing down and needs a quick junk clean-up.

“Health check” for a quick Windows Diagnosis

Health checkup is a quick diagnostic tool that will scan your PC for possible performance issues. Once the scan is completed, you’ll see all the actions you can take to improve your system’s performance. You can check those you want to fix, uncheck the ones you want to skip, and press the “Proceed” button.

Free up some disk space with “Storage management.”

If you have ever used the Disk Clean-up utility on your Windows PC, the Storage Management tool offers just that but is more accessible.

pc manager storage manager mrnoob

Inside Storage management, you have a Deep clean-up tool for extensive system cleaning. You can perform a Deep Clean-up of your Windows drive, and remove files from previous Windows updates, Temporary folders, Recycle bin, Web cache folder, etc.,

storage manager deep cleanup windows mrnoob

While the Manage Large Files will help you search for files by their sizes and type on your system drive, which you can delete if needed.

manage large file storage manager windows mrnoob

End unnecessary Processes using “Process management.”

Process management is a slim-down version of Windows Task Manager. It shows you all the processes running in the background and eating up the RAM. If you see any app unnecessarily hogging your system’s memory, click on the “End” button beside its process name.

process management pc manager windows mrnoob

But surprisingly, the Process Management tool doesn’t show Microsoft apps as an unused process. I have both Edge and Chrome Browser running side-by-side, yet I could only see Chrome browser’s process in the list.

Enable/Disable “Startup apps.”

If you are wondering why your Windows computer keeps you waiting after booting up, you might need to disable unnecessary Startup apps. Using the Startup apps tool, you can quickly enable or disable apps that run after your Windows boots up.

startup apps pc manager windows mrnoob

Disabling unnecessary startup apps will significantly improve your Windows startup performance, and your system will boot up faster.

Quickly Scan your PC for Threats with the “Scan” button.

Inside the Security section, you can click the “Scan” button to quickly start scanning for threats like viruses, spyware, malware, and malicious apps on your Windows PC. PC Manager will use Windows Defender to scan for possible threats and automatically eliminate them for you.

quick scan windows threats pc manager windos mrnoob

Keep your system updated to date with “Windows Update.”

The Windows Update tool will show you if there are any updates available inside the PC Manager. You can select or deselect which update from the list and then hit the “Update” button to install them.

windows update pc manager windows mrnoob

“Browser Protection” to eliminate threats from the web.

Browser Protection is basically Microsoft threatening you to ditch your favorite browser if you want protection while browsing the internet. Currently, it only supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers as the current default. If you use browsers other than the ones mentioned above, this feature might be a bugger.

browser protection windows pc mrnoob

Stop those annoying pop-ups with “Pop-up Management.”

Suppose you use an app on your Windows PC that constantly displays pop-ups. Enabling this feature will help you stop pop-ups from such app. When you enable the Pop-up block, you’ll see the list of apps showing you pop-ups. You can enable or disable pop-ups from such apps from there.

windows popup manager pc manager mrnoob

Do you really need Microsoft PC Manager on your Windows 11/10 PC?

Honestly, you won’t be seeing a huge speed or performance boost on your Windows PC after using Microsoft PC Manager. Then why do you need another tool always running in the background to access those already built-in into Windows?

Right? May be.

But for what it’s worth, PC Manager by Microsoft is bringing all those useful tools with an accessible UI for everyone to use. And that makes this tool an excellent option for an easier and quicker way to optimize the performance of their Windows 11/10 PCs.

And for anyone relying on third-party tools like CC Cleaners to filter out the junk from their Windows machines, Microsoft PC Cleaner is Godsend as it’s available for free.

In short, Microsoft PC Cleaner can be an easy-to-use tool to keep your Windows performing at its best. I hope that Microsoft keeps improving it by keeping its development pace.

Boost your Windows Performance – Wrapping up

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to boost your Windows 10 and 11 PC performance, then Microsoft PC Manager is just the right tool. And you should install Microsoft PC manager, right away. It brings all the optimization tools and settings together in one place, making it a lot easy to keep your Windows PC running smoothly.

Have you tried the Microsoft PC Manager app on your Windows 10 or 11 PC/laptop? What do you think about this app? Let me know in the comments down below.


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