How to stop Media Extractor and Media Server Battery Drain on Poco F1 and other devices?

Are you here to find out How to stop the media extractor and media server battery drain on Poco F1 and other android phones, well I have found the answer but before that let me tell you my story and what I did to fix this pathetic issue of Media.Extractor and Media Server Battery Drain on Poco F1 and other android devices.

So I was using my phone just like I always do, strictly for work purposes in the daytime and some sessions of PUBG gaming at night. I noticed a heavy battery drain due to something called Media Extractor (media.extractor).

Upon investigating, I discovered that many people are having the same issue with the media. extractor battery drain on Poco F1, Mi A1, and even OnePlus phones like the Oneplus 7 pro.

I tinkered around my Poco F1 and found out how to stop media.extractor battery drain. Let’s see how?


How to stop Media Extractor and Media Server Battery Drain?

Let’s have a look at the steps by which you can stop media.extractor and media server to drain the battery.

1. Remove Unwanted Files 

So the main reason why Media Extractors or media server suck the battery is due to unrecognized files on the storage which takes up processes and starts to drain the battery.

So, the first thing that we have to do here is to delete all the unwanted files from the local storage. Remove all the unwanted Zip files or any files with an unknown format.

Use cleaner app

You can use the Built-in Cleaner app for doing that if your phone has it, or you can do that manually as well by recognizing the files that are huge in size and un-recognized by android indexing and then removing them

2. Un-install all the Unnecessary Apps

There might be some apps and games that you must have installed and forgotten. Uninstall all of them one by one. Doing this will not only improve battery performance but also the performance of the phone overall.

You can uninstall apps one by one or use one of the Batch uninstall apps that are available on the play store to do the same.

Once you are done uninstalling all the useless apps and games restart the phone and you should see the difference in the performance of your phone.

3. Battery Cycle Reset

This is the last and most important step in the whole process. You have to do a full battery stats reset. To do that simply use your phone and make sure that media extractor sucks the whole battery fully till your phone discharges. Now once your phone is off, just plug it in and let it charge till 100 percent while switched off.

Switch it on at 100% battery and start noticing the change. You will notice that media. extractor battery drain on your phone is totally gone and now you can again use your phone without any battery drain issues.

Wrapping Up – Stop Media Extractor and Media Server Battery Drain

So, this is how you can fix the issue of battery drain done by media.extractor and media server on your phones running android. For me personally, the third method which is the battery cycle reset worked properly to stop media extractor and media server battery drain on my Poco F1.

Do test the following method and, if you have any questions or comments related to this process, please make sure to comment below.

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