How to re-enable Quick Charge 3.0 on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2? (Root Required)

Xiaomi might have launched Mi Mix 2 boasting about its Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities. But for Indian Mix 2 users, that’s the only feature that seems missing out of the box. Not actually missing but broken for a long time. The last time QC 3.0 was working on Mi Mix 2 was on MIUI 9.5 (v9.5.4.0) & a new update again messed it up. This has been reported to developers but they don’t seem to believe that Quick Charge doesn’t work.

The good news is that some MIUI enthusiasts have managed to fix this issue by themselves. This requires you to delete a file pushed to limit Quick Charge 3.0 on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for India.

The whole process requires modification in the system, which is why this method works only on a rooted device. Either root your device, if you want to enable QC 3.0 right now, or wait for lazy MIUI developers to fix this via an OTA update. Until then follow this guide to enable it on your Mix 2.


1. Open any file explorer that supports root functionality & grant root access to it, so that it can let you modify the system files. I suggest you use MiXplorer by XDA-dev HootanParsa.

2. Now go to the root directory in your file manager/explorer app & follow this path




(First, navigate to the ‘vendor‘ folder & inside the vendor folder open the ‘etc‘ folder)enable qc mix 2 1

3. Inside the ‘etc‘ folder look for a file named thermal-engine-8998-d5-india.conf. This is the file pushed into global MIUI ROM for Indian Mix 2 users to limit QC 3.0 capability.enable qc mix 2 2

4. Simply delete the thermal-engine-8998-d5-india.conf file & after deleting reboot your device. This will re-enable Quick Charge 3.0 on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Here are the before & after results of deleting this file:

ampere difference qc3 mix2

You can see a drastic jump in Ampere drawn by your device after deleting that file. Quick Charge 3.0 will help you in charging your device from 0-100% in less than 90 minutes, which was around 120 minutes. Do note that this will also make your device heat a bit because your device is now drawing more current from the charging adapter.

Hope this helps you in enabling Quick Charge 3.0 on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Have a good day.


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  1. It worked on my mix 2 , but after the recent update 10.4.1, the problem came back again, I rooted the phone and deleted the thermal file but mobile is fast charging only when screen is off.


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