How to unlock your Windows Laptop using Mi Band 3 & Mi band 4?

Have you ever wondered about unlocking your laptop using your Mi Band? Well, now you can.

Xiaomi has recently added this functionality in its Mi Fit Companion app, which allows users to unlock windows laptops using Mi band. Once you enabled this feature, you no longer need to put your PIN to unlock your laptop.

This feature is much convenient for laptops with no face or fingerprint scanner unlock. However, setting this feature requires a couple of steps, which we are going to cover in this article. If you want to unlock your windows laptop using the Mi band, then follow the steps mentioned below.

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Unlock your Windows Laptop using Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4?

Step 1: Update Mi Fit App on your smartphone from Google Play store to version 4.0.17. (You can download the APK from APK Mirror if your Play Store isn’t showing any update)

mi band unlock version

Step 2: After updating, open the Mi Fit app and navigate to the ‘Profile‘ section. Then under ‘My Devices‘, open your ‘Mi Band 3/Mi Band 4‘ settings and go to ‘Labs‘ and enable the ‘Unlock Mi Notebook‘ option. After enabling the option, you can finally go to the next step.

Mi band unlock mifit labs

Step 3: Now open Microsoft App Store on your Windows PC/Laptop and look for Mi Blaze Unlock App and download it on your computer.

Mi band unlock store

Step 3A: If you are unable to find the Mi Blaze Unlock app on your Microsoft App Store. Simply go to Settings > Time & Language > Region and change your region to China. Now repeat Step 3. [Don’t forget to change the region back to your region, once you downloaded the app.]

Mi band unlock region

Step 4: Now open Mi Blaze Unlock app and follow the instructions.

Mi band unlock detecting

Step 4A: You need to enable Bluetooth and PIN unlock on your windows computer for this to work. If you haven’t already then enable Bluetooth and go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to set up Windows Hello PIN.

Mi band unlock pin

Step 5: Once your Mi Band is detected, you will be asked for certain permission. Simply, allow them and proceed to the next step.

mi band unlock permissions

Step 6: You will now receive a vibration on your Mi Band, where you have to tap on the button to finish pairing. Finally, Windows security will ask you to put your PIN to complete the unlocking process. Once you entered the PIN, you can see your Mi Band paired in the Mi Blaze Unlock app.

Mi band unlock paired

Step 7: Now press WINDOWS KEY + L to lock your device and press the Spacebar on the keyboard and see the unlocking in action. (If it’s a touchscreen-based Windows machine, simply swipe up to unlock)

That’s how you can unlock your windows laptop using Mi Band. Also, your laptop will automatically get locked once your Mi band gets out of its Bluetooth range.

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  • You can unlock your windows laptop only using Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4.
  • This feature is currently available only in the India version of the Mi Fit App. (version 4.0.17)
  • This is only limited to Windows machines running Windows 10.
  • You need to have PIN unlock enabled on your windows machine.
  • You need to keep Bluetooth enabled 24 x 7 on your laptop.
  • Using your Mi Band to unlock your laptop will increase its battery consumption.


This is undoubtedly the coolest Mi Band feature that I always wanted. As a regular Mi Band user, I find it very convenient to unlock my windows laptop using Mi Band. As a bonus, I don’t have to worry about locking my laptop before leaving my desk, since my Mi Band is taking care of it. Is that cool?

Are you using your Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4 to unlock your Windows Laptop? Which Mi Band feature do like the most? Do let us know via comments.


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