How to Remove Ads from MIUI Permanently?

Can you imagine a smartphone OS filled with Ads? Well, MIUI is there to make that imagination a reality. It is not a new thing that Xiaomi has caught red-handed for showing their love for ads. But it wasn’t a huge deal back then, since Ads weren’t that intrusive & are limited to fewer apps. Earlier ads were more in form of banners & recommendations. But with the recently announced MIUI 10, users are reporting popup ads inside more system apps like the Settings app. And there is no direct option to disable/remove those Ads. It’s kind of complicated but we can still Remove Ads from MIUI & get an overall Ad-free experience. In this tutorial, I will provide a step-by-step procedure to remove ads from MIUI apps & make your MIUI experience Ad-free.

Remove ads from MIUI permanently:


Xiaomi has given an option to turn off ads from certain system apps like Music, File Manager, etc., by turning off recommendations on these apps. Recommendations are on by default. Here is how you do it on all such apps.

Music Player App:

  • Open Music Player & then open the sliding menu to access the ‘Settings‘ option.
  • remove miui ads 4Tap on ‘Settings‘ & there choose “Advanced Settings
  • In “Advanced Settings“, look for “Receive Recommendations” & Turn it off.

remove miui ads 5

File Manager App:

  • Open Mi File Manager & then open the sliding menu to access the ‘Settings‘ option.
  • remove miui ads 6Tap on ‘Settings‘ & choose “About“.
  • Inside “About“, turn off the ‘Recommendations” option.

    remove miui ads 7

Mi Video App:

  • Open the Mi Videos app & then open the sliding menu to ‘Settings‘ options.
  • Tap on ‘Settings‘, here you’ll see two options; ‘Online Recommendation‘ & ‘Push Message‘.
  • Turn off both options, to disable any kind of ads & useless push messages.

    remove miui ads 8

Themes App:

  • Open the Themes app & then open the profile page. (Fifth icon on the bottom navigation bar of Themes app)
  • On the profile page, tap on ‘Settings‘.
  • Inside ‘Settings‘, Turn off the ‘Show advertisements‘ toggle.

    remove miui ads 11

Downloads App:

  • Open the Downloads app & hit on the ‘Three dot‘ menu in the top right corner.
  • From there, choose ‘Settings‘.
  • And inside ‘Settings‘, Turn Off “Show Recommended Content” to disable ads.

    remove miui ads 9

Security App:

  • Open the Security app & hit on the ‘Gear‘ icon on the top-right corner of the app.
  • This will open the settings page, there find the “Receive recommendations” option & Turn it Off.

    remove miui ads 10

Mi Browser App:

  • Open the Mi Browser app & tap on the ‘3 dash icon‘ on the bottom bar, from there choose “Settings“.
  • Inside “Settings“, choose “Advanced” & then “Top sites order“.
  • remove miui ads 12In ‘Top sites order‘, you’ll see the “Receive recommendations” option, simply turn it off.remove miui ads 13


This is the main culprit behind pushing ads inside the MIUI OS. It’s a system app, that handles the ad services in the operating system. If you disable this app service, you can simply stop MIUI from pushing ads anywhere in the OS. (Do note that, Xiaomi might disable/remove this option in future updates)

Here is how you disable the MIUI system Ads service:

  • First of all, open ‘Settings‘ app & go to ‘Additional Settings‘, then choose ‘Authorization & Revocation‘.
  • Here you will see a list of MIUI apps that collect data for various services & apps, mostly for interest-based data collection. Look for “MSA” & Turn it OFF. This will completely turn off ad services on your Xiaomi device.remove miui ads 3


Now that you have disabled ads from all the apps, with MSA service that is responsible for pushing ads into your phone. You will now need to stop Xiaomi’s servers from collecting anonymous data for pushing personalized ads based on your usage.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” app, then go to “Additional Settings” & open the “Privacy” settings.
  • remove miui ads 1Inside Privacy settings, look for Ad Services. Open it & turn off Personalized Ad Recommendations. Now MIUI will no longer collect data to fuel its ad services for your device.remove miui ads 2

Final Words: Remove Ads from MIUI Permanently

Following these steps properly, will definitely remove Ads from MIUI permanently. And will guarantee you an ad-free experience on your Xiaomi device. But again, we are still unsure about Xiaomi’s stand on these system ads. They will still find a way to push ads or maybe, remove these options permanently in a future update. Until then enjoy an ad-free MIUI.

If this guide helps you in removing ads or you are still struggling with MIUI ads, do let us know via a comment.

Good day.

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